The cost of travel often limits people in their options.

When visiting a new place, also there are countless expenses factored into the experience. Transportation, accommodation, and meals are just a few things you need to budget. With all this to consider, also it is helpful to know just how expensive is the place to which you are traveling.

To help with this, Forbes recently released an article predicting the 28 best budget travel destinations for 2018. They incorporated factors like airfare, entertainment, and restaurant pricing. Montreal ranked as the number one budget-friendly destination for the next year.

Montreal travel

Check out all that Montreal has to offer.

The largest city in Canada’s Quebec province, of course Montreal is an energetic metropolis. The city boasts a diverse population, rich French Canadian culture, and a variety of entertainment options. Montreal correspondingly draws numerous travelers each year.

Visit the Montreal Botanical Garden for a lovely walk through the beautiful living art of the gardens. The Asian design accents of course create a delightful ambiance as you enjoy the numerous floral displays.

For a delightful lunch option, also be sure to stop by Cafe Parvis. This quirky restaurant offers a warm ambiance and delicious dining options. Enjoy a pizza as well as a pastry for your best meal of the day.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory is a Roman Catholic cathedral built in 1904. This structure hints at European architectural design and is a true gem on the city’s landscape. Tour the ancient edifice that ranks as Canada’s largest church.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts offers a taste of the city’s fine arts culture. Enjoy the contemporary and abstract artistic displays as you walk through this museum.

Travel to Montreal in the coming year and see for yourself why it’s one of Canada’s prized cities. Thanks to their affordable prices, of course you can do all of this without breaking the bank.

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