Are Travel Prices Going Up, Again?

It seems that lately travel prices are getting more and more steep. 2018 saw an overall increase in travel costs, with some sectors anticipating a four percent increase. The Global Travel Forecast noted that both airline and hotel fees would raise their prices over the course of the year. This is largely due to uncertainties in travel economies and geopolitical risks around the globe. 2018 is more than halfway over now, and we are looking forward at next year’s travel predictions about travel costs.

What To Expect In 2019?travel costs

With all of this pricing uncertainty, what can the traveler expect in 2019? It seems like the rising cost of travel is not stopping quite yet. However, the price increases are not as steep as we are seeing in 2018.

This year again, the fifth-annual Global Travel Forecast released their economic travel predictions for the coming year. This report comes directly from the Global Business Travel Association and Carlson Family Foundation. According to their latest research, flight costs will increase by 2.6 percent and hotel prices will rise 3.7 percent within the next year.

Though the prices are on the rise, air travel is equally expected to increase in its number of travelers in 2019. You can still score an affordable flight if you do your research and book at the right time.

This number is a median amount for hotel prices. Some parts of the world will see an even steeper jump in accommodation fees. This includes a 5.1 percent rise in Asia Pacific, 5.6 percent throughout Europe, Middle East & Africa and just 2.1 percent in North America. Latin American hotels will likely experience a 1.3 percent drop in 2019.

Don’t let these intimidated statistics hold you back. Despite the rising costs for travel, there are still many ways you can travel cheap today.

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