Mankind should be able to bring his or her best friend wherever they go, right?

Well, something about sanitation and allergies makes it so that man’s best friend can’t tag along with him just anywhere. But, we understand your connection with little Rosco. If you could, he would come to work, the gym, to the bar, and out to brunch on Sunday morning with you. So, while we can’t fix all of those scenarios, we can help with one. We’ve put together a list of the most dog-friendly restaurants in America for you to peruse. So, whether you plan a vacation around these spots or just seek them out on your next road trip, we want to make sure meal time is fantastic. So, grab the puppy bib and the treats, because we’re about to find the best dog friendly restaurants!

1. Dog House Bar & Grill in San Diego, California

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Credit: Dog House Bar & Grill / Facebook

Since 2012, the Dog House Bar & Grill has been delivering exceptional service to both humans and their dogs. They have both an off and on leash space for your pooch, as well as a dog run off the rear patio. The human menu has a stellar lineup. The specialty burgers are delectable, but the doggie menu really takes the cake. With a choice of a burger, bird, egg, or hot dog, you both will be full and happy in the end. This place isn’t just for you and your furry friend, either. With cozy outdoor seating and warming fire rings, it’s not a bad place for a date either. If you’re hoping to catch the game without leaving the dog at home, the multitude of large TV’s at the bar will accommodate you quite well.

If you've had a long day at the dog beach in San Diego, this will be a great spot to refuel. So, next time you’re in San Diego with little Fido, bound on over to this coziest of dog friendly restaurants.

2. The Dog Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Credit: The Dog Bar / Facebook

So, we have to be honest. The Dog Bar doesn’t serve food itself, but it does allow for your best friend to be inside with you. With a yearly ten dollar membership fee, your pup will gain free range of the Dog Bar. As long as they’re well behaved and up to date on vaccinations, you’re in. Serving up plenty of adult beverages, this has become quite the neighborhood hangout for dog lovers. Additionally, if you do get hungry, there are take-out menus from all the local restaurants that you’re welcome to order from and bring over.

So, you might be wondering if this is worth the trip. Well, both you and your dog will be spoiled, as this place is practically a dog park. They’re welcome in the climate-controlled indoor rooms or outside on the shaded Astroturf patio. Does your little pup love water? During the dog days of summer, the patio is cooled off with a misting sprinkler system. In the winter, the patio is enclosed and heated to keep the pup’s paws warm. So, if you’re ready for one of our favorite truly dog friendly restaurants, head on over to the Dog Bar.

3. The Barking Dog in New York, New York

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Credit: Barking Dog Restaurant / Facebook

Located in the Upper East Side, the Barking Dog calls out to our canine companions simply by its name. With a fenced dog fountain area outside, your dog can stay cool and hydrated while bonding with all their new friends. Feel free to grab a seat outside with them, or head inside for some stellar brunch. With a wide variety of egg, pancake, and homemade cereal options, it’s no wonder that the lines can often stretch around the block. Due to this, we recommend getting to the Barking Dog early to experience one of our favorite dog friendly restaurants in its prime.

Lunch and dinner are just as tempting to go to though. With small plates like the St. Louis toasted goat cheese ravioli roasted tomato, red pepper dipping sauce, and parmesan cheese or crispy cornmeal crusted calamari with roasted plum tomato marinara sauce and saffron aioli, we can’t stay away. With the smells of dessert and decadent meats coming off the grill, your little pup won’t want to stay away either. So, throw on a collar and head over to the Barking dog, one of the most dog friendly restaurants in New York!

4. The Yard Bar in Austin, Texas

dog friendly restaurants - Yard Bar in Austin

Credit: Yard Bar / Facebook

You can have the best of both worlds at the Yard Bar. With food, beverages, and a dog park, you can’t go wrong here. While your dog will need to be up to date on their vaccinations and have an informational collar, it's a minimal fee to have access to the Dog Park. With Bark Rangers to help facilitate the play, they might not even notice if you slip off to grab a bite to eat. There are plenty of water stations and agility equipment as well for the canines to entertain themselves. If you have a little dog, don’t worry. There is a separate pen for the little ones to keep them away from the big guys if they’re timid.

Now that we have your dog all situation, let’s talk about the food options for you! After all, the best dog-friendly restaurants are good for both halves of the party in attendance. The Yard Bar offers light and refreshing affairs like a hummus plate, fresh salads, and deviled eggs. However, there is also more comfort food available like hushpuppies, BLT’s, and burgers. If your furry friend sees your grub and gets jealous, feel free to order them a serving of the Bones & Co Sliders. Filled with beef, carrots, broccoli, squash, pumpkin, flaxseed, and parsley, your pup will be a happy camper. Overall, both man and dog will be more than pleased at the  Yard Bar in Austin, Texas. So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to our most spacious choice on the list of the most dog friendly restaurants in America!

5. Pub Dog in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Credit: Pub Dog Colorado / Facebook

Applauded as the only dog friendly restaurant in Colorado that your pup can come both outside and inside is Pub Dog in Colorado Springs. With 1300 square feet of mostly shaded patio for you and your dog, as well as an additional 3000 square feet of fully fenced off-leash area, there is ample space for all our furry friends here.

With ample traditional bar selections here, there will be something for everyone to munch on. The hot artichoke dip is a favorite, but the smoked salmon salad gives it a run for its money. With a variety of sandwiches, pizzas, a kids menu, and cookies to choose from, it’s also easy to grab a bite for the kids. The dog menu doesn’t hold back, either. Between the beef puppy patties, delectable chicken soup, and the pupsicles, your best friend won’t be jealous when they have a plate of their own. So, this is hands down one of the best dog friendly restaurants across the US, so make sure to stop in next time you’re in Colorado Springs.

6. The Sea Glass Restaurant at the Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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Credit: Sea Glass / Facebook

The Sea Glass Restaurant is just a part of the doggie wonderland that is contained at the Inn by the Sea. Being Maine’s premier pet-friendly luxury resort, you can turn your doggie dining experience into a weekend stay without batting an eyelash. This restaurant is perhaps the most decadent on our list, using fresh, sustainable seafood from the ocean off the coast of Maine. Whether its fish, lobster, or clams that call out to you, your dish will be prepared exceptionally well and presented in style. Focused on a healthy menu with many vegan options, Chef Andrew Chadwick has truly taken the Sea Glass Restaurant to a new level. The large patio can easily accommodate your pup as well so they can join in on this experience too.

If you do decide to stay at the inn after falling in love with one of the best dog-friendly restaurants around, get excited. With complimentary water bowls, beach towels, cozy blankets, and signature treat at turndown, your pup will be just as spoiled as you. If you upgrade to the INNcredible Pet Package, you and your best friend will enjoy two nights of luxurious accommodations. Between the Inn by the Sea dog bowl, a personalized L.L. Bean dog bed, and a thirty-minute in-room doggie massage will spoil you both. And don’t forget to make a nightly selection from the gourmet pet menu either. With all of this, you can’t help but get excited to visit the most luxurious option on our list of the most dog friendly restaurants in America.

From the dog-friendly patios in New York to the membership only puppy clubs of Austin, there is a multitude of dog friendly restaurants dying to serve you and your furry friends.

While most of the dog friendly restaurants have more of a bar food feel, there are many options as well for the more sophisticated palate. So, makes sure you’ve been training your little one up to have good manners around others and food so you can take full advantage of all that these dog friendly restaurants have to offer. While these are our favorite places to take our pooch, we’d love to know more! Is there a spectacular dog friendly restaurant in your town? Let us know below! So, strap on that collar and doggie bib because we have some munching to do.

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