Cheap winter boots can be a quick, simple fix to get you through a short trip to somewhere cold.

There is a reason people spend a few extra dollars on high-end winter boots. If you’re trudging around for six months out of the year in foot-deep snow, that might a reason. However, for many of us, we just need a cheap winter boot to get us through a few weeks of chilly weather. Or, it might be you only need them for your once a year snowstorm. Either way, cheap winter boots do have a place in the world. So, before you go shelling out over a hundred dollars for boots you’ll rarely wear, check out this list. Almost all these options are under fifty dollars and are a solid choice for cheap winter boots for both men and women. So, get excited because you will be warm and dry in these best cheap winter boot picks.

1. Kingshow Globalwin Women's Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

cheap winter boots - Kingshow Globalwin

This first pair of cheap winter boots is quite the fashion statement. The Global Win Women's Waterproof Winter Snow Boots come in a variety of color options. From the classic brown and black look to zebra stripes, plaids, and checkered prints, you can find the boot the fits your style. On top of that, they are lined with fleece to keep your feet warm when the cool winter breeze blows in. The rubber sole and initial midsole are waterproof. However, the rest of the shoe is made with PU leather. This is not fully waterproof. So, these cheap winter boots will work well for stomping around in light snow but not deep drifts. The soles are thick and provide quite a bit of traction, so they’ll also be a great shoe for fall and spring when ice and puddles abound.

These shoes do run true to size. But, if you’re looking to keep extra warm this winter, order a half size up. Then, you can wear some cozy boot liners or a thick pair of warm, wool socks. This will add additional warmth to your cheap winter boots, which is necessary if you’re truly hoping to conquer the outdoors while its cold outside. But, for the first pick on our list of cheap winter boots, these have style, practicality, and a solid reputation. 

2. Kingshow Women’s Globalwin Waterproof Winter Boots

cheap winter boots - Women’s Globalwin

Our next choice of cheap winter boots for women if the Kingshow Women’s Globalwin Waterproof Winter Boots. They are a little bit taller and beefier than the first option, being a better choice for snow and colder conditions. They are waterproof, so you can jump in snow piles without worrying about your toes. On top of that, they have a microfiber and heat reflective lining. This allows your feet to stay warm to just below freezing temperatures. These elements work together to maximize warmth and comfort all day long. The thick rubber sole provides needed traction and durability for whatever adventure you have up ahead.

On top of all of the technical specs, these cheap winter boots are pretty cute. Their faux fur top provides a little pizzaz to what are often dreary, puffy winter outfits. One of our favorite looks is the all-white option which just helps you pop while playing in the snow. We also are partial to the red and black checkered pair if you’re into rocking the flannel vibe. Either way, the Kingshow Women’s Waterproof Cheap Winter boots are a spectacular option for under fifty dollars.

3. Bearpaw Women's Emma Short Snow Boot

cheap winter boots - Bearpaw

If you have been drawn to UGG boots original design over the years but don’t want to shell out that kind of money, check out the Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boot. The same design is accomplished in these cheap winter boots, but they come in at a delightfully under fifty dollars. Made from dyed suede, the outside of these boots are soft to the touch, making you the picture of winter coziness. 

The boot hits mid-calf, about nine inches up from the arch. The heel is one inch thick, giving you plenty of support as you walk around on the blustery winter days. For those of you with larger calves, keep in mind that the boot opening measures 15.5 inches around. There is fur lining in this easy to slip on boot as well. These cheap winter boots are an easy, simple, and straightforward option if you’re needing something warm and cute but not necessarily waterproof. But, if they’ve caught your eye as a great option this winter, go ahead and grab a pair. They’re super soft and voted the best seller of women’s hiking boots on Amazon.

4. Aeepd Slip-On, Water-Resistant Winter Snow Boots

cheap winter boots - Aeepd Slip-On

Our next option on our list of the best cheap winter boots is made for both men and women. This pair of Aeepd slip on winter snow boots is ready to get you outside fast when you want to play. These snow boots are fully fur lined to keep your feet toasty warm when out and about. That being said, they only rise to your ankle, so stay out of the deep snow. But, the waterproof upper is suitable for even sludgy walks around town. That is matched with the anti-skid sole which keeps you upright even when things get icy. 

These shoes slip on and are lace-less. This works through elastic on the sides which helps adapt these cheap winter boots to your feet, creating a comfortable wear. This is easy to adjust as well. Lastly, there is added protection on your toes to keep you from stubbing your toes when walking in the snow. All in all, these quick and simple cheap winter boots are quite the steal for thirty-five dollars. On top of that, they come in blue, black, or gray for whatever calm and casual look you’re going for.

5. WateLves Mens Fur Lined Winter Snow Boots 

cheap winter boots - WateLves

Finding good looking snow boots is a feat in itself. But finding attractive and cheap winter boots is downright difficult. But, with the WateLves Mens Fur Lined Winter Snow Boots, you can have both. These winter shoes are lined with thick fur that wraps your feet in toasty comfort. This lightweight insulation keeps you warm on chilly days while still remaining breathable if you’re active. These are great boots for winter in the city, too. They durable and rigid Brazilian rubber gives you a no-slip grip for whatever you find yourself doing. This added protection will keep you comfortable and relaxed, knowing your feet are in good shoes. Overall, these cheap winter boots offer a simple yet classy style to slip on for any cold, wintery walk in the city.

6. Kingshow Globalwin Men's Waterproof Winter Boots

cheap winter boots - Globalwin Men's

This pair of Globalwin Men's Waterproof Winter Boots is the male side to our first option for the ladies. But, they offer just as much when it comes to warmth, style, and quality. Lined with cozy fleece, these boots offer the snuggly comfort while still looking tough for any man. These cheap winter boots are made with PU leather and will hit you mid-calf. In addition, these boots are made extra breathable with a nylon mesh layer. When you lace up these shoes, you’ll feel confidence in the tractioned rubber sole and the snug support of the laces. They have gotten consistently good reviews from their users, averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars for their warmth and appearance. So, you can buy the Globalwin Men’s Winter Boots with confidence if you’re still looking for that perfect yet cheap winter boot.

7. Arctiv8 Men's Insulated Waterproof Construction Winter Snow and Ski Boots

cheap winter boots - Arctiv8 Men's

This next option is our favorite choice for men who need a durable pair of great but cheap winter boots. The arctiv8 Men's Insulated Waterproof Construction Winter Snow and Ski Boots have truly been designed for the worker or winter sports enthusiast in mind. They have a durable rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs which provides stellar traction on any terrain. In addition, they are rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit because of the 200-gram Thermolite insulation they have. The bottom shell is waterproof, so you can enjoy the snow and rain without thinking twice about wet toes. The cushioned EVA footbed provides you with all day, supportive comfort as well. Overall, you would think these cheap winter boots should cost you quite a bit more. However, they come in at a delightful forty-five dollar price point.

They come in two different styles as well depending on what you’re planning on using them for. All naturally inspired colors, there is a sleeker, slimmer look in brown and black. Or, you can get a more burly look out of the dark brown, black, or gray styles. Either way, the arctiv8 Men's Insulated Waterproof Construction Winter Snow and Ski Boots are a great choice when it comes to the best cheap winter boots for men.

8. Mishansha Outdoor Winter Snow Boots

cheap winter boots - Mishansha Outdoor

Our final choice for a great pair of cheap winter boots is the Mishansha Outdoor Winter Snow Boots. They are water resistant, so for light play in the snow or rain, these work well. They are lined with a fine, fluffy, faux fur liner. These are removable, so smells will stay away with your ability to wash them frequently. This fur liner also keeps your feet toasty warm on those cold nights. The high-grade rubber is abrasion resistant, giving these cheap winter boots a long lifespan.

Additionally, they are skid resistant, giving you extra traction on icy surfaces. For those of us who tend to be a little clumsy, Mishansha Outdoor Winter Snow Boots incorporate an anti-collision toe cap. They enhance the structure and prevent toe injury by being the most rigid part of the shoe. So, these are an excellent choice for walking the dog, a snowy vacation, a wet day on the river, or camping. Wherever you find yourself this winter, this pair of cheap winter boots will keep you warm and dry as well. Lastly, these are a unisex winter boot, so if you just happen to have the same size foot as someone in your life, feel free to share.

All in all, a pair of cheap winter boots can help you stay warm and cozy for quick walks or even longer excursions if you choose well. 

Each of these cheap winter boots has pros and cons to them. Depending on which you chose, make sure to have an assortment of different types of socks ready to add a little extra warmth for your feet. But, keep in mind, there are plenty of other options for you as well. If you’re going on a more intense winter adventure, we’d recommend you look into some better and beefier winter boots. But, we understand that there is a boot for every budget. That’s why we put together this list of the best cheap winter boots for you. Let us know which ones you choose and how they work for you.

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