Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews: Know All Your Options

When it comes to Allianz travel insurance reviews, people will always have conflicting views. Some will call scam, some will claim savior. It is best to move forward knowing your options as well as the opinions of those who have come before you when choosing the correct travel insurance. On your quest to see if Allianz Travel Insurance is right for you, we will dive into the travel insurance plans this company offers, the negative reviews, the positive reviews, and even some tips and tricks for things to look into as you research your perfect travel insurance company.  Reviews can be a great tool on your travel insurance search.

Types of Allianz Travel Insurance Plans

allianz travel insurance reviews

  • The Single Trip Plan. This is a good plan “for every kind of trip”. There are plenty of options.
  • The Basic Plan, which handles benefits in case of a cancellation or interruption emergencies.
  • The Prime Plan offers coverage-specific insurance for children under age traveling with an adult. This is the perfect plan for international and domestic vacation. This also helps with cancellations and multiple types of delay.
  • The Premier Plan is perfect for those who want all their bases covered. If you foresee medical disruptions and want to know that you are covered if a random cancellation were to occur, this is a great plan for you.
  • The Emergency Medical Plan does exactly what the title explains. It is an affordable plan that covers medical expenses and travel disruptions.
  • In addition to these, there are plenty of Annual plans that extend from Basic plans to Premier Plans. There is also a Rental Car Damage Protector Plan with a very low daily cost. We will find out what people have to say in their Allianz travel insurance reviews below.

Negative Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews

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Lengthy Delays During Process

There are reviews that state the amount of time is lengthy in waiting for an insurance check. There are opposing views on this, but it must still be said. If an emergency does come about, that extra money will be very useful and necessary. It can be hard to wait around for a decision, left wondering if it will ever come or not. The worst thing is having to sit on the phone for hours with a customer service agent or call multiple times. And it has been reviewed that even after the claim is verified, the phase of processing and mailing can take longer than reviewers would have liked.

“Very Specific Reasons”

Many of the complaints will give you the resounding view of there being too many specific reasons for cancellation. The general complaint goes something like this… They sell you on their service, advertising it as basically something you buy in order to have a backup for if you need to cancel your trip. Then once you need to cancel, they tell you your reasons are not specific enough. Many people are not very happy with the advertisement and the way the reasoning is not fully described all upfront. This can understandably be very frustrating if you purchase insurance for this specific reason and are not able to use it.


There are many Allianz travel insurance reviews claiming this company is operating in a scam type of way. The reason for this is the misuse of fine print. These can easily be understood as people who are angry about not doing enough research beforehand, warning others. It is easy to misunderstand the services provided if you do not dig into every piece of fine print.

Bad Customer Service

Many people have said there is bad customer service with Allianz. They have vocalized feeling rushed, misunderstood, and been given attitudes by staff. Many have gone so far as to say the employees sound like they are finished with the customers before they even begin helping them. Unfortunately, every company can have some (or many) uncaring employees. It is always best to develop your own opinion on the topic by seeing for yourself. You never know what an upset customer may say, so don't always take the word of a reviewer. These hold weight but not enough to disregard the company altogether. 

Unfortunately, every company can have some (or many) uncaring employees. It is always best to develop your own opinion on the topic by seeing for yourself. You never know what an upset customer may say, so don't always take the word of a reviewer. These hold weight but not enough to disregard the company altogether. Use caution when looking at Allianz travel insurance reviews.

Asking for Excessive Proof

This may be one of the top complaints. When you are in a sticky and trying situation, it is hard to act excited to give excessive proof and reasoning. Many times, you are just looking to get the services you paid for with your hard earned money. A large complaint is the amount of effort put in on the customers' end in order to provide the company with worthy proof of the issue that requires insurance money. There, of course, needs to be a level of understanding when it comes to this. No company can easily give out insurance money, even in trying situations. Anyone would become frustrated in this trying time and runs the risk of leaving a bad follow up Allianz travel insurance review.

Constant Follow Up

There are many reviews stating the fact that the need to reach out and follow up constantly is frustrating. When you need your insurance claim to go through, you are doing everything in your power to make it happen, and happen as quickly as possible. This means calling, emailing, messaging, and using any other possible form of contact to get updates on your process. Though every company has a system for their claims, many times one that needs to go to supervisors and other heads of the company, this can still be a frustrating situation.

Positive Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews

allianz travel insurance reviews - positive

“The Best of the Worst”

There was one reviewer who stated she chose Allianz because they had the least bad reviews out of the insurance companies she researched. She stated how all companies had many negative reviews. She clarified most people seem to be unhappy with their travel insurance. Of course, there are many reasons for this. But the best part was her proceeding to tell us exactly how two of her trips were covered with no problem. This is an important factor when you are researching travel insurance companies to go with. There is no telling what will happen, of course. Every issue is different. But it isn't a bad thing to choose the best of the worst and hope for the best.

Professional and Prompt

There are Allianz travel insurance reviews with customers saying their customer issues got handled with great customer service and perfectly timed help. This is important to factor in when looking for travel insurance. You will want the peace of mind that your issue will be taken care of if it does come to that. There is nothing worse than having to ask for a manager or the temptation to get rude to a customer service agent, especially if there is sickness or life difficulty taking place.

Asking for Proof

This is a label that I give as a positive as well. The reason is that just because you are asked for legitimate proof does not automatically disqualify this from being a decent company. There are five-star reviews that give plenty of stories about the ways in which once asked for proof, they were given what they paid for once they gave it. This can be seen as both sides of the coin.

“As Easy as It Can Get”

You will find Allianz travel insurance reviews that state this was a simple and easy process. Customers are thankful for the updates on the status of their claim and the lack of back and forth they required to have with Allianz for proper help. If you do get stuck in a sticky situation, an easy experience will make it the best experience.

A Pleasant Surprise

When you understand the legal issues and logistics behind the scenes that take place to give the insurance money out, you will understand why there are so many questions asked and avenues to go through. It may not be totally simple or easy to get what you need no matter what insurance company you go with. Many people understand this and they have said they are pleasantly surprised when they have an easy time. A lot of these issues go back to how you see the business. If you are patient and understanding, you may just be surprised by the outcome.

A Promise to Use Them Again

This may just be the most impactful type of review. When someone is willing to go back, this almost always means they had a good experience. There are plenty of reviews stating an exact date and time in which they will use Allianz travel insurance again. As a potential customer, allow this to give you peace of mind.

Some Tips & Take Aways

The purpose of purchasing travel insurance (or insurance of any kind for that matter) is to be fully prepared in case of an emergency. When your situation does not go as planned, the solution to your situation going array as well can create stress and frustration. Here are some tips and takeaways to help you when purchasing travel insurance:

  • Ask questions. If you are not completely sure of what specifically your travel insurance covers, ask questions and then ask more just in case. You can never be too clear about this upfront. It will save you a lot of heartache and frustration later on if you happen to have an emergency that is not covered before it happens.
  • Do research & know your options. This is a huge one. You don't need to stumble into an insurance company blindly. Do as much research as you can in order to have peace of mind. Read the fine print. Check out a variety of travel insurance options and plans and then choose the one that fits your needs best.
  • Prepare for the worst. Unfortunately, this needs to be a takeaway. There are too many issues that can go uncovered by travel insurance companies. Though this can be frustrating, and you should do everything in your power to get what you paid for, prepare your mind for the fact that your individual issue may not be covered, worst case scenario.

Tread Lightly While You Research Reviews

At the end of the day, you will need to decide for yourself which company is the best bet for your travel insurance needs. You will need to come across every review lightly and understand the nature of reviews. There can be two opposing opinions on the same review site, and you will never know the full truth until you try for yourself. Some people can get exceptional service and others can receive terrible service. Read and research all you can. Listen to others, but tread lightly. Weigh your options. Then decide on the best decision for you and your loved ones. Hopefully, these Allianz travel insurance reviews help you on your way to a decision. If you feel overwhelmed by the conflicting views of travel insurance companies and customers and are wondering why you need travel insurance anyway, there is a great article here.

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