Everyone is always looking for better ways to pack for trips.

Packing for your vacation is likely not part of your highlight reel of the overall experience. Most people do not particularly enjoy the daunting, yet necessary, task of organizing their belongings into a small space. There is always the battle between fearing over packing and the anxiety of forgetting something you absolutely need. With this process, it helps to have tips, tricks, and tools to aid this process. Of course practicing minimalism while traveling is a helpful trick to cut out what you do not need. However, as you consider how to organize your must bring items, consider employing tools such as packing cubes. These items work to eliminate extra space while adequately organizing everything. However you might wonder, are packing cubes worth it? Before you jump to conclusions, consider the details behind these travel accessories.

Let’s tackle the obvious question: Are packing cubes worth it?

How packing cubes work.

If you are one of those people who like things to stay organized, then packing cubes might be your new best friend. So how exactly do you use packing cubes? These nifty travel tools work great as you attempt to retain some sort of sanity amidst the chaos of traveling. Packing cubes come in a variety of sets, and often vary in size. The range of sizes allows for optimal variety with what you want to pack. From large winter coats to those rolls of tube socks, there is surely a packing cube that works right for you. Simply put, packing cubes are quite versatile when it comes to trying to find the best packing style. You can roll your clothing items before packing them or simply stuff them in and hope for the best. The compact, square compartments offer ample space, with a zipper to keep things in check. After you pack what you need in your cube, just zip it up and insert it into your suitcase.

What are the best types of packing cubes?

are packing cubes worth it -

A basic Google search for “packing cubes” is going to generate numerous results. As you attempt to look through the wide variety of options out there, you might be wondering just what are the best types of packing cubes. Knowing which ones to purchase helps also to decide are packing cubes worth it.

The first thing to consider is whether you want structured or flexible packing cubes. This makes a significant difference in the packing process. Structured packing cubes are stiffer and retain their shape. This keeps your belongings better protected, but also takes up more space. Flexible packing cubes, on the other hand, are lightweight and compressible. These packing cubes are easy to store and transport.

As you decide are packing cubes are worth it for yourself, you need to decide just how much you want to spend. You can locate packing cubes virtually anywhere, which leads to a large budget variety. Cheaper packing cubes cost anywhere from $5 to $10 for sets of four to six. Higher quality and brand name packing cubes can cost as much as $60. These more expensive packing cubes often offer a warranty as well, so you have a quality guarantee. Some people prefer paying more for their packing cubes, as they prioritize their travel gear quality. But if you are a budget traveler just looking for a simple way to organize your items, the cheaper packing cubes might work just fine.

Can I use packing cubes to save space?

This question is probably one of the first ones to come to mind as you think about using packing cubes. Naturally these compression-like cubes offer the illusion of copious amounts of space saved. While you may preserve room in your suitcase when using packing cubes, this is not their first purpose. Packing cubes are ideal for organization primarily. These helpful tools work to keep your items in their respective place for easy access while traveling. Of course, if you use some superhero packing strategies, you just might free up some room inside your bag. But remember that this takes a bit of thinking outside the box (pun intended). In conclusion, don’t purchase packing cubes if you just want to save space while packing. You might find yourself disappointed.

Who do packing cubes work best for?

Everyone should try packing cubes while packing for a trip at least once. This trial run allows you to get an idea of what it is like. Naturally, there are certain types of travelers that packing cubes might be more ideal for. Those extremely organized travel personalities may thoroughly appreciate the use of packing cubes. The ability to clearly separate your travel items and keep everything neat is a lifesaver for some. Certain kinds of packing cubes also offer internal compartments, for additional organization help. Packing cubes also work great for those who need to locate items in a pinch. If your travel itinerary has you running in and out of your hotel room all day long, you don’t want to waste time digging through a suitcase. 

Packing cubes are also a great idea if you have to share luggage space. If you are sharing a suitcase with someone, packing cubes might also be the ideal solution to keeping your items separate. You can even purchase distinctively colored packing cubes for each person, to help differentiate between the two.

Why packing cubes may not be right for you.

are packing cubes worth it

Of course, not everyone feels the same when deciding are packing cubes worth it. This is perfectly fine, as every traveler’s personal packing style is different. Some people like organization, while others prefer to toss everything in and go. Here are a few reasons why packing cubes might not be right for you. These tips will help you decide, are packing cubes worth it?

As we alluded to in the previous paragraph, packing cubes might not be the best choice if you are trying to condense your suitcase space. While it is not impossible, packing cubes often end up using more room than they save. There are other travel tool options like compression bags that work better for eliminating extra bulk. Here are the differences between packing cubes vs compression bags.

As you determine are packing cubes worth it, keep your luggage type in mind. If you prefer to travel with a backpack or a duffle bag, you might find packing cubes to be inconvenient. Their obvious square shape makes it difficult to conform to another shaped bag size. For travelers like this, consider using a small rectangle suitcase if you want to try out packing cubes for yourself. 

Packing cubes might also not be ideal if you do not want to spend time organizing your items. While it might be nice when you initially pack your suitcase, when you have to continually be aware of where everything is, it may end up feeling tedious. You may find that it is frustrating to remember which compartment holds which item continually. Additionally, frequently repacking or rolling your clothing also takes work.

It’s up to you to decide. Are packing cubes worth it?

Of course, trip packing styles vary depending on the traveler. There are a number of specifics to consider as you experiment with your options. For quick and simple organization, packing cubes may work best for you. If you like keeping things separate, then utilize the magic of packing cubes. Consider your suitcase size and what you want to pack as you try out various travel packing methods. Once you determine your personal style, let us know. Do you think packing cubes are worth it? Please share your own travel organization hacks with us as well as whether or not you think packing cubes work.

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