This African oasis is truly a mesmerizing experience.

Visiting Africa’s plains is a truly one of the most exotic experiences one can have in their lifetime. This delicate ecosystem requires special attention if it is to thrive in the years to come. African conservation company Singita was founded two decades ago for this very reason. Singita’s mission is to preserve and protect the African wilderness in order to increase its longevity for the future.

Owning nearly one million acres of land, Singita operates an array of safari and hospitality experiences for visitors. One particular highlight is the Singita Sasakwa Lodge.

Stay in the Singita Sasakwa Lodge.

Nestled within the Grumeti Reserves in northern Tanzania, Singita Sasakwa Lodge encompasses the best of both worlds. Here guests receive an up close and personal view of Africa’s wild plains all while living in luxury. From your doorstep, you can view the vast Serengeti plains and its inhabitants in their natural habitat.

The Edwardian manor house influences the design of the Singita Sasakwa Lodges. Guests have the option of choosing between nine private cottages and a villa when booking. Each room has a private outdoor infinity pool, of course creating an ideal oasis from which to observe the spectacular natural views. There are a variety of amenities to enjoy here during your stay. Options include the on-site spa, Singita Boutique & Gallery, and the main lodge swimming pool.

It just so happens that Singita is offering a promotion for guests who book their stay within the next two years. If you plan to spend at least six nights at the lodge, one of these is complimentary. This promotion applies to dates booked between January 16 through December 19, 2018, and January 16 through December 19, 2019.

Book your stay now at this unique African getaway and experience the life of the Serengeti plains from this new perspective.

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