Check out the new flight offerings from Spirit Airlines, just in time for winter.

This Thursday Spirit Airlines rolled out their newest flight offering. You can now travel to Cancun, Mexico from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. The Cancun route is another addition to Spirit’s continually expanding International flight options. With the temperatures dropping, of course this flight addition is here at the perfect time. Thanks to Spirit’s cheap flight options, also you can book your flight to Cancun this season without cutting your holiday gift budget.

The no-frill airline is a favorite among travelers for its ultra low-ticket costs. Travel to Cancun is no exception to this norm. Flight pricing ranges from $95.58 to $375.58 on Spirit’s website, with cost variance depending on travel dates. Spirit charges a single rate for the airfare along, with baggage fees and in-flight serves at an additional cost. Even with the add-ons, Spirit remains an affordable flight option.

Here’s where Spirit is flying.

Other major airports that offer Spirit’s services to Mexico include Detroit, Dallas/Fort Worth, Fort Lauderdale and Houston. With Spirit’s large array of flight offerings, also there is likely to be one at an airport near you. Cancun is a favorite vacation destination for travelers, and reportedly the most requested flight offering from Spirit Airlines. There are plans for increased expansion of international flights in the near future. Keep an eye out for Spirit’s offerings at an airport nearest you.

Cancun is the place to be this winter. Book your trip for sometime within the next few months and look forward to a sweet escape from the chilly weather. Spend this season relaxing on sandy, white beaches in a tropical paradise without breaking the bank. You will not regret a trip here.

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