Discover the top ten things to do in Calgary during your vacation.

Located in the province of Alberta, Calgary has a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere that will excite any traveler. This Canadian city has tons of cool attractions, restaurants, and stores to visit during your trip. Any travelers interested in the outdoors will also find stunning landscapes nearby the urban location. In Calgary, every tourist will discover something amazing and fun to accomplish as they journey through the area. If you’re not sure where to go when you come visit, check out our article below. We’ve created a list of the ten best things to do in Calgary while you explore the city.

Things to Consider Before You Go


When you’re planning to travel somewhere new, you’ll want to think about the area you decide to visit. Different locations maintain differing kinds of locations within the regions. For instance, when travelers go to a city, they’ll find various types of places to explore. Urban sites provide travelers with the opportunity to see all kinds of attractions. At the same time, these more metropolitan locations may maintain a livelier atmosphere. This means that travelers who enjoy vacationing in busier, more exciting environments may want to explore cities. These types of locations enable travelers to do every type of activity they like in one single place.

Conversely, if you’re not interested in crowded destinations, consider going outside cities. Travelers who want to relax may prefer visiting quieter locations when they embark on trips abroad. You could take a trip to the countryside and wander through natural environments. Or, consider visiting places that provide more opportunities for unwinding, like sites near the water. If you decide to come to Calgary, you’ll find differing environments to explore. The best things to do in Calgary will depend on where you most prefer to spend your time. As such, consider where you enjoy vacationing before embarking on a trip to the Canadian destination.


As mentioned previously, differing locations offer a variety of activities to accomplish. Depending on where you travel, you could spend your time exploring cities, natural environments, or both. Since many travelers might prefer doing different activities, not everyone will want to make the same travel itinerary.  Accordingly, travelers may want to think about the types of activities they would like to do during their trips. This will ensure that your travels remain fulfilling and enjoyable. If know exactly what you want to accomplish while traveling, you won’t ever feel disappointed by your journey. You can partake in various types of activities and remain satisfied by your ability to do everything you desire.

Those who plan a trip to Calgary will discover countless fun things to do. The area offers a variety of things to see and do when you visit. As the Canadian location maintains an array of environments, you’ll find various sites to explore. Within the city, travelers may trek through the streets and visit different restaurants and bars. You could also visit cultural sites likes museums or art galleries if you enjoy doing those types of activities. At the same time, those who prefer venturing outside may like to embark on fishing or hiking trips. Outside the city, you’ll discover gorgeous outdoors environments to visit. The best things to do in Calgary should remain compatible with your specific preferences.


Travelers on a budget know the importance of saving money when they visit new locations around the world. If you’re hoping to stay within your budget while traveling, you’ll have to consider costs before going on a trip. Things like accommodations and activities will cost a lot if you’re not cautious about spending. You might struggle to discover activities to accomplish when visiting new destinations without spending all your funds. While you may know where to book a cheap hotel, you could fail to find cheap things to do. However, every location you visit will offer free or inexpensive things to do. As long as you research properly before visiting, you’ll be able to stay within budget when you travel.

Travelers may not know the best things to do in Calgary when on a budget. That’s why we’ve created a list of various activities to accomplish when visiting Calgary. If you read our list below, you’ll find a variety of things to do when you visit the Canadian city. You can find countless cheap things to do in Calgary. Those who want to explore the outdoors will especially save money, as hiking or fishing trips won’t cost much. Just know exactly what you’d like to accomplish when visiting Calgary and you’ll always remain within your budget.

Here is our list of the ten best things to do in Calgary.

1. Gain new perspectives at the Calgary Tower

things to do in Calgary - Tower

Exploring the city of Calgary represents one of the top things to do when you visit Canada. While Calgary might not be considered as popular as locations like Toronto, tourists will love this city. When you come to Calgary, you might not be able to see everything at once. If you’re not afraid of heights, head to the famous Calgary Tower. This structure allows travelers to get unparalleled views of the city from hundreds of feet up in the sky.

As one of the best things to do in Calgary, visiting Calgary Tower remains a must for tourists. You won’t find better perspectives of this exciting city anywhere else. Travelers can get a 360-degree view of Calgary while standing in the observation section. A glass floor in one part of the tower lets you stare down at the buildings below. Make sure to bring a camera along and snap a few photos before returning to the city streets.

2. Encounter real history by visiting Buffalo Jump

things to do in Calgary - Buffalo Jump

Credit: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump / Facebook

Many travelers love learning about the histories of the various locations they visit. Every city has something interesting in its past, and Calgary remains no exception. Tourists can discover countless historical sites in the Canadian city, but Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump represents a highlight. At this spot, travelers may get to stand in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This site has the distinction of being one of the world’s oldest and largest buffalo jumps.

If you’re interested in the best things to do in Calgary, travel to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. This historic attraction won’t disappoint any tourists who maintain a fascination with the past. While here, you can learn all about the culture and practices of the aboriginal people who once populated the region. Visitors may plan hikes to the ancient drive lanes with a Blackfoot tour guide or explore exhibits on their own.

3. Learn about cool creatures at the Calgary Zoo

things to do in Calgary - Zoo

Any travelers who happen to love animals should check out the exhibits found at the Calgary Zoo. Both children and adults will enjoy roaming through this location and appreciating the amazing animals that reside here. The Calgary Zoo houses over 100 species of fascinating creatures, letting you discover new and favorite furry friends. Visiting the exhibits at Calgary undoubtedly represents one of the top things to do in Calgary.

While you’re visiting Calgary Zoo, you can explore the various sections based on the kinds of animals living there. For example, in the Eurasia section, you’ll find animals from the continental landmass like Amur Tigers and Snow Leopards. The Destination Africa exhibits let tourists appreciate animals from African rainforests and the savannah, such as gorillas and giraffes.

4. Retreat to an oasis in Prince’s Island Park

things to do in Calgary - Prince’s Island Park

Credit: Flickr


If you’re looking to escape the hubbub of the city, head over to Prince’s Island Park. Enjoying a picnic with friends at this spot remains one of the top things to do in Calgary. This urban park invites visitors, as well as Calgary residents, to spend an afternoon in the sunshine. At Prince’ Island Park, you can appreciate the outdoors without traveling too far from the city.

Various picnic areas may be found throughout the park’s landscape, letting you enjoy a meal on the grass. Playgrounds provide the perfect spot for kids to let out some energy while parents watch on. Hiking trails, pathways, and gardens offer ideal venues for taking a scenic stroll and enjoying the weather. Depending on the time you visit, the park might also be hosting a festival or other event. Make sure to check out the festival dates if you’re looking to find peace and quiet while at the park.

5. Satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie at Skyline Luge Calgary

things to do in Calgary - Skyline Luge Calgary

Credit: Skyline Luge Calgary / Facebook

Those travelers with an interest in feeding their desire for real excitement may want to visit Skyline Luge Calgary. As one of the best things to do in Calgary, adventuring at Skyline Luge should be a priority. Families or groups traveling with younger crowds might find this to be a particularly enjoyable activity. You can race your friends and family as you speed down the tracks at this spot.

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, so why not ride down the tracks at Skyline Luge? You and your fellow travelers can have fun while enjoying this wheeled gravity ride. You’ll find the longest track in the world at Skyline Luge Calgary, letting you race for huge stretches of time. The twists on the track provide that extra excitement as you compete against others to reach the finish line.

6. Appreciate the stunning artworks in Glenbow Museum

things to do in Calgary - Glenbow Museum

Credit: Glenbow Museum / Facebook

Calgary remains home to a vibrant art scene, so visit this Canadian city if you love the arts. While you can find countless arts venues in the city, the Glenbow Museum represents a top location for art fans. Yet, this museum offers more than just stunning art works. Here, travelers may learn about the culture of the area by visiting the museum’s fascinating exhibits.

At Glenbow Museum, you’ll find collections that represent the Western Canadian culture and its art. Artifacts of the Aboriginal peoples and Western pioneers may be appreciated as you explore the museum’s collections. Artworks here include mainly pieces from northwestern North America, as well as works from the 19th century and beyond. You can also discover a number of international artifacts and artworks at this site.

7. Celebrate the Wild West by heading to the Calgary Stampede

things to do in Calgary - Stampede

Credit: Calgary Stampede / Facebook


Many travelers might not be aware of the western culture that pervades the city of Calgary. Most tourists might consider places like Texas as representative of western life, but Calgary has its own western culture. The Calgary Stampede, a not-for-profit organization, celebrates Calgary’s western heritage as part of a community effort. Volunteers create yearly events and programs to help teach local residents and tourists about this special heritage. When you come to this gathering place, you’ll get to appreciate Calgary’s western culture alongside enthusiast community members.

Throughout the year, the Calgary Stampede hosts countless events. Before you plan a trip to Calgary, check out their calendar of events. This will give you an idea of what you might be able to accomplish while visiting this site. Things like concerts, fairs, and expositions remain popular among the list of events.

8. Explore the shops on 17th Avenue

things to do in Calgary - 17th Avenue

Credit: 17th Avenue / Facebook

One of the best things to do in Calgary involves heading to 17th Avenue and exploring the area’s countless shops. If you’re a traveler who loves to shop, this street might just be your best friend during you Calgary trip. In this region of the city, you’ll find numerous unique stores to step inside and wander through. You might have to create a separate travel budget simply to purchase all the cool items you could find here.

Along 17th Avenue, tourists can find a huge array of shops to visit. Boutiques contain lots of unique clothes that you won’t be able to discover anywhere else. Specialty shops sell things like flowers, items for pets, and other trinkets. Buy a stunning accessory at one of the jewelry shops, or pick out a new record from a music store.

9. Eat to your heart’s content

things to do in Calgary - Eat to your heart’s content

Calgary contains a huge variety of restaurants and bars for every food-loving traveler to explore. From cool cafes and bakeries, to interesting bars and fine-dining locations, you’ll find something to enjoy eating here. Travelers who consider themselves foodies may have some serious decision-making to do when they come to Calgary. With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, you might have trouble picking out the best spots.

One of the best things to do in Calgary includes exploring the area’s top restaurants and bars. If you want to hang out with a cup of coffee, visit Al Forno Café & Bakery. Want to cozy up with a tasty drink? Head to Proof, a popular cocktail bar in Calgary. Those who traveling at night will find numerous cool bars to explore, from traditional dives to more vibrant spaces.

10. Fish on Bow River

things to do in Calgary - Bow River

Travelers with an interest in fishing should plan an expedition on Bow River. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Calgary outside, consider going on a fishing trip. You’ll get to appreciate the cool breezes and views of the water while practicing your fishing skills. Trout can be found in abundance here, so you might just catch a few.

The best time to go fishing in Bow River includes the months of May through September. This means that summer travelers will find it easiest to catch fish when they visit during this season. Various companies provide guides for taking tourists out on fishing expeditions. Plan ahead, and you’ll get to spend an afternoon with just you and your fishing pole.

Create your perfect itinerary by following the best things to do in Calgary.

No matter what you like to do during a trip, Calgary has something to offer you. Travelers with an interest in exploring an exciting night scene will find this city an ideal location. Those who prefer to travel by day and view the destination’s famous attractions may also discover their perfect spots. Even tourists fascinated by gorgeous outdoors landscapes can locate spaces that appeal to their preferences in Calgary. Before you decide to book a trip, consider our list of the best things to do in Calgary. Hopefully, we’ve provided enough inspiration for you to create an incredible Calgary travel itinerary.

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