Are you already planning for the holidays? It might pay off.

As the weather starts turning, you might be thinking about those upcoming holidays. In just a few months, you may be sitting around the table sharing a meal with those you love most. But first, you have to get there. If you are perusing through the various flight offerings, it might be a challenge at this point to know if you are getting a good flight deal. Flight pricing tends to fluctuate so often and there are times where it is better to make an early purchase, and other times when it is ideal to wait. Fortunately, Google is here to help with your Thanksgiving flights.

Use Google’s inside scoop to help with your holiday flight purchase this year.

Thanksgiving flights

Don’t let the holiday with the highest travel get you down this year. Thanks to Google’s intel and useful tools, you can purchase your Thanksgiving flights with minimal effort. It turns out that now is the best time to buy that holiday flight home. According to Google, putting off those Thanksgiving flights purchases until October means an increase in flights prices by up to 95%. If that isn’t bad enough, last-minute flights booked November adds another 30% increase.

If you have plans in place for Thanksgiving, then it is ideal to purchase those flights during late August or early September to ensure the best deals. Google also tells travelers that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is not the most expensive day to fly. While it is certainly the busiest, booking your flight for that Wednesday does not mean your price is the highest.

Use Google Flights and all of their latest tools to track down that cheap flight within the next couple months. Fortunately, there are enough resources available to help you save the most.

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