Increase your internal health by keeping track of the amount of water you drink, especially while traveling.

Drinking water is already a challenge for many people, and it only gets more difficult when traveling. Whether you have a business trip or are embarking on a long hike, it is essential to not neglect your water intake. Before you step outside, make sure you have access to a good water supply as needed. A good way to ensure that you receive the appropriate amount of hydration daily is to use a water tracker app. Like most things these days, you can log your water intake completely through a Smartphone app. This aids in remembering to drink water as well as keeping tabs on how much to drink.

If you already keep track of your meals on a Smartphone app, you can typically log your water intake there too. But sometimes it is better to have a separate place to exclusively log your hydration. Water tracker apps usually have special features and tools to step up your hydration game.

Check out these handy Smartphone water tracker apps.

Plant Nanny

If you want a fun, interactive game as well as a good water accountability log, then download this app. The goal of this app is simple: drink enough water to keep the virtual plant alive. Throughout the day you log every cup of water you drink, and it simultaneously “waters” the plant. Make sure you meet the quota every day because this plant wilts pretty quickly.

Hydro Coach

water tracker - Hydro Coach

This high-tech water tracker app connects to your Fitbit, Android Wear, or Google Fit as you incorporate your water consumption into your fitness routine. You can personalize your water intake schedule by adjusting your H2O amounts and setting custom volumes. The diary portion also helps to log your reactions and results with increased water drinking.


Chug down that water and tangibly track your progress when you use the Gulp app. The clean set up of this water tracker makes for an easy and painless process. You might even enjoy seeing just how much water you consume, and how much you have left for the day. The quota continually updates and lets you know how much water you should have at certain points of the day. This app also connects with Google Fit so you can keep tabs on your overall fitness routine.

Daily Water

water tracker - Daily Water

This colorful and visually aesthetic app is a simple way to track your water intake while on the go. Here you can utilize helpful charts and calendars to analyze your water drinking patterns. Set your default drink size so that Daily Water always logs your personal information correctly. Schedule your water drinking around your travels and adventures and set up reminders so that you don’t forget to take a sip.

Now that you have the inside scoop on these helpful water tracker apps, you can tackle the hike as your healthiest self.

Go ahead and try out a few of these apps for yourself to see which one best fits your adventure style. With so much of life happening all the time, it can be so easy to forget to drink the amount of water you need to stay healthy. Help yourself by being intentional with this practice, and setting reminders and keeping a virtual water log. In doing this, you are making sure to care for what your body needs most. Even if you travel frequently or adventure in the great outdoors on a regular basis, it is simple to track your water if the app is right on your Smartphone. You don’t even need a cellular connection to log the H2O you sip throughout the day. Do yourself a favor and drink more water, then log about it.

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