Work travel is a “risky business” when it comes to your health.

Nowadays there are many articles circulating about how business travel is bad for your health. Traveling for work often includes irregular schedules, unhealthy meal choices, and a disruption of normal sleep patterns. It’s not a surprise that frequent immersion in this type of lifestyle takes a toll on a person. But quitting traveling for work is simply not an option for some people. The next best solution is to come up with healthful lifestyle practices to incorporate into your busy schedule.

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These five practical tips can help you stay healthy throughout frequent business trips:

1. Protect your immune system.

Frequent travel is known to affect your immune system’s resilience. Constant exposure to radiation and germs increase your chance of illness if you’re not careful. Stock up on vitamins and immune system boosting products like Emergen-C and Airborne to keep your body in check.

2. Make healthy meal choices.

When you are visiting a new place, it’s tempting to try all the local restaurant and bar offerings. It is okay to have a cheat meal now and then, as long as your regular diet is consistent. Find a local grocery store and stock up on healthy meal options that you can easily take on the go.

3. Incorporate a practical exercise plan into your routine.

Traveling is an easy excuse to skip the gym. While the occasional absence is forgivable, frequent gym avoidance can really impact your health. Plan a time each day to integrate some movement. This can be anything from 30 minutes on the hotel gym treadmill to starting your day with sunrise yoga. If you can’t find a gym, you could always try some of these easy but effective hotel room exercises.

4. Take time for yourself.

Sometimes the best way to stay healthy is to just take a break and de-stress. If possible, schedule an hour or two for yourself each day of your trip. Use this time to do what relaxes you, whether it’s a nap or a dip in the pool. Most importantly, don’t let yourself think about work.

5. Keep your sleep schedule under control.

Sleep deprivation is one of the worst ways you can harm your body. It will leave you groggy the next day and keep you from operating at your best. Avoid the pitfalls of fatigue by maintaining a regular sleep schedule and sticking to it.

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