For those seeking an off the grid kind of adventure, Mexico's Huasteca Potosina is for you.

Mexico is commonly known for its high-class resorts and energetic nightlife. The warm sands and crystal waters of Cancun are a favorite travel destination for many. These tourist hotspots indeed have earned their popularity, but while you are here we encourage you to seek the hidden gems of Mexico.

You can find one of these secret treasures eight hours outside of Mexico City. Nestled in the surrounding rainforest lies the Huasteca Potosina. This is a cultural region in Mexico and is filled with natural wonders. Here you can witness beautiful waterfalls pouring into bright blue pools. Watch the sun peek through the shade of the forest trees while its reflection glitters on the water. This spot is truly the epitome of tropical paradise.

Here in this watery oasis, there is much to do.

Mexico - watery oasis

Credit: pabluko / Flickr

You can also trek around on your own if you want to adventure at a slower pace. Wander through the forests surrounding Huasteca Potosina or take a dip in the vibrant blue waters. Do some yoga next to a waterfall and meditate with the rainforest ambiance around you.

If you prefer having organized activities to structure your trip, there are also several tour package options. Participate in a river-rafting excursion on the Tampoan River, then ride the rapids all the way to a magical waterfall destination.

For the ultimate adventure thrill, try rappelling alongside the Minas Viejas and Micos Waterfall. Rappelling offers an up close and personal view of the glittering waterfalls. If just looking at a waterfall is not enough excitement for you, join a waterfall jumping excursion. Leaping into a waterfall is a sure way to get your adrenaline pumping.

Does this sound like your dream destination? Make the trek today and experience Mexico's hidden gems for yourself.

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