Why rent a hotel room when you can have a whole island?

Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast hosts an epic private island getaway. Much of this southern part of the Caribbean is yet to be discovered and is a delight to explore. One particular gem is Calala Island, a luxurious vacation oasis. At just 11 acres, Calala encompasses all that you can possibly want in a tropical island retreat.

As the winner of America’s Best New Hotel and America’s Best Honeymoon Hideaway in 2017, Calala is worth the trip. This hidden Caribbean treasure is available to travelers to book a villa or even the entire island.

Calala Island is no doubt the place you want to spend your next tropical vacation.

Calala offers just four villas on the island, each which lodge up to eight guests. Each suite has a king size bed and a private veranda space. You can relax right outside your villa with a perfect view of the ocean from the hammock and couch.

During your stay, be sure to take advantage of the infinity pool, complete with a swim-up bar. With over 25 full-time staff at the resort, guests will enjoy a lifestyle of luxury. Sip a fresh cocktail while overlooking the white sand beaches and translucent sea. Calala also has several fine dining options. Eat a light lunch alongside the shore, and then pay a visit to their finer restaurant and bar for dinner.

Ready to spend the night at the finest Caribbean getaway? Guests who are interested can book their stay online, through Calala Island’s website. When booking, you have the option to choose a villa or the entire island. Either way, you won’t regret spending a few nights at this Caribbean oasis and soaking up the true island experience.

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