Looking to hit up an airport this Thanksgiving?

Obviously, spending copious amounts of time in a loud, crowded place such as an airport is not most people's idea of a good holiday. However, this is a necessary evil of this time of year. Millions of Americans take to the skies during the months of November and December as they head home to celebrate holidays with those they love most. Of course, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your travel experience is not nightmarish. One important aspect of Thanksgiving and Christmas flight booking is scheduling your flights for the right time.

Here are the best and worst times to book Thanksgiving flights.

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According to AAA, nearly four million Americans traveled during the holiday season in 2017. Their most recent research shows that these numbers should rise again in 2018. Keep this in mind as you plan your travel dates and times this year.

Bad news first. At least that's how we like it. Here is when you do not want to be caught in an airport. Thursday, November 22 is obviously the worst date to fly, as it is Thanksgiving Day. Nobody wants to spend their holiday on a plane, salivating from vivid hallucinations of juicy turkey and homemade pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, the day prior, November 21, is another time where travel is not recommended. Both of these days are completely hectic in airports as well as on the road.

Okay, so when exactly should you plan to fly home this Thanksgiving? The Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 19 and 20, are ideal for avoiding the holiday crowds. If your schedule allows it, consider heading home a couple days early. Surprisingly, Black Friday, November 23, is a good day to head back. This is likely because most people are heading to the store, not the airport, for some unmissable deals.

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