Have you been looking for some of the best military watches on Amazon?

Well, you have found a solid option in the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch. It is a simple and timeless timepiece ready to follow you on your next adventure. Whether it’s working out at the gym or taking a dip in the pool, this watch is ready to rumble. Coming in at a marvelously low price point, you’ll want to buy these for all your friends and family. While there are no fancy features or frills, the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch does everything you ask it to quickly and easily. So, read on if you’re ready for a fantastic basic men’s watch to keep you on time.

CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch Features & Benefits

Sporty, Military Design

CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch - Sporty

The CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch appeals to the sporty types with its durable design. It is ready to time you while running, climbing, fishing, or hiking. The sleek black exterior goes with just about any outfit, so you can wear it at work or when you’re out playing. The branding is very subtle, with only a simple ‘CakCity’ in white on the top of the watch. The PU band is very easily adjusted and comfortable too. You won’t find it chafing on your skin if you sweat, but instead, it will stay soft while still looking tough and durable.

Large Dial for Viewing

CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch - Large Dial for Viewing

It can be difficult to try and use a sporty watch with a small watch face. You want to be able to easily glance at a large, LED screen to see the time without squinting. The face itself is 4.7 centimeters across. With the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch, you can easily see the time or stop watch from a few feet away. In addition, the light is remarkably bright when it lights up for a few seconds. It pops on quickly and easily with the push of a button without staying illuminated for too long. Between the size of the watch face, the numbers, and the light, you will be able to use this watch easily at any time of day.

Shock & Water Resistant

CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch - Shock & Water Resistant

For those who tend to be tough on their stuff, the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch was made for you. It is quite durable and shock resistant. It has been made of high-quality rubber, mineral glass, and the PU leather to create a low-cost but strong watch. The shock resistance makes it a great choice for impact-likely sports like climbing. It is also water resistant to fifty meters. You should be able to shower, sweat, do the dishes, and take a light swim all while wearing this watch. This eliminates the potential for taking it off and misplacing it during so many everyday activities. Do note that you shouldn’t wear your CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch around steam or push the buttons while under water as this could damage the water resistance.

Myriad of Functions

CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch - Myriad of Functions

The CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch isn’t lacking in any of the basic features you would look for in any of the military watches on Amazon. In addition to the LED light, you can switch the watch between the civilian 12-hour mode and the military 24-hour timekeeping mode. It automatically cycles the date through the day and month on the LED display. You can easily switch between the clock and the stopwatch by clicking one simple button. In addition, it has an alarm feature and a top of the hour beep if you want it. Overall, the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch does all the basics of a watch quite well.

What Travelers Are Saying About this CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch

Travelers and workers alike are enjoying the features of the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch. The most commented on the pros of this watch are the easy to use size and bright LED backlight. The time itself is in large print, so even those with harder eyesight use this watch with ease. It is simply done well according to most reviewers. This is how it has achieved the 4.4 out of 5-star average review from over two thousand people. In addition, many consumers notice how comfortable the watch face and band are on their wrist, almost feeling as if it wasn’t there. The last comfort piece that many reviewers enjoy is the feel of the buttons. Rather than being the small, pokey buttons many cheap watches have, these are comfortable to push and have good resistance. This adds to the overall quality of the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch.

As for downsides to this sporty, military style watch, there are only a few small ones to note. Some reviewers have noticed that you can’t see the LED display from all angles. But, this is an issue with all LED watches. At angles other than the normal field of view, you will see the full range of possibilities, such as 88:88. This is due to the technology that this, and most digital watches use. If you struggle with this, you’ll need to simply get an analog watch instead. The other con about the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch is that it loses its water resistance quite quickly. People who have gone for a swim or even showered with it have gotten moisture inside. So, if you tend to be around steamy water or push the buttons while it is submerged, this watch might not be the best choice for you.

Alternative Men’s Watches You May Like

Vincero Luxury Men's Kairos Wrist Watch

Vincero Luxury Men's

If you’re one who is shying away from the LCD screen for optimum visibility, check out the Vincero Luxury Men's Kairos Wrist Watch. Made from stunning surgical grade stainless steel and a sapphire coated mineral crystal glass, this watch comes in with style. The casing itself if 43 millimeters across, being slightly smaller than the CakCity watch. But, this gives the Vincero watch the perfect balance to be worn in both casual and formal settings. The Italian leather band is 22 millimeters across and is incredibly durable and soft. If you have your own band, though, it is easy to switch. This luxury watch is scratch and water resistant as well. Add all of this together with the precise Japanese Miyota Quartz movement and date function and you have a stellar alternative to the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch. 

SKYMEI Men’s Digital Sports Watch


If you’re willing to upgrade for a few extra dollars, the SKYMEI Men’s Digital Sports Watch has some outstanding features. It has an altimeter with your current height as well as a 24-hour history graph. The barometer and thermometer show you the air pressure and temperature respectively. Put those together while looking at the sky and you can predict the weather quite a bit. This watch also has a compass and pedometer built in, so you can easily track where and how far you have gone. Add all this on to the normal watch features such as the timer, countdown, dual time zone, alarms, and calendar, and there is nothing more to be desired. It is water resistant to fifty meters, just like the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch. Weighing in at 3.2 ounces, this is a fantastic, stylish, lightweight gift for any man in your life. 

Timex Full-Size Ironman Classic 30 Watch

Timex Full-Size

The Timex Full-Size Ironman Classic 30 Watch is your most classic men’s sports watch. With the iconic performance design, you’ll enjoy having the start/stop button easily accessible on the watch face. This gives you the leg up when timing yourself or others. In addition, it has a thirty lap memory which is super helpful during races. It has both a countdown timer and alarm for your timing needs. Pair these features with the durable resin strap and buckle and you have an all-around best men’s sports watch. The Indiglo light-up feature keeps you going even during the night. On top of this, it is the most water resistant of our alternatives, coming in at 100 meters. So, it is definitely suitable for swimming or snorkeling in addition to your daily water activities. Overall, Timex delivers a solid brand and a durable product you can rely on. 

All in all, the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch is your best military watch on Amazon when you weigh style, performance, price, and durability.

If you’ve been on the search for an easy to read watch or a low-cost basic timepiece, this has been made for you. It doesn’t have any frills, but what do you actually need from it? It tells the time, has an alarm, is water resistant, and is quite comfortable. All of these things lend it to being a great option. So, if you’re ready to start investing in yourself and your style, look no further than the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch.

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