Flying is getting more and more expensive these days. We’re all looking to find a way to save a few dollars.

If you’re willing to sacrifice some of the services in the sky, there are options to keep the airline fees lower. Companies like Alaska Air, Frontier, Allegiant, and Spirit are all cutting the extra frills and included services. By doing so, they bring you to a lower price point. So, if you’re willing to forego some free bubbly and are able to pack everything you need in a lightweight carry on, then you’re in luck. You should bring along your own water and plan ahead. Then, you’ll be all set to save some money on your next vacation. Specifically, we’re going to work through Frontier Airlines baggage fees. Let's figure out the best way for you to fly with your budget. Don’t worry, you can still get the amenities you want.

The Basics: Your Personal Item

Frontier Airlines baggage fees

We’ve all had a myriad of personal items over the years. For some it’s a purse, for others it’s the murse. Maybe a briefcase or laptop bag is your personal item of choice. If you have a small backpack, that can work too. Then there’s always the reusable shopping bag that you fill with all of your duty-free goodies. Whatever your personal item is, you’ll want to make the most of it. That’s because according to Frontier Airlines baggage fees, it’s the only item you can take on the plane for free.

There are limits to the personal item size, and it will most likely be checked for size. Whatever baggage you choose for your personal item, it must be less than 18 by 14 by 8 inches. This is just right to slide under the seat in front of you without impeding the aisle. It is against Federal regulations to block that aisle, so staying within these size limits is important. One of the best ways to not pay for any extra baggage is to be wearing your bulky items. Things like jackets, umbrellas, diaper bags, and other assistive devices don’t count against your bag limits. So, use that diaper bag, wheelchair, or child restraint seat to your advantage by bringing it on for free.

The First Paid Luggage: Your Carry On

Frontier Airlines baggage fees - Carry On

Most of us have been perfecting our Carry On luggage game over the past few years. Checking luggage is quickly become more and more cumbersome. By fitting everything you need in your personal item and your carry on, you avoid excessive Frontier Airlines baggage fees. In addition, you avoid the hassle of waiting at the luggage carousel and jumping in when you see your bag. You’ll be less stressed as well when you’ve had your luggage in sight the whole trip with no worries of it being lost or not making a connection. So, now that you’re dying to pack everything in just your carry on, let’s see exactly what you can bring.

Frontier Airlines Carry On Size and Weight Limits

Frontier Airlines baggage fees -  Weight Limits

The Frontier Airlines baggage fees and restrictions limit your carry on to 24 by 16 by 10 inches or smaller. This includes handles, wheels, luggage tags, and anything else that may be attached to it. So, take note that many lightweight carry on luggage options advertise as expandable. However, expanding them might put you over the allowed limit. This sizing is specifically to allow the carry on luggage to fit in the overhead bin above your seat. Lastly, your carry on luggage needs to be less than thirty-five pounds. The largest cost for an airline is the fuel. How much fuel they use varies greatly depending on the weight of the plane, so this is how they factor in the weight for fuel prices.

So, how much will this cost you? If you know exactly what you’re bringing when you purchase your tickets, you will save money. The Frontier Airlines baggage fees are only 35 US dollars for your carry on luggage when you book online. That bumps to 40 dollars when checking in online. If you make it to the airport ticket counter or kiosk and haven’t paid for your carry on yet, it will be bumped to 45 dollars. If for some reason you are in a rush and haven't paid by the time you get to the gate, you will be out 60 US dollars. So, when it comes to limiting your Frontier Airlines baggage fees, think light and pay early.

Think Big: Paying for Checked Luggage

Frontier Airlines baggage fees - Checked luggage

Sometimes you just have to bring the big kahuna along. Don’t fret too much about the hefty Frontier Airlines baggage fees for this category, though. You’ve already saved quite a bit on this ticket in comparison to full-service airline companies. For your checked luggage, the combined dimensions of it cannot exceed 62 inches. The most common size of checked luggage these days is 27 by 21 by 14 inches. But, measure yours just in case it exceeds the normal size. Many things are getting bigger, but not better, these days. 

On top of this, the weight of your checked luggage cannot exceed fifty pounds. If you violate either of the checked luggage parameters, Frontier Airlines baggage fees will cost you even more. The fees are 75 dollars for exceeding the size limit, and 75 dollars for exceeding the weight limit. No matter what, if you bag exceeds 100 pounds or 110 combined inches, it will not be checked at all. 

The best way to save money is to say you are bringing a checked bag with Frontier Airlines at the time of booking. This way, it will cost you just 30 dollars. Waiting until after booking but more than twenty-four hours before departure, you will be charged 38 dollars. If you use the call center or web-check in to report your checked luggage, the Frontier Airlines baggage fees will be 40 dollars. Waiting until the airport ticket counter or self-service kiosk will put you out 45 dollars. Finally, if you truly wait until the last minute, you will pay 60 dollars for checking your luggage at the gate. Through this, you can see that planning ahead of time will save you money by avoiding Frontier Airlines baggage fees.

Additional Checked Luggage

Frontier Airlines baggage fees - Additional

If you are used to flying Southwest and having two checked bags, this will be a wake up call. With Frontier Airlines, you will pay a little extra for the second bag. The second checked bag has more a more straightforward pricing tier when it comes to Frontier Airlines baggage fees. Anytime between booking and before you make it to the airport ticket counter, the second checked bag will cost you 45 US dollars. That’s not bad for a second checked bag! If you wait until the airport ticket counter, you will need to pay an extra five dollars for a grand total of 50. You are not be allowed to check a second bag at the gate. It will simply be forfeited at that point.

We would highly recommend avoiding checking a third large bag. That is because Frontier Airlines baggage fees skyrocket at that point. It starts at 80 dollars for the third bag at the time of booking. Twenty-four hours before the flight, it will bump up to 85 dollars and be uncheckable at the gate. So, learn to pack light to avoid these slightly outrageous Frontier Airlines baggage fees.

Odd Sized Luggage & Other Items

Frontier Airlines baggage fees - Odd Sized

When it comes to larger items, Frontier Airlines baggage fees are still highly applicable. Follow their guidelines for normal luggage for almost all uniquely sized bags. That means scuba gear, hockey equipment, surfboard, a bike, guitar, or kayak all needs to fit within the weight and dimension restrictions. Some items are too large to be classified as normal but are still within the allowed limits. You will be charged the extra 75 dollars for these items in the oversized category.

We understand the powder heads who want to head to the Frontier Airlines hub of Denver, Colorado to go skiing or snowboarding for the weekend. For ski and snowboard bags, they will be allowed to classify as one check item. Additionally, if your boot bag is less than 25 pounds, it can be included with your ski bag as one checked item. If your boot bag exceeds 25 pounds, you will be bumped to checking two items. Instead, you could make the boot bag your carry on. 

You are able to bring your furry friends along. However, there are some additional Frontier Airlines baggage fees to be aware of. As long as they fit within the carry on weight and dimension restrictions, you will just be charged a 75 dollar fee. This, we imagine, is to cover the extra cleaning and security costs of an animal.

While you might be excited at first at the low ticket prices, make sure to plan ahead to avoid excessive Frontier Airlines baggage fees.

Fuel is getting more and more expensive these days. Thankfully, more companies are figuring out how to get us from point A to point B without breaking the bank. If you’re willing to cut corners safely when it comes to traveling, flying with Frontier is a great way to do so. You can use the dollars you save for an extra good dinner out at your destination or a future trip.

If you truly want to master keeping your Frontier Airlines baggage fees as low as possible, learn to travel light and plan how much you’ll need to bring ahead of time. But, we don’t want to keep you from planning your next adventure, so go forth and book that next flight. Just remember, all the normal TSA restrictions apply so follow the normal packing rules. But, enjoy your flight and we hope you can confidently navigate Frontier Airlines baggage fees from here on out.

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