Why Travel to the Amalfi Coast? Here Are All the Top 6 Reasons

At just 30 miles long, the Amalfi Coast may be a short stretch, but there are many delightful spots to explore when on this Italian coastline. Towns are drenched in charming architecture, hotels are seated upon cliffs, the sea sparkles in all its glory, and countless boutiques, restaurants, and galleries are nestled on the Coast. The Amalfi Coast is located between Positano and Ravello. This spot in Itlay makes for an ideal romantic honeymoon destination. Most travelers vacation here from April to October with the busiest months being in July and August. When will you go?

Maybe a trip to this coast has been a dream of yours. Maybe you have never heard of the Amalfi Coast before. Either way, we are providing the top 6 reasons why you should highly consider traveling to this Italian coastline. If you have been dreaming of going to the Coast, your longing to be on the Amalfi Coast will only become more intense. And if you have never heard of this Italian coastline before, you will begin to dream of going. After reading this list travelers will be booking their flight and hotel accommodations in no time.

1. The Sea

amalfi - The Sea

Hugging the Mediterranean Sea, the Amalfi Coast boasts in stunning panoramic views. Stretches of these beautiful views are found around every turn. If you are a lover of nature, then this coastline will cause you to dance with joy.

Stay in a hotel that features these views. Dine in a restaurant that overlooks the glistening waters. Rent a Vespa and cruise the coastal roads, taking in the wonder of the calm, blue sea. Venture to the beach where you can splash in the water or suntan on the sea's shore. Hop in a boat and zoom across the Mediterranean to look at the Coast from a new perspective. Even better, take a boat tour into the Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Grotto) Cave. Eat fresh seafood from local restaurants or go fishing yourself and catch a several fish on your own.

When taking in the gorgeous sea views, also take time to admire the pastel-colored houses that sit right next to the sea. Positano is perhaps one of the most picturesque towns to visit on the Amalfi Coast. The contrast of the sharp blue sea against the cliffside rainbow houses is overwhelmingly beauty.

2. The Arts

amalfi - The Arts

Credit: Flickr

The Coast certainly does not lack creativity and color. From the buildings and houses that speckle the Amalfi Coast, to the numerous art galleries and handcrafted art pieces for sale, creativity is evident. All of the artwork is impressive and made with intricate and colorful designs. As you journey from town to town, notice the changes in architecture. Each town has similarities and differences when it comes to the architecture and atmosphere that is embodies. When it comes to exploring the art galleries and shops, keep an eye out for hand-painted ceramics. Handcrafted ceramics are some of the most notable art pieces on the coast Plus, these tile and pottery pieces make wonderful souvenirs for friends and family back home. The detail is extraordinary.

If you appreciate high-quality art and creativity, then the Coast will be an artistic feast for your eyes. In addition to observing the architecture and the ceramics shops, photographers will find themselves in a prime location to capture postcard-perfect photographs. The one thing that you cannot forget to pack on your trip to the Coast is your camera. From the sea to the charming towns, each corner and crevice of this coastline is photo-worthy.

3. The Hotels

amalfi - Hotels

Credit: ​Le Sirenuse

Amalfi Coast hotels provide more than comfort. They also cultivate deep and genuine hospitality, along with striking beauty both inside and outside the hotel. Many hotels are found snuggled up against the coastline. That means that from morning to nigh, you can see the beauty of the sea (be sure to get a room with a full sea view!). Many of these coastal hotels have restaurants that overlook the shimmering water as well. Enjoy the mild climate and the crystal sea as you dine at sunset. Should you want to unwind at the spa, many hotels also have their own spas on site.

There are plenty of hotels that we recommend looking into if you have questions about where to stay on the Coast. Our hearts sing for Le Sirenuse, which is a delightful hotel with greenery climbing up the walls. The Monastero Santa Rosa is a favorite for any couple seeking a romantic getaway. Punta Regina Positano is a family-friendly hotel placed in the convenient city of Positano. Belmond Hotel Caruso is soaked in elegance. The hotel is all around impressive. And finally, the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi is a fresh, bright and comfortable hotel that has an inviting and enchanting atmosphere. Depending on your needs and who you are traveling with, the Coast has the perfect accommodation for you.

4. The Lemons

amalfi - The Lemons

Wake up and smell the roses lemons. The Amalfi Coast is known for its local lemon groves. Their scent lingers to meet travelers as they wander up and down the coastline. With a fragrant smell that carries through the wind, guests will constantly be taking in the sweet aroma of lemons. With many lemon groves on the Coast, there are many opportunities for travelers to visit and taste the fresh lemons grown in Amalfi. On these tours of the groves, you can also hear about how the lemons are grown and cared for. If you are a big fan of lemon-flavored dishes, then consider taking a cooking class on your trip as well. Many lemon groves offer cooking classes where chefs-in-the-making (aka you and me) can make lemony dishes, such as lemon pasta, lemon fish, and more.

Because lemons are such a big deal on the Coast, you can't leave without trying a cold glass of lemonade. You won't find a cup of lemonade that is as sweet and refreshing as that found on the Coast. On a hot day in the summer, one glass is just what the doctor ordered. When wandering the coast, be sure to try some fresh-squeezed lemonade.

5. The History

amalfi - The History

Credit: ​Le Sirenuse

The towns found on the Amalfi Coast each have a long and rich history and culture. There are many impressive places to get a history lesson of the area. If you are one who appreciates discovering the historical roots of the places you visit, then you will be pleased with all you discover about the Coast. Visit the town of Ravello and tour the Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. When in the town of Amalfi, check out the Museo Arsenale della Repubblica and the stand-out Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea. San Gennaro Church is another place to visit on the coast. Its iconic ceramic dome can be spotted from afar. The external beauty, the internal beauty, and the history of this church are worth exploring. It is a mesmerizing display of art.

6. The Weather

amalfi - The Weather

Summers on the Mediterranean are pleasant and warm. Thankfully, winters are never harsh, so vacationing on the Amalfi Coast doesn't have to end when summer ends. Year-round travelers enjoy the lovely Mediterranean climate. In fact, winter months can be some of the best times to visit because it is not very crowded. Come between the months of April and October and you'll find many tourists. July and August are without a doubt the busiest months on the Coast. However, since the weather is nice and refreshing all year round, you can plan your trip any time of the year. Summer, winter, the choice is yours.

Are You Convinced the Amalfi Coast is Worth Visiting?

With the sea, the arts, the hotels, the lemon groves, the history, and the weather, who could resist a trip to Italy's coastline? Stay in a hotel that brushes against the sea and wake up to panoramic views. Have breakfast on your terrace or at a local cafe that overlooks the Mediterranean. Stroll through the streets and pop into art galleries, museums, and boutique shops. Purchase a few handcrafted ceramic pieces for yourself and for loved ones back home. Capture photographs. Then, capture more photographs. As you walk through the towns, the scent of fresh lemon will carry in the breeze and greet you. In the afternoon, head to the beach where you can swim, boat, or rest on the shore. With charming architecture and natural beauty to observe, the Amalfi Coast is a treasure to be found in Italy. The warm climate draws in travelers from all over the world to come to its welcoming shore. Will you be one of the travelers that goes?

We have only scratched the surface on why you should visit this wondrous coastline. There are so many more reasons to book a trip. Have you traveled to the Amalfi Coast before? If so, share with your us what your top reasons for going are. We would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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