Holiday travel season is upon us. How are you preparing?

Believe it or not, the holiday season is here. Before you know it, you will be enjoying a delicious meal with those you love most (Yes, Thanksgiving is next week already). At this point, hopefully, you have narrowed down your travel itinerary for the weeks ahead. Planning your travels in advance is one way to alleviate unnecessary holiday travel stress. If you are still needed some extra help, check out these five Thanksgiving travel tips. Thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest travel week of the year, so it is important to start thinking about your plans. But when is the best day to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

So when is the best day to begin your holiday travels?

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As nearly everyone prepares to depart and head to a new destination over the holidays, you might be wondering when exactly you should leave. You might come across numerous reports, all claiming to know the perfect window of time, down to the millisecond, for when you should travel. A current travel tip is to actually leave on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. But is this a good idea? After all, nobody really relishes the idea of spending part of your holiday in a crowded airport or sitting in traffic.

Well, it turns out that there are some perks to leaving on the actual holiday. For those who book their travel on the holiday itself, you can expect fewer crowds and faster lines. The traffic forecast is also more favorable. Of course, this is because nobody really wants to be traveling on that day. If you are not quite convinced, consider how you can save nearly $100 on airfare with travel deals. Most airlines additionally provide holiday-themed entertainment and food for those holiday-day flyers.

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