Casablanca is a romantic movie, brought to life for all who visit here.

For many, the name Casablanca brings the iconic American romantic drama to mind. The hit 1942 film certainly put the Moroccan city of Casablanca on the map. Fortunately, this urban hub is very much real, and a top travel spot at that. If the name still doesn’t ring a bell, it certainly might after this year. Forbes listed Casablanca as number one on their list of top travel destinations on the rise in 2018. This port city has everything a visitor needs for a day of exploration. Here are some things to add to your list.

A trip to Casablanca will surely take your breath away.

The town’s rich history holds remnants from its French colony days. Simply walk through the streets and witness the ancient Mauresque architectural designs. This Moorish style boasts extravagant archways and majestic stacked balconies.

Trip to Casablanca

The ornate Hassan II Mosque offers insight into Morocco’s influential Muslim culture. This structure is the tallest mosque in Morocco and the thirteenth tallest in the world. Its prayer room, Koranic school, library, and museum are all dedicated to preserving the Islamic faith.

If you want to dive right into the action, be sure to pay a visit to the center of town. Place des Nations Unies is a massive square in the heart of Casablanca. Nearby you can find an array of shops and restaurants to keep yourself busy.

To spice up your trip, of course stop by Parc Sindibad, Casablanca’s famous amusement park. This adventure wonderland hosts high-speed roller coasters and an on-site zoo with both African and Asian animals.

Take a trip to this romantic North African city and prepare to fall in love with the Moroccan culture and charms.

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