Have you been seeking a more comfortable way to go camping? Check out the Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad.

Sell that old mattress pad you drag along on your camping trips and get the Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad instead. You’ll sleep like you’ve never slept before. You’d think that after a long day of hiking, most backpackers would be tired enough to pass out face first, right? Well, more people than ever are actually seeking more luxuries on their outdoor expeditions. 

There are all kinds of sleeping bags out there – mummy sleeping bags, goose down sleeping bags, mountain hardware, etc. But did you know there are various kinds of sleeping pads to help you get a good night's sleep? The Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad is one of the best.

Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad Features & Benefits

Many hikers and campers struggle with getting some good sleep in the wilderness. This is just one of the many reasons why choosing a top notch sleeping pad is so important. Sleeping pads like the Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad provides the comfort your body needs for getting a good night’s rest. Without getting a good rest that refreshes your mind and body, you may be tired and unable to make the most of your day. When you’re exploring, energy is everything (keep it up). Let’s check out the features and benefits of this sleeping pad.


Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad Design

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Measuring 2.5 inches thick, this sleeping pad offers both thickness and a generous size. It’s great for those who move around a lot when sleeping (*ahem* you know who you are), those who want the support, or plan to sleep in cold weather. However, there is so much more to it than just comfortability. With a 21 R-valued insulation, the Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad is sure to keep you extremely warm.

It’s here to insulate you from the cold ground and pair with your perfect sleeping bag. Instead of waking up with an aching back from that rock or feeling that annoying stick poking through your bag, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. The conversations over your morning coffee have never been better.

WellaX has been listening to your needs. They created the ultimate comfortable sleeping pad which will keeping you snoozing soundly in the wilderness for time to come. Get your Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad now and will make you feel like you’ve slept on your own bed at home.


Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad Comfort

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We’ve got to say, this is the most comfortable portable sleeping experience – ever. That’s clearly what WellaX has in mind when they created this pad for you. They narrowed down the options to include newly-designed, full-length inflatable air pads, equipped with the latest, greatest materials. They tested this 2½-inch-thick inflatable pad side by side with its closest competitors in deserts, on mountains, and in snow, and found that no other pad can beat its balance of weight, warmth, and comfort.

So how does the WellaX Sleeping Pad set itself apart from the crowd? We’ll tell you. It’s with an innovative cell design that is, frankly, the most comfortable backpacking pad you will ever sleep on. If you like a little more plushness the more than 300 air sprung cells provide great cushion.


Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad Durability

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Laminated 20D ripstop nylon and the TPU layer are both waterproof. They provide such a great balance between a lighter weight and durability. The Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad also offers an incredible warmth to weight ratio. Furthermore, it has a durable bottom layer of fabric, making it one of the best pads on the market.

Silent Mode

Air Sleeping Pad - Silent Mode

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Can you guess what one of the most common complaints air pad users have? You guessed it. It’s that annoying crinkly or squeaky noise they make. This can be especially bothersome to light sleepers that tend to shift around throughout the night.

Lucky for you the Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad  is virtually silent, allowing you to move around without waking everybody else up!


Air Sleeping Pad Compact

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Stop worrying about the size. Having a highly packable sleeping pad is a must for every camper. If you choose a bulky sleeping pad, you may have to strap it to the outside of your bag and who needs the extra hussle?!

The purpose of the single layer of the Pad's Air Cells is precisely providing you with the most lightweight packed-volume while travelling, making it easy to staw inside your backpack. Combine this with the fact that it’s cheaper, has a two flat valves, inflates and deflates quicker than most, uses slightly thicker fabric, and has a bit more width to keep your arms from sliding off, and now you’ve got a real contender!

Tech Specs:

  • Nylon / TPU Coating
  • The Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad provides the optimal comfort and warmth your body needs for getting a good night's rest. Your weight is supported by dozens of flexing air cells just like a pocket sprung mattress. Roll over or sleep on your side on a Chillax Camping Mat and you won't wobble or bottom out. No more back-pain or annoying discomfort from rocky terrain or bumps underneath.  
  • Compact and Lightweight: The Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad has a single layer of air cells to give you the lightest and smallest packed-volume mat (10”x3.5”) without compromising comfort. The lighter your backpack, the more comfortable your hiking trips will be. Inflated size is 78” x24” x2.5”, perfect for any outdoor activity like backpacking, traveling or camping.
  • checkRevolutionary Design: Laminated 20D ripstop Nylon and the TPU Layer provides a good balance between low weight and durability. It is virtually silent, waterproof, abrasion / tear resistant and reflects back radiant heat to the sleeper. No more crinkly or squeaky noise, your perfect pad for using in your tent, in/under your sleeping bag, in your hammock, or any floor or hard surface.
  • checkEasy to inflate and deflate: Advanced inflation technology features 2 flat valves: 1 for inflation and 1 for deflation, making it quicker to inflate (only 4-6 breaths) or deflate. Say goodbye to your old sleeping pad that required either a pump or lots of breaths and effort to inflate. The Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad  has a R-value of 2.1, making it the perfect 3 season mat.
  • checkIt’s a no risk purchase: Making you a happy customer is their main goal. Just try it, and if you don't absolutely love it, you can send them a message and they will refund or replace your purchase, no questions asked.

What Travelers Are Saying About the Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad

Needless to say, travelers absolutely love the Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad. Throughout the reviews we read and from all the people we’ve asked, it’s super light, easy to inflate, and very comfortable. They fold up so deceivingly small, that you’ll be quite surprised at the size when you blow them up.

Even tall users will have enough space on this sleeping pad without hanging over the edges. Better yet, you can inflate it with only twelve breaths and the valve holds very well. It also deflates in two seconds and rolls up very easily. This is great for backpacking.

Alternative Sleeping Bags

Buying a good sleeping pad and sleeping bag are so important for having a good trip in the outdoors. Whether you’re backpacking, hiking, or camping, there’s just some gear you can’t do without. Check out these additional styles for your next adventure.

Teton Sports Universal Camping Pad

Teton Sports Universal Camping Pad

Bring the comfort of your home to the campsite. You can get a relaxing night’s sleep after hiking all day. There’s no inflation necessary. This pad comes in three different sizes to fit any preference. This two inch plus thick pad compresses well for easy storage. However you roll it, tuck it, or tie it, the open-cell polyurethane foam maintains shape and cushion.

Portable pads unroll to cover matching Teton sports cots or any cots with bars. These pads are also perfect for car camping, offering built-in compression straps for easy roll-up, soft removable cover, and pockets for valuables and pillow. They can easily double for extra mattresses for guests as well.

Tech Specs:

  • Thick, comfortable camping pad feels just like your bed at home; Open-cell foam pad keeps its shape; With this sleeping pad you’ll have your most comfortable camping trip yet
  • Camping pad provides another layer of insulation from the cold, hard, uneven ground or un-insulated cot surface; Stay warm in your sleeping bag with our camp pad as an extra layer of comfort and warmth
  • Easy to carry to the campsite; Built-in roll assister and roll-up straps with compression buckles make storage of your pad quick, compact, and easy
  • checkUse as a stand-alone ground pad, with a cot, or as an extra bed for guests; Each camping pad fits perfectly on the Teton Sports Universal Cot; Canvas outer shell slips off to make cleaning easy
  • checkYour satisfaction is guaranteed

Semoo Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Mat

Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Mat

Enjoy the camping life with the Semoo sleeping pad. This special mat is equipped with waterproof polyester taffeta coating.  The high-resilience sponge filling and high-quality ABS quick flow valve will keep it always comfortable and convenient to use. It is easy to carry and compress, suitable for camping, hiking, and more.

With a self-inflating design, it’s never been easier to get set up for camp. There’s no pump needed. Simply unroll the pad and it will start to inflate itself. You can adjust the pad to the exact firmness you want by blowing in more or less air. It’s also portable and small and easy to fold, weighing about 2.3 pounds. The compression straps make for compact storage and super easy transport.

Tech Specs:

  • Self-inflating Design: Self-inflating/deflating free-flow valve; 1.2 inch thickness when fully inflated with inflatable pillow. It’s ideal for camping, backpacking, hiking, and more.
  • It’s Durable and Comfortable: Waterproof polyester taffeta, ABS quick flow valve, high-resilience sponge filling. Vigorously massage the pad to expand when first used. For increased firmness, pad can be manually inflated by blowing into the valve. Close valve to maintain firmness
  • Lightweight and Compact: Compression straps for compact storage and easy transport. with package size of 11.8X 6 X 6 inch and package weight of 2.3 lbs
  • check Dimensions: 74″ L x 23.6″ W x 1.2″ H
  • check100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Wildwood Camping Pad Premium Inflatable Sleeping Mat

Camping Pad Premium Inflatable Sleeping Mat

You’ll never have an easier time preparing the sleep mat for use. Enjoy home quality sleep with this self-inflating pad. It creates an extra layer of warmth, cushion and support for those cold camping nights. With this full-sized camping pad from Wildwood, there’s no doubt you will be getting a great night’s sleep. What do we love most about it? Well, it’s hard to pick just one thing. Besides comfort, it’s affordable and super easy to use.

Tech Specs:

  • Best Comfort: Enjoy home-comfort quality sleep with our air pad. Self inflating sleeping mat creates an extra layer of cushioning support and an insulating of warmth. With full-sized camping pad you will have a restful night's sleep
  • Easy to Use: Lightweight air pad comes with non-corrosive valve that allows quick and easy self-inflation and deflation when rolled
  • Kit Included:  Air pad, repair kit, compression strap to keep the camping pad tightly rolled up and a bag for a convenient transportation and compact storage sleeping mat
  • checkDependable Gear:  Self inflating sleeping mat for long-lasting performance was produced from a quality 90T polyester. An abrasion resistant water-repellent and durable camping pad you can count on from one adventure to the next
  • check100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:  WildWood Sleeping Pad was designed and produced with using innovative technology and premium materials for your comfortable sleep during camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. They stand behind their product and strive for 100% customer satisfaction

Choose the Right Sleeping Pad for A Comfortable Camping Experience

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the Chillax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad. As you can see, choosing the right gear really does make all the difference when you’re exploring the great outdoors. A great night’s sleep will get you refreshed, recharged, and ready to start the day. Invest in quality gear and make the most of your trips.

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