Norway is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is not hard to see why.

If you want to visit an incredible country with picturesque scenery and quant villages, then look no further than Norway. Amidst the country’s extensive repertoire of natural beauty lie spectacular snow capped mountain peaks and beautiful fjords. The vibrantly green landscape adds a welcoming touch to the magic that is Norway. This amazing Scandinavian nation continually ranks as one of the most scenic places on the globe. The cities in Norway as also unmatched, with deep wells of culture and tradition to discover. In addition to this, Norway also earns considerable credibility on the world happiness scale. Norwegians are notably some of the happiest people overall.

For those wondering just what it is about Norway that makes its people so content, just look around. The country’s government systems and health care provision is top notch, which adds to the overall quality of life. The communal nature of Norwegian lifestyle creates a welcoming environment in which people can thrive. If you plan to visit Norway, expect to encounter the warm hospitality of the locals as you explore. For those planning to visit here, keep in mind that the cities in Norway are an excellent place to begin. Of course, you can get all of your outdoor time in too, but take the opportunity to learn more about the country’s rich history and beautiful culture from the thriving urban settings. To get you started we have our seven favorite cities in Norway, where you can begin to immerse yourself in its splendor.

Check out each of these cities in Norway for a unique piece of the country.

1. Bergen

cities in Norway - Bergen

The long ago capital of Norway, Bergen still remains a credible part of the country. This maritime town steadily relies on the fishing market to maintain a steady economy. While you are here, be sure to pay a visit to the Bergen Fish Market for the fresh catch of the day. Donned the city of the Seven Mountains, you can expect to conquer some mountain peaks during your time here. Check out the Fløibanen and Fløyen mountains, two of the most famous peaks in the region. This seaside city is also well known for its world-renowned museum selection. Here you can explore the Natural History Collection, the Seafaring Museum, and the Cultural History Collection. Naturally, Bergen offers a little bit of everything within its parameters.

2. Stavenger

Norway’s city of Stavenger offers a refreshing taste of small town living. In recent years, Stavenger has grown significantly in popularity, resulting in an upsurge in the cost of living. However, Stavenger is one of the cities in Norway that strives to preserve its sacred history. By avoiding modern developments and designs, Stavenger maintains its traditional colored buildings. Naturally, the beautiful cityscape makes it quite pleasing for a stroll. Stavenger is especially popular for visitors during the summer months. This is due to the mild temperatures and traditional waterfront activities. Despite the traditional themes of this city, you will surely never grow bored here in Stavenger. Explore the various festivals and nightlife as you get a feel for Norwegian culture.

3. Oslo

cities in Norway - Oslo

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is located on the country’s southern coast. This lively city certainly does not disappoint, as it sits as the Mecca for Scandinavian culture and history. Attractions such as the Viking Ship Museum host actual Viking ships, dating back to the 9th century. The Norwegian Maritime Museum also features the country’s more recent maritime history. In addition to the historic themes throughout, Oslo also highlights contemporary design in numerous ways. Simply walking through this modernized city evidences the great care that goes into its design. Enjoy the professionally designed building layouts throughout the downtown areas. Be sure to try the incredible gastronomical scene in Oslo, as its restaurant selections are quite unsurpassed.

Just outside the city lie excellent opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. As one of the greenest cities in Norway, Oslo lies right between the sea and the mountains. Here you are within close proximity to the extensive forest ranges, spectacular fjord waterways, and notable ski slopes. Naturally, Oslo is a top ski destination within Norway. If you plan to stay in Oslo for a few days, go ahead and spend some time in one of their incredible ski resorts. The Tryvann Ski Resort is a particular favorite lodging option during the ski season. This ski resort is the most used resort in Norway. The original ski races date back to the 1930s.

4. Trondheim

Whatever might naturally come to mind when picturing cities in Norway, you are probably unknowingly thinking about Trondheim. As one of the most picturesque places in Scandinavia, Trondheim truly captures the essence of traditional Scandinavian design work. Within this quaint piece of history lie well preserved remnants of a time long ago. Visit the spectacular medieval cathedral here in Trondheim and marvel at its matchless craftsmanship. Within Trondheim, the fine arts scene is quite thriving. For those seeking the classier cities in Norway, make sure that Trondheim is at the top of your list. The fine art museums, array of contemporary art, and booming music scene add unique flavors to the historic traditions.

5. Lillehammer

Lillehammer certainly falls into the category of tourist cities in Norway. The cobblestone streets and quaint shoppes line the roads as visitors come in droves. Primarily a ski resort town, Lillehammer gains its reputation for its historical Olympic slopes. Having hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994, Lillehammer certainly has what you need for the perfect day in the mountains. Because of the immense skiing popularity, Lillehammer actually sees most of its tourism during the winter months. There is no need to shy away from the colder temperatures in Norway, because the locals will keep you busy with copious winter activities.

6. Kristiansand

Kristiansand is among the historic, neo-Gothic inspired cities in Norway. The ancient Kristiansand Cathedral lies right within the center of the city, close to the Sørlandets Museum. This museum hosts famous Norwegian artwork from the early 1800s through modern day. Of course, the maritime influence is also not lost here, as visitors have the opportunity to visit coastal attractions, such as the Odderoya Lighthouse. Enjoy some river rafting and fly fishing with the locals during your visit to Kristiansand.

7. Tromso

cities in Norway - Tromso

It is easy to miss the town of Tromso, as it is located in far northern Norway. However, make sure you don’t pass it by in your travels, because Tromso is a true Scandinavian treasure. Tucked away within the snow-capped mountain peaks of northern Norway, Tromso is in fact, just 350-kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Because of this, keep in mind that Tromso is an ideal place to capture the Northern Lights. Many people visit Scandinavia in hopes of catching a glimpse of this beautiful natural wonder. Remember that the farther north you go, the better. While you are here, also check out the arctic aquarium Polaris and the Polar Museum.

Travel throughout the cities in Norway to learn more about this incredible nation.

Planning your trip to Norway is completely up to you. You are responsible for making a unique adventure experience based on your own travel needs. The prime travel season is July through August. This is the best weather condition for outdoor activities such as hiking and mountaineering. However, the winter is ideal for those looking for a more arctic experience. Hop on some of Norway’s prime ski slopes during the late winter ski season. During this time you can also strive to view the Northern Lights in the northern parts of Norway. This country is unique because it has a little bit of everything here, no matter your travel style. Start brainstorming now and map out your number one cities in Norway and outdoor landmarks to check off your list during your time here.

Norway is the place to be for many, many reasons. From the colorful night sky lit up by the Northern Lights to the iconic towering fjords, there is always something to discover. Make your way up to Norway if you find yourself in Europe. You certainly will not regret stepping foot in this northern Scandinavian nation. As you scout out your Norwegian adventures, don’t forget to map out various cities in Norway.

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