Do you eat yoghurt like it’s your job? Well now you actually can.

If you consider yourself a regular connoisseur of cultured dairy products, then this might be the perfect job for you. Colorado based farm fresh yoghurt company Noosa is on a mission to create the next great flavor, and they need your help. The dairy giant is currently seeking five Flavor Finders willing to take the ultimate culinary adventure.

Here’s how to enter to be a Flavor Finder with Noosa.

Noosa is looking for qualified individuals to serve as an asset to their latest flavor campaign. You need to apply today if you think you have a hot lead to the next big taste sensation. Noosa is offering a $2,000 travel stipend to their five winners. The selected Flavor Finders will then make the journey to their destination of choice in search of a new flavor.

Noosa’s custom flavors currently include options like blackberry-serreno and cardamom and pear, so the more unique the better.

We're hiring! We want you to help us create the next great noosa flavor. To apply, post ONE pic that includes 1) food that inspires your dream noosa flavor 2) a tub of noosa- optional 3) describe your flavor inspo plus @noosayoghurt & #flavorfindercontest

— noosa yoghurt (@noosayoghurt) April 4, 2018

This position is ideal if you love trekking around the globe and trying new foods. The flavor search is global, so you will never know what zany tastes you’ll encounter.

If you are already grabbing your spoon, then it’s time to apply for the job. Fortunately, it’s a simple process to enter this contest. Snap a quality food picture that you think represents your dream yoghurt flavor and upload it along with a descriptive, creative caption. Applicants can apply through Instagram, Twitter, or on Noosa’s website.

The things considered in the judging process include originality, photo caption quality, and of course the appeal of your dream yoghurt flavor. The window of opportunity is slim, as the contest closes on Friday, April 20. You better start brainstorming your dream yoghurt flavor for a chance to travel the world.

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