Find out the airplane essentials every traveler should carry.

If you’re planning to travel by plane, you might not know what to bring along. Certain travelers may have tons of experience flying and already know the exact items to carry with them. However, others new to going on airplanes might lack ideas about how to pack carry-on bags and luggage. Since travelers may have to spend many hours aboard a plane, they’ll want to bring certain items with them. Those unsure about how to pack their bags before heading on an airplane should read our article below. We’ve created a list of ten airplane essentials to ensure you have the best flight possible.

Things to Consider Before You Pack

Length of Flight

Those embarking on a flight should always consider the length of the journey before packing bags. When you go on an airplane, you’ll need to think about the most important things to bring. Every journey remains different, so you may have to carry different items each time. For instance, if you’re going to be traveling overnight, you should always try and bring a pillow. Neck pillows for flights remain ideal options if you need to catch some sleep when traveling. Similarly, those who will be flying for many hours may want to carry snacks to nosh on. This remains especially important if you won’t receive an in-flight meal. Water should also be an important item to stow in bags before flying. Travelers will want to remain hydrated when they’re traveling for long periods of time.

In the same vein, you should also think about carrying items to keep your skin hydrated. Staying on an airplane for an extended period can really dry out your skin. This means you may want to carry along lotion and lip balm to keep yourself from becoming dry and irritated. Your ideal types of belongings may differ depending on the length of your airplane ride. However, for the most part, travelers will have certain airplane essentials necessary to bring on each flight.

Travel Destination

If you’re planning to go on a flight for the first time, you might not know what to bring. The belongings you carry will depend on where you’re flying to and from. For example, if you’re traveling from a colder place, you’ll want to wear warmer clothes. Pants and jackets will keep you from getting too cold as you travel. At the same time, if you’re going somewhere with higher temperatures, you should think about wearing lighter clothing. Short-sleeved shirts and shorts will ensure you can stay cool when you arrive at your destination.

On a similar note, the other items you carry should assist you when you arrive at a travel location. Things like sunscreen and a hat may be ideal for those arriving at a sunny place. Hats, gloves, or scarves may conversely be preferable when arriving in a cold area. These items should be in your mind when thinking about how to pack your luggage for air travel. Instead of feeling unprepared when the flight ends, you’ll have a better time if you have everything you need. Travelers will enjoy their travels more when they know how to pack properly for flights.

Luggage Space

Anyone planning to travel on a quick flight may have limited space for carrying items. If you only have a carry-on bag, you may not get to bring everything you truly want. This means sacrificing certain things to make room for other, more necessary belongings. On the other hand, if you can bring multiple checked bags, you may not need to worry about luggage space. You could pack everything you need and more when you bring more than one piece of luggage. Those trying to save money by avoiding paying for checked luggage might only want to bring carry-ons. As such, you’ll have to fit everything you need inside just one, somewhat small bag. Travelers will most likely need to prioritize their airplane essentials when they’re trying to take a flight somewhere.

Personal Preferences

Different travelers have different needs when it comes to the items they should bring on flights. While everyone should bring certain airplane essentials, additional items may cater to the traveler’s specific needs. Some travelers get very hungry quickly, meaning they’ll want to bring lots of snacks along on a trip. Congruently, carrying water bottles will assist you when you get thirsty quickly.

If you’re someone who tends to grow cold easily, you’ll want to bring along layers of clothes. Scarves, jackets, and even additional blankets may keep you from shivering while traveling on planes. You’ll definitely want to bring other layers of clothes even if you don’t normally get cold. Since airplanes may leave you chilly regardless, additional layers remain important to bring along. Airplanes often make people cold, so planning ahead of time and bringing warm items will help. Those who have never flown before may want to take these kinds of belongings just in case. If you already know how you feel when you fly, you might have a better notion of what to bring.

Here our ten airplane essentials you need to bring along on your travels.

1. Water Bottle

airplane essentials - Water Bottle

As mentioned previously, staying hydrated while on an airplane remains very important. If you’re going to ride on an airplane for numerous hours, you’re bound to grow thirsty. Those who don’t carry any water with them will regret not planning ahead. Since the air on planes can be drying, you may experience a greater level of thirst than normal. While flight attendants might offer you small cups of water, you will feel better if you have your own bottle. These tiny amounts of water will probably also not be enough to make you feel completely quenched. Items like collapsible water bottles remain easy to pack along with other items. Stainless steel water bottles will also be ideal for travel, as they won’t become damaged when you fly. Overall, a water bottle should be at the top of your list of airplane essentials.

2. Earplugs

airplane essentials - Earplugs

The best earbuds for travel will provide noise-canceling features, so you can get a great night’s rest. You don’t want to spend an overnight flight unable to fall asleep. If you receive little rest, you’ll end up tired when you finally arrive at your destination. This will lead to frustrations, especially for those who must work or travel as soon as their flight lands. Those who feel anxiety when they fly may also appreciate being able to gain some peace and quiet on airplanes. Planes often become noisy at the worst times, meaning you’ll need to plan for any kind of situation. As such, earplugs represent a top item among our airplane essentials list. If you remember to pack this item, you’ll always have comfortable, calming flights. Instead of worrying about excess noise and chaos, you can look at the window and feel at peace while napping.  

3. Entertainment

airplane essentials - Entertainment

One of the most important things to bring along on a flight includes entertainment. When you’re going to be staying in the same place for many hours, you’ll inevitably grow bored. Those sitting in an aisle or outside seat won’t even have the chance to stare out the window. This means you’ll want to ensure you bring along something to help pass the time. Travelers who enjoy reading may already be thinking of carrying a book when they fly. Those uninterested in books should think about bringing music or electronic devices to play games and watch movies. At the end of the day, you don’t want to sit on a 16 hour flight with nothing to do. On our list of airplane essentials, you should definitely make entertainment a priority. You can make an arduous trip much more exciting and enjoyable by remembering to pack entertaining items.

4. Moisturizers

airplane essentials - Moisturizers

As airplanes can make you thirsty, you’ll also find that they can make skin dry as well. Accordingly, travelers should think about bringing along lotions and lip balms when flying. This will save them from feeling irritated and itchy when they arrive at their destinations. You can easily find portable moisturizers that will fit inside carry-on bags and backpacks. By packing these items, you can prevent the air in the cabins from making your skin thirsty. Once you make it to your exciting new destination, you’ll feel much more comfortable. After you arrive, you’ll be able to start your adventure with ease. Furthermore, if you do find yourself arriving in a cold place, you may be better prepared for the dryer weather. The frigid winter air won’t bother you as much if you’ve already got moisturizers on hand.

5. Travel Pouch

airplane essentials - Travel Pouch

Depending on where you’re going when you fly, you may have to bring different kinds of bags with you. Those spending a long time abroad may have to carry multiple bags and pieces of luggage. If you want to enhance organization when flying, consider bringing a travel pouch. These miniature bags will help you carry everything you require while seated on a plane. You can fit things like moisturizers, lip balm, or hand sanitizer inside the portable travel pouch. Since the pouches remain small, they may easily be stowed in your backpack or carry-on bag. Instead of worrying about how to organize your tinier belongings, this pouch remains an easy place to keep them. Your smaller airplane essentials may be stored with ease inside a travel pouch. Overall, these items will make your flying experience much simpler and carefree.

6. Portable Charger

airplane essentials - Portable Charger

Most travelers bring their electronic devices with them when they travel. However, keeping these devices charged remains no easy task. Often, using your phone and laptop while traveling makes the batteries die quickly. Once the devices die, you’ll have not choice but find something else to occupy your time. As such, travelers should always make sure to bring along portable chargers when they travel. This remains equally important when taking a flight somewhere. You’ll want to have the ability to recharge your devices while on the go. Since in-flight outlets have become more popular, you can bring along a charger and power up your phone. You can stay entertained as you watch film and television shows on your tablet or laptop. Or, you could continue to listen to music on your phone while staring out the plane window.

7. Extra Clothes

airplane essentials - Extra Clothes

Depending on what kind of traveler you may be, planes can cause a lot of discomfort. Those who have never flown before may not know what to expect when they travel. As such, travelers should prepare by bringing along a number of airplane essentials. If you think you might feel cold, be prepared to carry along jackets or pants. Airline cabins can become colder than other kinds of environments. As such, those who feel colder in general will be even more affected by the temperature.

At the same time, if you want to remain comfortable when flying, you should wear stretchy, cozy clothing. This will ensure you may sit with ease instead of feeling uncomfortable for hours at a time. Similarly, if you need to work somewhere as soon as you land, you’ll need formal clothes to wear. If you pack these items ahead of time, you’ll have less to worry about upon arrival.

8. Pillow

airplane essentials - Pillow

If you’re planning to take a long flight somewhere, you may definitely need to get some rest while flying. This means carrying a travel pillow will help you gain a good sleep when on a plane. On our list of airplane essentials, you should make the pillow a top item. The travel pillow you carry can make or break your flying experience. Travelers who remember to carry this important belonging will definitely not regret stowing it in their bags. Those who need to accomplish lots of tasks after arriving at their travel destination will appreciate their rest. You can feel much more excited to travel when you’ve gotten a good sleep. Things like travel pillows will make the flight better, especially for those who usually hate flying.

9. Snacks

airplane essentials - Snacks

When you’re flying somewhere, you might not know what you’re getting into. As such, you should always plan ahead to bring along the necessary airplane essentials. You can’t have an exciting flight if you don’t have the right things with you. You’ll feel much more at ease when you’ve brought the right belongings in your luggage. Those flying for more than a few hours will appreciate having snacks to munch on while traveling. Travelers will enjoy their snacks and stay full instead of growing hungry while they wait for flights to end. Snacks may become even more necessary if travelers won’t be given in-flight meals. For things like overnight flights, you might have multiple hours of waiting to eat again. In this manner, travelers may especially want to pack snacks before flying. You can alleviate hunger pains and remain comfortable throughout your entire flight by doing so.

10. Antibacterial Wipes

airplane essentials - Antibacterial Wipes

Credit: Abi Porter

Illnesses may easily be shared when traveling by air. Those taking flights may easily be exposed to all kinds of germs. This will lead to the traveler becoming sick at the worst times. If you’re planning an amazing adventure somewhere, you don’t want an illness to ruin that experience. After spending months creating the perfect travel itinerary, your plans may be ruined in an instant due to a cold.

Accordingly, travelers should be sure to bring along antibacterial wipes before flying. These items will help you disinfect your seating area before traveling. You can eliminate any germs and reduce your chances of becoming sick on your flight. Travelers may wipe off their seats and tray prior to sitting down. Once you’ve done so, you won’t need to worry about any germs left behind by another passenger. Among our list of numerous airplane essentials, these wipes may provide the greatest peace of mind.

Never embark on another flight without our list of airplane essentials.

The things you bring along on an airplane ride can make or break your flight. For instance, if you don’t bring a pillow for an overnight flight, you’ll probably have a hard time sleeping. Similarly, lengthier flights might mean you need to pack snacks and entertainment to keep you busy. As such, travelers should know the airplane essentials they should bring when traveling. With our article, you’ll always have a smooth, carefree flight by packing everything we’ve suggested.

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