There is something for everyone when it comes to British Virgin Island resorts.

Are you going on a trip to some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, the BVI? if you are, then you have to check out some of these beautiful British Virgin Islands resorts. From from top of the line luxury to affordable yet beautiful British Virgin Islands resorts, there is something for everything. Here are our seven picks of some of the best British Virgin Islands resorts that you can not overlook. 

1. Mango Bay Resort, Virgin Gorda

British Virgin Islands Resorts - Mango Bay Resort

Credit: Mango Bay Resort

For some travelers, the comforts of home are too easily missed. If this is you, then one of the best British Virgin Islands resorts that might fit your needs is the Mango Bay Resort. This beautiful resort sits rights on the Mahoe Bay in Virgin Gorda. Staying here will give you access to some of the most beautiful waters you have ever laid your eyes on. Because of the relative isolation, the waters are free of any big boats or yachts that can disturb your view of this little slice in paradise.

The bay that this resort sits on is perfect for underwater explorations such as snorkeling and diving. The calm waters are also perfect for kayaking and canoeing in too. For the avid hiker, you will be pleased to know that there is plenty of foliage that you can go out and explore. We love that amenities such as snorkeling gear, kayaks, and water mattresses are provided at no extra cost. Climb up one of the many hills surrounding you and take in the beautiful sight of the stretched out vistas before you. Indulge in some fine dining at the onsite restaurant, and sample some of the tastiest drinks during happy hour.

If you want to get into the town, you will be greeted by one of the best restaurants the town has to offer, The Rocks Cafe Sports Bar and Restaurant. Do keep in mind that because of recent hurricane damage, this beautiful resort is currently not accepting any new bookings. Their booking system will be open on the start of October 2018 for reservations starting on the first of November the following year.

2. Guana Island Resort, Guana Island

British Virgin Islands Resorts - Guana Island

Credit: Guana Island Resort / Facebook

Enjoy yourself the way a king would at one of the most beautiful British Virgin Islands resorts. This intimate Guana Island Resort has everything you could want in a luxurious getaway. For starters, we love that this is one of the British Virgin Islands resorts that is remote and intimate. With only 15 rooms to choose from (suites included) you will really feel like you are in your own little island here. Get away from the crowds and relax in isolation at this beautiful resort.

Book your stay now and you will pleasantly find that rooms have been completely redone so that they fit the modern luxuries that every traveler could dream of. Enjoy wonderful hospitality provided by the staff that only the best British Virgin Islands resorts can provide. If you are planning a romantic getaway, then the tranquility and romance of Guana Island delivers. Enjoy a couples massage on the on-site spa once you have come back from the onsite restaurant. When you are ready to get outdoors, take your pick of 7 nearby beautiful beaches. Not only that, but there are at least 12 miles of beautiful trails to explore if you want to get in touch with the environment.

If you are looking for some quiet bliss at one of the best British Virgin Islands resorts, then Guana Island might be the place to go. Just be sure to book early so you can secure your room before it is gone. At a resort this intimate, rooms can be tricky to secure. Especially at a great resort such as this one.

3. Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda

British Virgin Islands Resorts - Rosewood Little Dix Bay

Credit: Rosewood Little Dix Bay / Facebook

If you want a little slice of heaven when you are sifting through British Virgin Islands resorts, then you have come to the right place. Rosewood Little Dix Bay is a little slice of heaven and more that is located right on one of the main islands, Virgin Gorda. This beautiful resort is very well hidden on the edge of one of the most beautiful bays you have ever laid your eyes on.

Take your pick of a suite, non-smoking room, and family room. If you are traveling with children, you will find everything you need including babysitting and child activities to keep them occupied. If you are here on business, then the airport transportation, high-speed internet, business center, and conference facilities are for you. Enjoy beachfront access to some of the clearest waters the Caribbean has to offer. Not only that, but there are several dive locations nearby if you are looking for more of a thrill. Cap the night at one of the three on-site restaurants available. The cherry on top? We love the tranquility of the spa that is located on the top of a hill. When you are up the hill, look down at the beautiful ocean and get lost in the endless pool that is up there.

4. Bitter End Yacht Club

British Virgin Islands Resorts -  Bitter End Yacht Club

Credit: Bitter End Yacht Club / Facebook

Don't let the name of one of the most beautiful British Virgin Islands resorts fool you. This beautiful resort is anything but bitter. There is a range of stay options available for your travels here. Choose from the reef bungalow, the horizon bungalow, the garden bungalow, or the owners' suit and compound. Wherever you stay, you will be gladly greeted with beautiful rooms that have matching views.

There is so much to do on land and at sea. Shop right on the resort and indulge in some of the tastiest treats this sea town has to offer. Visit the Emporium to take your pick of locally sourced fish and fresh produce. There are also stores where you can purchase everything you need to have fun in the water too. While on land, be sure to dine at one of the many restaurants on site. Take your pick of fine dining at The Clubhouse restaurant or lounge around in the more relaxed setting at The Crawl Pub. You will be happy to know that there is even a bakery that serves up tasty treats that you cannot ignore.

On the sea, you are sure to find an equal amount of fun. From sailing the crystal clear waters on a tour to the club feet and sailing school available for you. You are sure to find something that will meet your needs. Do not forget to bring along your scuba gear though. There is plenty of underwater exploring that you must do if you do go out.

If you are looking for an incredibly romantic and luxurious experience, then this is one of the best British Virgin Islands resorts that does not disappoint. This grand establishment is the perfect place if you are looking for a beautiful getaway. If you are a traveler who does not like complete isolation, then you will be pleased to know that the Bitter End Yacht Club is reasonably populated too.

5. Scrub Island Resort and Spa, Scrub Island

British Virgin Islands Resorts - Scrub Island

Credit: Scrub Island Resort / Facebook

If your stay will be centered in and around Scrub Island (just one mile offshore of Tortola) then one the best British Virgin Island Resorts is the Scrub Island Resort. Although this beautiful resort is not too isolated, you will need to use a ferry to reach it.

From frolicking in the clear waters, to exploring the land, there is plenty for you to do here on this resort. Visit their signature restaurant, Caravela. Tae in beautiful views of the Camanoe Pass as you enjoy some of the best dining the island has to offer. If you are a sushi lover, then it is a must that you take advantage of their sushi nights. There are plenty more restaurants to choose from if you want to sample a different flavor. Take your pick of international, American, and Caribbean cooking with the variety of restaurants offered here. Standard amenities that you can look forward to when staying at this all-inclusive resort include, grocery shopping services, breakfast, a gift shop, and buffet breakfasts.

When it is time to relax, be sure to pop into Ixora Spa. Here you will find a variety of services that will remind you while you are on one of the best British Virgin Island resorts. There are couples massages, fitness classes, and treatments for both men and women. Too tired to get out to the spa? Then have the spa come to you with their in-suite massages.

Finally, don’t forget to dip your toes in the beautiful layered pool and lounge area. Their lounge area is easily one of the best that the beautiful Carribean has to offer. From start to finish, this is one of the most luxurious and accommodating British Virgin Island Resorts for your getaway.

6. Peter Island Resort, Tortola

British Virgin Islands Resorts -  Peter Island

Credit: Peter Island

If you are looking for British Virgin Islands resorts that are all about the land, then the Peter Island Resort and Spa is for you. The location is absolutely stunning. It is nicely nestled in the hills with views that are absolutely breathtaking. This luxurious resort and spa boasts over 1800 acres of land for you to explore. Along with this, there is a range of rooms for you to stay at depending on your accommodation needs. Take your pick from Oceanview rooms to beachfront suites to villas.

Once you are here, you will be happy to know that fine dining is right at your fingertips. Take your pick from the Trade Winds restaurant, the Dead Man’s Beach Bar and Grill, and Drake’s Lounge. There is even private beach dining available for a more intimate experience. Indulge a collection of flavors including steak, sushi, and traditional Asian Caribbean cuisine.

Once you are done dining be sure to go out and explore the island. Off-island activities including snorkeling, sailing, and boat rentals are available for your enjoyment. There are even charter tours that you can book so that you can explore the island in pure luxury. For the lifelong fisherman, (or woman) you may even take part in some backcountry fishing. If you are feeling super adventurous then you may want to squeeze in a helicopter island tour. Get ready to fly low over some of the bluest waters your eyes have ever laid sight on.

When you get back on land, there are plenty of on-island activities you can indulge in as well. From lounging around on the beach to trekking around in the foliage, there is something for everyone.

Finally, be sure to stop by the spa for some much-needed pampering. There is a range of spa services available so there is certainly something for everyone here, too. Pop in for a quick appointment or spend your whole day getting pampered. Whatever you prefer, the spot Peter Island has got you covered.

7. Long Beach Bay Club, Tortola

British Virgin Islands Resorts - Long Beach Bay Club

Credit: Long Bay Beach Club / Facebook

Visit the much sought after west end of Tortola Island with this next resort. Long Bay Beach Club is easily one of the best Virgin Island resorts the Caribbean has to offer. This is especially true if you are a traveler on a budget. This gem of a resort offers all the standards that you would expect. Some accommodations include beachfront rooms, long private stretches of beach, and delectable restaurants serving up some of the best food on the island.

You can find an array of accommodations that will meet your needs here. If you want some of the best views, we recommend getting an upstairs room. However, The rooms on the lower levels provide awesome hammocks for you to lounge on ones the sun has set. if you want the best rooms in the house, then we suggest going with either a beachfront cabana or a beachfront suite. These private accommodations have beautiful terraces that will allow you to soak in the beauty of the British Virgin Islands.

Once you have settled in, grab a drink at one of the three restaurants on site. The 1740’s restaurant is right on the beach and is the perfect dining experience for any island visitor. To get a quick snack, stop by the 1748 Bar for a refreshing bite. However, the best dining experience on this resort is easily the Veranda Restaurant. The restaurant is located on the upper terrace of the old 18th-century sugar mill. For a romantic date night full of traditional Caribbean cuisine, the Veranda Restaurant is where you want to go. Dine in relaxation as you overlook the beautiful hills in the distance and the crystal clear waters below you.

Finally, if you plan on having a destination wedding, then this is one of the best British Virgin Islands resorts that can accommodate. Host your wedding here with some backdrops of the most beautiful waters on earth. If you are traveling on a budget but are still looking for a queen resort to escape to, then the Long Bay Beach is one of the best options available.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to the beautiful British Virgin Islands, then you have to make the right accommodations. From the islands' best-kept secrets to those with the best accomodations, there are British Virgin Islands resorts for every traveler. Be sure to check out some of these British Virgin Island resorts, the next time you find yourself in this part of the Caribbean. 

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