This travel website is looking to grow exponentially in the near future.

The vast number of travel websites on the Internet offers maximum selections for the consumer, and fierce competition for the supplier. Today’s traveler appreciates innovative resources, where they can maximize their means as well as draw adventure inspiration. One particular travel resource specializes in travel writing. The millennial-oriented travel site, Culture Trip, provides engaging travel content, directly from first-hand accounts. Modern day adventurers appreciate the personalized approach to travel inspiration.

What are the next steps for Culture Trip?

The London-based travel site has big future plans in the works. To jumpstart these ambitions, Culture Trip just raised $80 million through a PPF Group Series B round of funding.


Warsaw is sometimes called the phoenix city. A lot of it was destroyed in World War Two and it rose again from the ashes, like a phoenix #culturetrip . . Thanks @mrseverov for this beautiful photo! 

A post shared by Culture Trip (@culturetrip) on Apr 23, 2018 at 7:49am PDT

In an interview, Dr. Kris Naudts, the psychiatrist who founded Culture Trip, commented on the site’s incredible growth within the last four months. With story traffic increased by 400 percent, video viewers up 4,000 percent, and the travel app reaching 850,000 downloads, now seems to be the prime time to push for even more growth. Naudts noted that his tactic is to “fuel innovation, drive further audience growth, and roll out various monetization strategies.”

Culture Trip’s next steps include jumping into the world of travel booking. Their plans include directly linking their content to the appropriate travel services and experience providers. This makes your dream trip much more tangible. The link between engaging content and the service supplier is an innovative approach to the future of millennial travel.

Producing 3,000 articles per month, Culture Trip has established its place as a reliable source for trip inspiration and local cultural insights. The wide range of travel content offers a little something for everyone. Check back with Culture Trip in the near future, as they continue to expand their service provisions to better aid their audience.

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