It might last more than 180 days, but this cruise takes you around the world.

Have you ever enjoyed a cruise so much that you wished to extend your trip? Maybe an extra 245 days? Well, now you can. If you love cruises and have always wanted to travel around the world, then this just might be your dream trip. Viking Ocean Cruise’s latest travel offering circumnavigates the globe and hits six different continents.

The Ultimate World Cruise is quite unlike any other cruise offering out there. Departing from London in 2019, this cruise lasts a total of eight months and hits 59 countries. The itinerary calls at 113 ports over the 245-day trip duration, and includes overnight stays in 23 different cities.

Get ready for the ultimate itinerary.

Viking chairman Torstein Hagen said, “For more than 20 years we have been offering guests the most culturally immersive journeys available in the industry and we are pleased to announce the most extensive itinerary in our history.” With its around the world aspirations, this cruise certainly covers all the bases.

This adventure begins first in Europe before crossing the Atlantic to Greenland. From here, travelers can stop in various places throughout the U.S. and Canada, and then head to Barbados. In the Pacific Ocean, some of the cruise’s destination highlights include Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.

Viking Ocean Cruises is seeking 930 passengers willing to embark on an epic journey. The accommodations are more than bearable, with a Nordic spa and eight restaurants aboard the ship.

Sound like your dream trip? Before you start packing your bags, keep in mind that this cruise is going for £66,990. With such a high price tag, it is likely that only a few are going to jump into this adventure.

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