Air New Zealand maintains its top rank for the coming year.

For the fifth year running, Air New Zealand has been named Airline of the Year by This is the highest award issued by this airline service, and Air New Zealand has surely earned its top spot. The other top-ranking airlines were Qantas, Singapore, and Virgin Australia.

Air New Zealand considers twelve key factors when judging airline quality. These include fleet age, investment rating, product offerings, passenger reviews, profitability, and staff relations. Each of these affects the overall flight experience for the passenger. Air New Zealand reportedly ranked number one in practically every category, an impressive feat indeed.

One of Air New Zealand’s most significant innovations is the strategy behind the economy cabin. The economy class has a reputation for being cheap and uncomfortable. Most people travel economy for the affordability, not a pleasant travel experience. This awesome air line is looking to change that for their travelers. Their deluxe features such as Skycouch and premium economy provide an exceptional economy experience for all travelers.

Travel - Air New Zealand
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Travel anywhere with Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand is an international airline with wide coverage. They offer routes throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, the United States, and beyond. No matter where your trip takes you, there is likely an Air New Zealand flight that can take you there. Check out their website for the latest flight deals. Right now they have flight offerings for amazing destinations like the Cook Islands and London, England. You can visit a new destination and enjoy the journey there with Air New Zealand.

On your next trip, book your flight through Air New Zealand for high-class service and an exceptional flight experience. Prepare for an incredible journey ahead.

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