A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is certainly not worth your life.

With today's smartphone technology being so prominent throughout the world, it is no secret that people enjoy its perks. The opportunity to share life updates via social media is quite enticing. With all of the rapid communication and memory storage, taking photos is certainly part of this. This generation certainly appreciates the use of a camera, especially for selfies. Most people take between one and eight selfies each day. In fact, studies show that the average millennial will take about 25,700 selfies during their lifetime. Clearly, none of us are going to forget what our faces look like anytime soon. Of course, as a millennial traveler, you likely do not shy away from the opportunity to snap a picture of your latest adventure to share on social media. But have you ever thought about the consequences of this?

Think twice before you snap that travel selfie.

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Odds are, when you are visiting somewhere new, your focus is primarily on taking in the experience. If you just conquered a mountain trek or are perched atop a towering city balcony, this is the perfect time to take a photo, right? Actually, it might not be as perfect as you think. If you follow travel news at all, you have likely come across stories of travelers experiencing horrible accidents due to attempting to take a picture in a precarious place. Oftentimes these mishaps result in serious injury or even death when you neglect travel safety.

Such awful incidents occur because people do not pay attention to their surroundings when taking a picture or a selfie. It is easy to get wrapped up in attempting to angle the picture right and capture the perfect lighting. Before you know it, you can step too far back and find yourself plunging a great distance.

Don't be fooled if you think of yourself as a superior traveler, as these situations happen even to professional travelers. Stay safe out there and exercise extreme caution when capturing those special travel moments. A picture certainly is not worth your life.

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