Let's be real: the idea that you can't stay in shape on vacation is a total myth.

Whether you're looking to stay in luxury homes in Virgin Gorda, or you've not yet decided where you would like to go on vacation, you may want to stay in shape when you’re traveling. If you have an exercise routine that you like to stick to, or you simply want to avoid piling on the pounds, you may be pleased to know you really can stay in shape while you’re traveling.

Take a look below for more information about how you can stay in great shape while you’re traveling, and when you’re on vacation, too.

1. Have a Healthy Breakfast

stay in shape - Healthy Breakfast

If you have a healthy breakfast every day, and a big one at that, you will set yourself up for the day ahead. Try not to eat a cooked breakfast every day as they can be full of fat and salt. Instead, opt for a more nutritious breakfast, and make sure you have your fill so you’re not hungry an hour later.

2. Enjoy a Live Yogurt Every Day

stay in shape - Yogurt Every Day

If you can get your hands on a small pot of live yogurt, try to have one every day. Live yogurt is full of healthy bacteria that can aid digestion and help to ward off stomach issues that are typically associated with being on vacation. Live yogurt can also help to reduce bloating too. You may find that only a few stores sell live yogurt, so it might be worth your while buying in a week's worth.

3. Make Sure You Drink a Lot of Water

stay in shape - rink a Lot of Water

Making sure you drink enough water when you’re at home is important, but it’s doubly important when you’re on vacation. This is because people tend to go on vacation to sunny places where the temperature is considerably higher than it is at home. Drinking plenty of water will not just keep you feeling hydrated, but it will also help to keep you cool, and you’ll just feel better in general.

If you do not have access to fresh drinking water, make sure you buy plenty of water so you have enough with you all the time. Take at least one bottle with you when you’re out and about, and look out for places that offer you free top-ups. Remember to sip your water slowly as it will help your body to absorb it.

You may be asking why drinking enough water helps you to stay in shape. Water helps to flush out toxins which can occasionally make you feel bloated. Drinking enough water will also help you to keep a trim waistline as it can make you feel quite full.

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4. Always Take the Stairs

stay in shape - Take the Stairs

If you’re always tempted to use an elevator, think again. Taking the stairs is a better option as the stairs give you a bit of a workout. Taking the stairs can help to work those leg muscles, and it can also help to boost your heart rate a little, too. Get a quick workout by climbing up or down some stairs when you have the chance. Your body will thank you for it.

5. Prepare a Few Meals from Scratch

stay in shape - Meals from Scratch

Preparing a few meals from scratch can help you to stay in shape because you know exactly what has gone into every dish. This means there will not be any hidden fats, sugars, or salts, and there shouldn’t be any surprise calories either. Yes, you can indulge yourself by eating out now and again, but try not to go overboard if you're trying to keep a steady weight.

You may also want to think about buying healthy foods so you don’t stuff yourself with the opposite. By all means, enjoy something delicious — and even slightly bad for you from time to time, but try not to overindulge.

6. Walk to Your Destination if You Can

stay in shape - Destination if You Can

Once you’ve arrived at your chosen vacation destination you might consider taking the bus or a taxi into the local town. However, you may want to consider walking there instead. Of course, this is not to say that you should walk any great distance. If you have to travel extremely far, then getting a bus or a taxi might be the only option for you. However, if you can happily walk two to three miles each and every day, you may want to consider doing so.

Walking a few miles will help to keep those extra pounds off, and you’ll also get to enjoy the good weather. Which reminds me, make sure that if you do go for a walk that you take plenty of water with you, a hat, and some glasses.

Try to avoid walking anywhere late at night, especially if you do not know the area. Always tell someone where you are going, and avoid walking alone if you can.

7. Take the Time to Exercise

stay in shape - Exercise

If you’re used to enjoying a bit of exercise at your local gym, or you like to go for a run every day, why not exercise while you’re on vacation? There’s bound to be a gym around somewhere and you may be able to make use of its facilities while you’re away. Lastly, if you’re anywhere near a beach, why not consider taking a run along the sand? Trust me, it’s wonderful, and if you’re there early enough in the morning, you may have the whole beach to yourself.

You really can stay in shape when you’re traveling, you just have to put the effort in. Enjoy a healthy breakfast, eat a live yogurt every day, and drink a lot of water. Take the stairs, make meals from scratch, and do a ton of walking if you can. Finally, make sure you take the time to exercise so you’re able to work off those delicious meals while staying in great shape.

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