Enjoy the night out with some of the best bars in Miami.

The beautiful thing about Miami is that it is always buzzing with culture, fashion, flavors, and trends. This buzz is easily reflected in the nightlife scene as well. While you are in Miami, going out and exploring the nightlife scene is a must, even if you don't necessarily participate in it. One of the most magical things about this city is that the nightlife scene and some of the best bars in Miami offer something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a bite to eat or a drink to sip on. When it comes to the best bars in Miami, there is a bar that is sure to accommodate every traveler, (regardless of whether you are a drinker or not). Whether you are looking for something upscale or something laidback, chances are, Miami has it. The next time you find yourself in the magic city, be sure to check out some of the best bars in Miami. Here’s our roundup.

1. The Anderson

best bars in Miami - The Anderson

Credit: The Anderson / Facebook

You don’t need a time machine to travel back in time. Visit The Anderson if you want to get transported back to the 80’s. With tiger print carpets and vintage lounge chairs, the scene at The Anderson is exactly what you would expect from Miami. This unique scene makes The Anderson the ideal place to stop in and get a cocktail at.

If you are in the mood for some food, The Anderson has got you covered as well. The decedent menu makes The Anderson easily one of the best bars in Miami because of their tasty serves. Chef Alex Chang serves up an array of delicious side samplers that can easily replace any meal of the day. You can expect to get more than just a drink here at the Anderson. You will get an experience. Not only that, but you don’t just pop into one of the best bars in Miami, you make a memory here. If you are looking to lounge around in style, then The Anderson is where you want to be.

2. WET Deck

best bars in Miami - WET Deck

Credit: W Miami

Stop by and lounge around at the WET Deck for an authentic Miami experience. This lounge space is perfect for hosting a birthday party or any other celebration. The green turf is a sharp contrast to the crystal-clear waters of the pool that is centered in the middle of the lounge. White patio furniture lines the lounge area and makes for the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

What's the cherry on top you ask? Well, you can expect to soak in views of the city and the turquoise waters below because this is a one of a kind rooftop bar. WET Deck is where you’ll want to go if you are looking to get some stunning rooftop views of the city. Time your visit just right and you are sure to stumble upon some live music and entertainment that is a regular at this bar. We recommend going during Latin night to get a pleasant and cultural experience of the Latin influence that is so prevalent in Miami.

3. Employees Only

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Who says bars are for drinking only? Catch up with friends and family in one of the best social bars in Miami. Employees Only serves up more than just drinks. There is a full menu that includes the ever-popular bone marrow poppers. (Try it before you knock it though!). The beachy vibe of Employees Only is a refreshing clash with New York Chic. The design only matches the vibrancy of the atmosphere. While it might be hard to spot this cozy little bar, look for the psychic sigh nestled in the window of the cobblestone brick, little building. Employees only is located in the heart of South Beach, so do a couple of rounds, and you are sure to find it in no time. And yes, just in case you were wondering, it wouldn't be Miami if they didn’t offer nightly psychic readings. Get your grub on and your fortune told by visiting Employees Only, one of the best bars in Miami.

4. Mac’s Club Deuce

Mac’s Club Deuce

Credit: Mac's Club Deuce

Follow the neon lights to Mac’s Club Deuce. What makes this one of the best bars in Miami is the fact that it is a bar that doesn’t mess around. If you’re coming for a good old fashioned drink, then this dive bar is the place for you. Mac's Club Deuce is the go-to location if you are looking for a cheap shot, beer, or just something to drink, and their famous daily 2-4-1 Happy Hour 8am-7pm make it even more appealing! What is even more refreshing is the fact that the bells and whistles are left behind.

If you just want a drink and want to steer clear of a fancy place, then Mac's Club Deuce is where you will want to be. Don’t expect glitz and glam her here. Instead, expect a place where you can come and throw back a couple without the need to impress anyone. Chances are, you may find a local or two to strike up a conversation with at the bar. Whether you are having a rough day, or are just looking to get a drink, Mac's Club Deuce is one of the best bars in Miami to make a pit stop at.

5. Rose Bar at Delano

Rose Bar at Delano

Credit: Rose Bar at Delano

If you’re looking for one of the OG bars in South Beach, then Rose Bar at Delano is where you want to be. This bar opened in 1995 to kick off the growing night scene in South Beach. When you first enter, you will immediately feel the flavors of upscale Miami. Whether you’re coming alone or coming with a friend, Rose Bar is undoubtedly the place to stop at. This lobby bar makes for one of the best places to kick back a nice drink, and people watch. If you’ve got an important business meeting or date you want to impress, then the Rose Bar at Delaney has got you covered as well. The bar doesn’t have to try hard to impress which quickly makes it one of the best bars in Miami.

6. The Regent Cocktail Club

Regent Cocktail Club

Credit: The Regent Cocktail Club

Whether you want to live like an upscale local for a day or are just looking to relive a scene from Mad Men, get dolled up and make your way to The Regent Cocktail Club. One thing is certain, the experience here is one like no other.  In need of the perfect anniversary nightcap? This cocktail club has got you covered. There are two entrances to the upscale cocktail club. The first one is at the front of the Gale South Beach hotel. We recommend, however, going in through the little back terrace. This will give you a more authentic feel to the place that you won’t forget.

Once you enter, you might think you’ve traveled back to an upscale speakeasy. You wouldn’t be wrong either. This building does a great job of paying homage to its 1941 origins. Sit back and get comfortable in one of the many brown leather chairs that are scattered around the cocktail club. Sit back and take in the high ceilings, wood moldings, brown satin curtains, and modern chandelier fixtures. If you’re traveling with a date and are looking for an upscale place to get a drink, then this is one of the best bars in Miami to do so in. So put on your fancy suit or your little bat black dress and make your way to The Regent Cocktail Club for one of the best bars in Miami.

7. Sweet Liberty Drinks and Supply Company

Sweet Liberty Drinks

Credit: Sweet Liberty

Sweet liberty drinks and Supply Company is an up-and-coming bar that has quickly found its way on many lists of the best bars in Miami. While it’s trying really hard to be low-key, the tourist scene is slowly finding its way more and more into the seats of this popular bar. Sweet Liberty Drinks and Supply Company's popularity can be credited to the fact that it’s close to favorite tourist destinations such as the Bass Museum.

Not only that, but unlike many bars, Sweet Liberty Drinks and Supply Company opens reasonably early and closes reasonably late. If you’re an early bird, you may want to stop by for little liquid courage if you need it for the day. For night owls, be sure to enjoy the music of the in-house DJ that plays until close. To get the authentic feel of the cozy neighborhood vibe that the owners are still holding onto, we recommend popping in for an after-work drink during happy hour. It is at this time that you are likely to get a real sense of the spirit of the bar.

8. Sugar at EAST

best bars in Miami - Sugar at EAST

Credit: Sugar

If you’re not one to drink much but still want to enjoy the nightlife scene that Miami has to offer, then Sugar at East is one of the best bars in Miami for you. In every way you can think of, Sugar is pretty unique. This outdoor bar sits on the 40th floor of EAST, a Miami hotel in Brickell. If you are not one to drink much but still want to enjoy the nightlife scene that Miami has to offer, then Sugar at EAST is one of the best bars in Miami for you.

Have a seat in one of the modern style lounge chairs for a relaxing evening. If you would prefer, you can cozy on up right up at the bar and enjoy a drink while you take in the beautiful views of Miami. The panoramic view available to you is a 270° view of the iconic city that is unmatched. Take in the gorgeous Miami skyline and the beautiful turquoise waters of one of the best East Coast beaches. If you time it right, you can be sure to catch one of Miami's beautiful sunsets. Sugar is easily one of the best bars in Miami because it makes for the perfect date spot. You don’t just have a drink at Sugar either to enjoy it, the views and atmosphere can settle your itch just fine. If you are looking for one of the best bars in Miami, then be sure to stop by this outdoor hub.

9. Broken Shaker

best bars in Miami - Broken Shaker

Credit: Freehand Hotels

The versatility, elegance, and downright low-key relaxed feel of the broken shaker are all the reasons why we named this bar as one of the best bars in Miami. To begin with, the cocktail Miami scene mainly comes from the Broken Shaker. Try its most famous cocktail, the old-fashioned, and you’ll see why. This drink is kicking with all the flavors that Miami is known for.

What we love about this place is that unlike many bars, this is the perfect place to go if you’re traveling with a group of six or more. Call in early and make your reservation if you want to enjoy a lovely evening out with a significant other or a group of friends. If you are looking for something a little more romantic, then the Broken Shaker has got you covered as well. The twinkling lights that are strung up into the trees and around the patio at the Freehand Miami make for the perfect setting for any romantic vacation or getaway. Enjoy the humming nightlife at the broken shaker while you sip on some of the most excellent drinks that Miami has to offer. Without a question of a doubt, this is one of the best bars in Miami that you cannot miss out on.

10. Juvia

best bars in Miami - Juvia

Credit: Juvia Miami

Another rooftop bar that is sure to impress everyone on your Instagram feed is Juvia. Juvia is easily one of the best bars in Miami because of the cool, yet natural setting. You may forget that you are in a bar to begin with. Juvia is the perfect mix of entertainment with a penthouse feel. Sip on a Purple Rain or a vodka tonic and enjoy sweeping views of the twinkling nightlife that surrounds you.

The floor to wall glass ceilings will make you feel like you are perched in the air as you enjoy some of the most exceptional food and drink that Miami has to offer. This is the perfect outing for a date because of the romantic vibe and the low-key feel that Julia in known for. Just be advised the setting of this rooftop bar is not the only thing that’s sky high.  You may not want to make Juvia a regular outing because your wallet will start to feel it. Although the prices are a little steep, Julia does not disappoint if you’re looking for the perfect romantic getaway location.

11. Drinkhouse Fire and Ice Bar

best bars in Miami -Ice Bar

Credit: Drinkhouse Fire and Ice Bar / Facebook

You don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy this next bar. The Drinkhouse Fire and Ice Bar is one of the latest trends in the drinking scene. Spice up your drink with fire and ice by paying a visit to this favorite bar. You don’t just sit here and sip on a drink as you chatter away. You come here for the social experience. This bar is home to some of the most innovative mixologist on the East Coast. You won't need a drink to enjoy this experience either. All you need to do is take a look at the jaw-dropping ice sculpture that surrounds you. 100,000 pounds of ice sculptures to be exact. Just be sure to bring along a coat though, because the mixing scene is sure to get a little icy.

12. Area 31

best bars in Miami - Area 31

Credit: Area 31

Get some stunning views of the downtown city life by making a to the rooftop bar and lounge, Area 31. Area 31 is more than just a bar that you stop in at during happy hour. Instead, Area 31 is the perfect lounge setting for professional business meetings, a night out with friends and family, or a getaway with your loved one. While this restaurant has a full menu, complete with some of the finest seafood that Miami has to offer.

Area 31 is easily one of the best bars in town because of the vibe. This outdoor lounge area is the perfect place if you want to soak in the city with style. If you happen to live in Miami, then you may want to make your way to Area 31 during “Chase the Clock” happy hour. You can expect champagne specialty drinks as well as snacks to be priced by the hour. For example five bucks at 5 PM and six bucks at 6 PM. Chase the hour until 10 PM for a memorable night out.

13. Watr

best bars in Miami - Watr

Credit: 1 Hotel South Beach Rooftop / Facebook

They may have forgotten the “e” out of their name, but this bar has remembered everything else. If you are looking for an exceptional Miami experience, then it is a must that you visit the rooftop bar, Watr. Located 18 stories above Miami Beach, you have views of the turquoise beach that are parallel to no other views.

Lounge around and relax in the tropical setting that has a reminiscent feel of Fiji or Bali. If you are here during the evening, then the twinkling of the strung up lights make for the perfect backdrop on a romantic date out. With the blue skies and white lounge chairs nestled in the reclaimed wood, you may forget where you are at because it is easy to feel like you are in a music video or James Bond film. Grab a drink, and lounge by the pool, and make yourself at home because this is the ideal place to visit if you are staying in Miami.

14. Bleau Bar

best bars in Miami - Bleau Bar

Credit: Fontaine Bleau

The name of the bar maybe plain, but this bar is anything but. Right off the bat the look of the bar will reaffirm all the stereotype about the Miami nightlife. The blue neon lights make for the perfect decor for a relaxed, yet fun nightlife hotspot. Come at the right time, and you can be sure to enjoy the mellow and sophisticated atmosphere that Bleau Bar has to offer. If you find yourself here during a holiday or special event, then there’s just as much fun to be had. Great service awaits at the glow bar with attentive bartenders who aim to please. For an upscale bar experience, this is the perfect place to go to, and easily tops our list as one of the best bars in Miami.

15. Mango’s Tropical Café

Mango’s Tropical Café

Credit: Mango’s Tropical Café / Facebook

If you’re looking to kick back a drink or two and party at the same time, then Mango’s Tropical Café has got you covered. Mango’s Tropical Café is the perfect scene for an authentic Miami throwdown. While you can expect to listen to some of the most popular beats at this club, there are also Merengue and salsa beat that will quickly get you into the vibe of Miami. Don't have a dance partner, don't worry. You are sure to find one in this relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your birthday, or are looking for a fun night out if the town this is the place you want to be. Ask any of the locals, and they will tell you that this is a must if you’re visiting South Beach. Everything from the lights to the drinks to the atmosphere ring true of what you would expect out of Miami.

Final Thoughts

The beautiful Miami has so much to offer. You don't need a drink to enjoy some of the coolest bars on the East Coast. Come out and enjoy the vibrant culture that is prevalent in every nook and cranny of Miami. Whether you are looking for a nice evening out on the town, or a vibrant environment to relax in, be sure to take note of some these best bars in Miami before you head home.

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