We're here to show you how to make coffee like a pro!

Before I was an AeroPress fanatic, I settled for mediocre, gas station drip coffee on-the-go. For a cup of joe on-the-go I knew I shouldn't have to settle. We're living in coffee's third wave and no one has to settle anymore. With so many products on the market, we are reviewing the AeroPress coffee maker, suitable for all coffee drinks. Wondering how to make coffee on-the-go, but not settling for a cup that falls flat? Check out step-by-step instructions for making the perfect cup of coffee in the AeroPress coffee maker!

Notably, the AeroPress coffee maker is ideal for everyone. We mean it. Everyone. The AeroPress coffee maker comes with 6 pieces. Each piece can be easily cleaned, easily stored, and easily transported. The AeroPress combines the technology of a drip coffee pot with the brewing style of a french press. Notably, users can control the elements of their coffee with ease using the AeroPress. Take a look! Finally, the coffee maker you've been looking for.

Step #1

how to make coffee - Step #1

First, before you begin brewing your perfect cup of coffee, boil clean water. If you are wondering, how much water? The coffee to water ratio will be detailed in the next few steps. Be sure to boil about 2-3 cups.

Step #2

how to make coffee - Step #2

Now, for those that plan to include a grinder in their travels, go ahead and grab your hand grinder. How to make coffee the best way? A hand grinder will evenly grind the beans, ideal for brewing perfect coffee. If you plan to bring coffee grinds on-the-go, plan to pre-grind 17 grams, or one rounded scoop, of coffee beans. Of course, a portion scoop is included with each AeroPress! If you’re wondering how to make coffee that is not bitter or burnt, make sure to grind your beans to a fine-medium consistency. Also, this is the ideal coffee beans to water ratio.

Step #3

how to make coffee - Step #3

Next, you will need to prepare your AeroPress to brew your perfect cup of joe! The AeroPress includes a plunger, brew chamber, and a basket for brewing. Now, if you’re wondering how to make coffee the best cup of coffee, these next steps may seem tedious, but are necessary. Preparing your AeroPress allows you to make coffee that isn’t bitter or burnt tasting. First, take a paper filter and place it in the bottom basket. Take your boiling water, the optimal water temperature for coffee, and pour it over the paper filter. This eliminates the paper flavor. Next, preheat your brew chamber and drinking vessel with your boiling water. This cleans both pieces for the most pure cup of coffee. Remember, we are learning how to make coffee to perfection here!

Step #4

how to make coffee - Step #4

Now, let’s get brewing! First, dump out your boiling water from your drinking vessel. Second, place the brew chamber on top of your drinking vessel. Next, you will load your 17 grams of coffee proportions into the brewing chamber.

Step #5

how to make coffee - Step #5

​Notably, this next step varies for each coffee maker. Many people question how to make coffee with the perfect water to ground coffee ratio. For grounds from 17 grams of coffee beans, 220 grams of water is recommended. Or, in simpler terms, filling the brew chamber to the number 4 with boiling water. Now, when filling the brew chamber with boiling water, it is important that you cover the grounds with hot water in the first 10 seconds of brewing. Saturate all your coffee grounds, spinning the brew chamber to evenly cover the grounds!

Step #6

how to make coffee - Step #6

Next, you will take your stirring paddle, included with each AeroPress, to stir the slurry. Learning the lingo for how to make coffee to perfection? The word slurry may appear. The slurry is the coffee and water mixture that is brewing. Stir your slurry for that perfect cup of joe!

Step #7

how to make coffee - Step #7

Next comes your plunger! Place the plunger into the brew chamber at an angle. This allows you to create a pressure seal in the brew chamber while the coffee is brewing.

Step #8

how to make coffee - Step #8

When it comes to coffee brew time, after your initial 10 seconds, you will let the slurry brew for 1 minute and 15 seconds. Of course, this is a perfect time to grab your stirring paddle because you will use it in the next step!

Step #9

how to make coffee - Step #9

First, remove the plunger and set aside. Next, take your stirring paddle and get the slurry a good stir. Now, go ahead and start plunging! Pro tip: plunge even, slow, and steady. When you hear a “hiss” you are done plunging.

Step #10

how to make coffee - Step #10

Okay you’ve pushed the plunger through the brew chamber! Finally, you have your perfect cup of joe! We love sharing how to make coffee in the AeroPress because the clean up is as easy as brewing! First, remove the bottom basket and plunge the coffee grounds right through the brew chamber into the trash. Rinse off each piece and your AeroPress is ready to brew another amazing cup of coffee.

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Perfect Cup of Joe On-The-Go

Finally, the perfect coffee maker for your travels. Whether you're enjoying your cup of AeroPress coffee in your kitchen or next to a campfire, a quality cup of coffee is in your hands. We know the struggle of that bitter, bland, lackluster cup of coffee. If you have been wondering how to make coffee to meet your standards (and we agree they should be high!), take a look at the AeroPress.

We hope our step-by-step instructions help you choose your next travel coffee maker! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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