Here’s the scoop on this travel blogger’s sale.

Popular travel blogger dobbernationLOVES treks around the world, one travel guide at a time. His journeys have taken him across the globe, from ancient Egyptian temples to the paradise that is Bali. Of course, being an ambassador for DK Eyewitness travel has a number of perks. He strongly advocates for the necessity of using DK Eyewitness’ travel resources when researching and planning your trip.

Travel guide DK Eyewitness travel is the best travel tool you can get.

If you have never heard of them, DK Eyewitness travel is a practical travel guide publisher. DK Eyewitness helps travelers have the best experience possible. They specialize in providing practical and insightful information about your destination of choice. Their colorful and captivating book designs easily catch your eye as you browse for the latest travel tips. The 3D imagery and convenient maps both help make your trip easily navigatable. You can have the utmost confidence navigating in a foreign place with the help of these ultimate travel guides.

The company offers more than 500 sources, in the form of books, eBooks, and apps, all to maximize your travel experience. dobbernationLOVES notes that their top ten guides are a bestselling tool that provides the latest on your destination. Additionally, their Audio Walks for a handful of places serve as your own personal tour guide when traveling.

If this sounds like just the guide you need, you are in luck. This month, Indigo is offering a deal on DK Eyewitness’ products. From March 26 through April 8, travelers can snag 30% off all of DK Eyewitness’ travel resources.

Take advantage of this sale over the next two weeks as you plan your latest trip. With the latest insights and up to date travel intel, you can make the most out of your new destination.

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