First class cabins just got a brand new makeover.

Air travel is often a stress-inducing experience that you wouldn’t typically associate with comfort. But this Middle Eastern airline is determined to change that. The largest airline in the Middle East has created a culture of luxury among their travelers. Emirates offers an exquisite first class experience that is surpassed by none. If they hadn’t set the bar high enough, Emirates Airline has announced a new first class cabin design that is sure to wow even the most experienced traveler.

Dreams come true at Emirates Airline.

Imagine your dream first-class experience. What features would you want? If things like a personal cabin, HD TV, or comfortable bed came to mind, Emirates probably has it. With 40 square foot private cabins, the possibilities are endless.

Emirates airline - personal cabin
Credit: EA

Settle into the adjustable leather seats as you prepare for a relaxing flight. While you relax, sip a vintage champagne from the seemingly endless supply of beverage and dining options. The high-tech HD video screen offers a real-time viewing of the view from outside the plane. One of the most innovative features is the interaction ability with the cabin crew. Simply press a button to “skype” with a crew member and make any special requests face to face. You can also adjust the cabin lighting to achieve the right ambiance for your flight.

Sound like a dream come true? We think so too. These rooms are most certainly the first class of the future and will make their first appearance on an Emirates’s flight on December 1. Flights affected include those between Brussels, Geneva, and Dubai.

Round trip flight tickets are going for $10,000. Such a price tag might make the economy seem a little more comfortable for most travelers. However, if you can afford the extra cost, you are in for an incredible first class experience.

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