Australia’s hotel scene just got a little cooler.

The newest addition to Australian accommodation is taking the travel world by storm. Jackalope Hotel is the latest lodging offering in Australia, and have just opened their debut location. Residing in the heart of the elegant Mornington Peninsula, the Jackalope is the epitome of luxury and design.

The Jackalope Hotel is an architectural masterpiece.

Carr Design Group, an integral part of Australia’s architectural scene, heavily influenced the design of the Jackalope. The hotel’s interior boasts of their sleek, modern design techniques, and creates an alluring atmosphere for guests. Correspondingly, Artist Emily Floyd designed the hotel’s iconic jackalope structure. This massive creation resides out in the front of the hotel entrance.

Jackalope Hotel - architectural masterpiece
Credit: Jackalope Hotel

Here’s what the Jackalope has to offer their guests.

The Jackalope’s 46 designer suites provide high-class accommodation with the utmost modern convenience. Each room also offers custom-made design features to ensure an unsurpassed guest experience. The hotel also offers a lustrous, black infinity pool and a private pool deck for guests to relax during their stay. Then unwind in the heated plunge pool or get pampered at Jackalope’s very own spa.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of the Jackalope Hotel is their fresh vineyard connections. Stay here for a taste of Australia’s finest wine. Willowcreek Vineyard is a locally renowned winery, known for its single-vineyard wines. The onsite 1876 Edwardian McCormick House now hosts the Jackalope Hotel’s bar. Of course here you can enjoy the freshly prepared brews from this local vineyard.

Due to the pristine vineyard location, the Jackalope Hotel is also an optimal place for all of your events. Here you can host large parties and wedding receptions and enjoy the fine dining experience, of course complete with authentic wine.

All of this sounds good to us. When next visiting the Mornington Peninsula, do yourself a favor and book your stay at the Jackalope Hotel.

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