It’s that time of year again.

Yosemite National Park is widely renowned for its spectacular natural beauty. This massive park is over 1,100 miles of picturesque scenery, highlighted by its towering mountain peaks and scenic overlooks. If the easy on the eyes landscape isn’t amazing enough, Yosemite has a few tricks up its sleeve. Horsetail Fall is one of Yosemite’s beautiful waterfalls. This powerful rush of water gushes 1,570 feet down the eastern face of El Capitan. Naturally, this waterfall is a sight to see year round, but the month of February marks a particularly favorable time to catch a glimpse of Horsetail.

Every year around mid-February, the sunset is in just the right position to catch Horsetail Fall ablaze. The stunning phenomenon lasts only 10 minutes and appears like a massive lava flow down the mountain. Horsetail Fall’s orange and red streaks of course stand out in stark contrast to its grey mountainous canvas.


Don’t miss your chance to witness a spectacular natural wonder.

The window of opportunity is slim when it comes to catching this “natural fire fall.” Fortunately, Yosemite National Park offers guided bus tours to transport visitors to the perfect viewing location. Between February 12 and 26, travelers can catch a ride into Yosemite Valley to view the falls. Ticket prices are $20 for children and $29 for adults. Call (888) 304-8993 to book your spot now or get tickets in person at the Yosemite Valley Lodge.

If you prefer to travel solo, you can certainly catch this phenomenon on your own. Just be sure to do your research prior to visiting to ensure that you have the best experience. Check for any signs of overcast weather, which deters from the waterfall’s fiery reflection.

Don’t miss this spectacular annual show in Yosemite National Park. Prepare to have your breath taken away by the incredible Horsetail Fall.

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