Consider becoming an airline rewards member.

Looking for ways to save on airfare costs? Whether you’re a weathered airline traveler or rarely step foot on these metal giants, you can often maximize your travel savings by sticking with one airline. This way you can stack up your travel miles and earn points for future trips. There are numerous airlines that offer notable perks for their rewards members. One noteworthy airline is the German based international company Lufthansa. Their world renowned, high-class services and numerous destinations make them a favorable choice when booking flights.

As the largest airline in Germany and Europe, Lufthansa already boasts a bountiful following. No matter where your journey takes you, there is a good chance that Lufthansa flies there. Even more, they frequently update their website with new economy flight offerings throughout the world. Visit their website for the latest flight deals throughout the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Lufthansa Airport

There’s no better time than now to start saving with Lufthansa Airlines.

If you aren’t already, consider joining Lufthansa’s Miles & More travel rewards program. This World Elite MasterCard allows adventurers to save the most when flying. You can earn up to 20,000 miles right away when you use the Mastercard for booking flights. World Elite MasterCard offers two reward miles for every $1 spent.

It turns out that now is the time to sign up, as Lufthansa is offering a notable bonus for rewards members. Right now members get 50% extra award miles for flights booked by May 31. The extra miles apply to any flight between now and August 30.

Are you ready to start saving? Take a chance and sign up for Lufthansa’s airline Miles & More club today and start adding up the travel perks to use towards future trips.

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