The Villa Casa Casuarina is a boutique hotel with a past.

If you’re into scandalous pop stories and luxury accommodation, then we have the perfect hotel for you. This mansion turned hotel formerly belonged to the iconic fashion designer Gianni Versace. The latest season of American Crime Story highlights his controversial murder case. The episode airs on January 17, 2018, but you can check out Versace’s former residence before then.

Versace invested $33 million into creating the spectacular property. Originally constructed in 1930, this mansion is a timeless masterpiece, permeating cultural trends. Following Versace’s death, his multi-million dollar home became a monumental part of the city’s history. Tourists frequently traveled to the Miami Beach attraction, drawn by the building’s gruesome past and magnificent design.

Spend a night in this lavish mansion.

In recent years, the mansion began renovations into a boutique hotel. Guests fascinated by the life of Gianni Versace can now stay in his own home. Villa Casa Casuarina offers a variety of high-class guest suites and elegant dining offerings. Spend your Miami Beach trip in one of the most luxurious hotels in the United States.

The magnificence of this mansion is truly in the intricate details. The vibrant splashes of color highlight the mansion’s eccentric design. Animal printed pillows add flair to the immense hotel lobby. The outdoor pool is lined with gold tiles, truly the epitome of luxury. Of course, the detail comes right down to the beds, with rooms hosting massive double king size beds. You will surely have the best sleep of your life in these extravagantly decorated rooms, complete with posh bed coverings and pillows.

Are you feeling brave enough to stay overnight at Villa Casa Casuarina? Book your room at this luxury boutique hotel for an accommodation experience unlike any other.

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