If you’re looking for an outdoorsy escape this fall or winter, look no further.

Found in the Northwestern United States, Grand Teton National Park is a place you will not want to miss. This mountainous spot is a true gem of Wyoming’s great outdoors. Grand Teton National Park covers the expense of the vast Teton mountain range. With its numerous resorts and spectacular natural wonders, we are confident Grand Teton will make your travel list this year.

Here are a couple of our favorite spots to lodge in Grand Teton.

While in Wyoming, stay at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This popular ski and snowboard resort is a delight to experience. Located next to the Jackson Hole Mountain, there is no shortage of thrilling ski runs. Stop by if you want to conquer the challenging outdoor terrain.

If you prefer a more luxurious retreat when you travel, stay at the Grand Targhee Resort. This cozy mountain abode truly offers the best of both worlds. Here you can enjoy the slopes by day, and relax in the spa and heated outdoor pool by night.

Within the park, you can enjoy the pinnacle of outdoor exploration.

Grand Teton Mountain is the namesake of this national park. At 13,776 feet, this peak is a mountaineer must see. Scale this massive landmark for a spectacular view of the surrounding scenery.

Venture deeper into the park to catch a glimpse of the Hidden Falls. This waterfall drops nearly 100 feet and resides within the Cascade Canyon.

Nearby Jackson Lake is a vibrant blue body of water. The towering snowy peaks of the Teton Mountain range perfectly frame this lake. Visit the Jackson Lake Overlook for the most scenic vantage point.

This winter, pack your skis and hiking gear and get ready for the outdoor experience of a lifetime here in Grand Teton.

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