Travel across the time zones with ease with this handy travel tool.

One of the worst parts about traveling long distances is dealing with the time change. Nobody wants to spend the first few days of their trip simply adjusting to the time zone. Fortunately, in today’s age of smartphone technology, there are numerous handy travel apps out there to help with everyday travel challenges. The latest app on sleep tracking might be a lifesaver on your next trip.

Timeshifter will shift your travel experience to the next level.

Timeshifter is an innovative jet lag tool for travelers who need a little help. The app incorporates the latest knowledge about sleep and circadian neuroscience. Timeshifter offers a purely scientific and entirely effective approach to sleep pattern adjustment. You know it’s legit as Timeshifter has collaborated with Steven Lockley, Ph.D, an expert in circadian disorders at Harvard Medical School.

Timeshifter timeshifter

Credit: Timeshifter

The app offers three categories so you can have a personalized travel experience. Travelers can use Timeshifter for business travel, sports, or vacation. From there, the app asks the user several questions to gauge their personal sleep patterns. You will have to enter the times you typically fall asleep and wake up and whether you are an early bird or a night owl.

Once you submit your trip plan and personalize your profile, Timeshifter creates an entirely unique plan to help you adjust to your new time zone. The specific timetable for each day is designed to maximize your energy at the right times. The schedule includes instructions such as avoiding bright lights, drinking caffeine, and going to bed at a certain time.

Don’t miss a moment of your travel experience in a new place. Download the app today and try it for yourself on your next trip.

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