Next year's travel trends are shaping up to be pretty great.

It is the brink of a new year, and with it comes great new trends in the travel world. The travel scene is certainly thriving across the globe. As travelers become more experienced and aware of the process, they learn more about what they want in a travel experience. Ultimately, people want to enjoy a truly authentic adventure, regardless of where they go. This even includes business professionals who travel frequently for work. These people are usually travelers because they have to be, but this doesn't mean they can't have a little fun. The B-leisure travel trend is on the rise in 2019, and it's a good thing for those business travelers.

Spice up your work travel weekend by setting aside some time for relaxing and exploring.

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A recent survey by Avis Car Rental revealed that 87% of business travelers report that they often mix business and pleasure during the same trip. These statistics are hardly surprising, considering that more and more people have begun to blend these two travel styles. Modern-day travel is less about escaping the monotony of your job and more about crafting innovative ways to have fun while still providing an income.

It is not uncommon to try and get some work done during your vacation. Those who take trips these days typically have their laptop nearby and work to finish during spare minutes. On the contrary, the B-leisure travel trend promises that an increasing amount of business travelers will add some adventure to their work travel schedule. If 2019 promises plenty of business travel for you, go ahead and incorporate some vacation-style activities into your trips. This is a great way to still enjoy traveling while ensuring that you get your work done.

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