It’s always good when the person making a product actually uses it. That’s exactly what happened at the conception of the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag.

Have you been searching for a messenger bag that will last a lifetime while providing you with excellent organization and quality style? Well, we would bargain that the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag can do just that. Having been developed over the past few years through customer feedback and reviews, the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag is better than ever. From the large pockets and dividers to the attractive, rugged exterior that never seems to wear, we simply love it. So, if you’re ready to invest in a high quality, incredibly practical messenger bag, here’s your chance.

Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag Features and Benefits

Crossbody Strap & Pad

Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag Strap

As with all quality messenger bags, the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag has an adjustable crossbody strap matching shoulder pad. This bag was first designed by a bike messenger, so it is perfect for your cycling commute to work. But, for any other activity, it slides over your shoulder with ease. The shoulder pad is removable if you do not like it, however, it is quite cushy when compared to the straps webbing. The strap is quite long but can be adjusted to your length. Lastly, this strap can disconnect if you would like to just carry it. With quick releasing but secure carabiners, you won’t have to worry about this strap falling off. All in all, we love the crossbody strap and pad on the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag. 

Quick, Secure Aluminum Hook Closure​

Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag - Aluminum Hook

Plastic buckles break, magnets easily pop open, and velcro is, well, velcro. Shouldn’t there be a more secure alternative for closing a bag? Well, thankfully the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag has taken the cake on this one. They have incorporated their signature aluminum hooks on the top flap. These will clip into tensioned elastic and webbing loops on the body of the bag. This quick and secure closure won’t undo itself until you do. These take a minute to learn to use, but with a quick twist of the wrist, you’ll master it in no time. 

TSA Approved Laptop Sleeve

Messenger Bag - TSA Approved Laptop Sleeve

After you’ve spent too much time packing your personal item perfectly, it’s disappointing to have to dig out those electronics and mess it all up. But, with the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag laptop sleeve, you are allowed to pass through TSA security without removing your devices. Is that not exciting? This laptop sleeve can fit dimensions up to fifteen inches wide, 11.8 inches high, and one inch deep. In addition to this handy security feature, the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag also feature a luggage pass through buckle for attaching it to your roller bag. This gives you an extra hand and weight off your back when you’re running from gate to gate. Overall, this stellar messenger bag was made to travel and travel well.

Weatherproof & Durable

Messenger Bag - Weatherproof

Quality is hard to come by these days, but not when it comes to the Timbuk2 name. Crafted for over twenty-five years in San Francisco, bike messenger Rob Honeycutt has been designing quality bags and packs to last a lifetime. Close to his heart is innovative thinking and sustainable manufacturing. So, the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag is made with incredibly durable and weatherproof TPU-lined polyester. However, it is more than just that. It is a bag you can be proud of. So, don’t fret about how long this bag will last or how it was made. You can have confidence in the integrity of the sewing process and the years this messenger bag will serve you.

Internal & External Pockets for Organization

Messenger Bag Pockets for Organization

A huge part of getting a solid messenger bag is to keep yourself organized when on the go. We’ll start by outlining the pockets on the exterior of the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag. There is an external zipper pocket to tuck in small power cords for your laptop, tablet, or cell phone. This provides quick access to essentials without opening up the whole bag. There is also one long tablet or notebook sleeve you can slide things into. Finally, opposite the power cord pocket is a mesh water bottle pocket to balance the messenger bag out.

As for internal pockets, there’s a happy medium of organizational capabilities. A small, internal organizer is on one side for pens, phones, and other small items. There is a small zipper pocket included here. The large main compartment has one main divider to help keep your things in place.

There is also one more type of pocket we love on the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag. There is a Napoleon side-entry pocket for access to things without having to undo the flap. This innovative design provides an extra boost of accessibility without going overboard.

What Travelers Are Saying About the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag

The Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag is loved by all who use it, especially with the price tag being well under one hundred dollars. For a solid price, travelers have a stylish, practical bag for their everyday needs. Most people who use this bag have a few favorite features. First off, the Napoleon pocket we mentioned earlier is one of the most used and surprisingly useful aspects of the bag. With so many pockets, you might think this bag would look a bit funny. But, Timbuk2 has done an exceptional job sneaking them in without being over the top. So, the quality material and style is not compromised just to be functional. On top of that, it is one of the most comfortable messenger bags people have found, even when packed with quite a bit of weight. You can see why it consistently gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.

While we do love the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag, there are a few minor details that some people wish to change. For those of us more vertically challenged, the strap only gets so small. Some may find that they can’t get the crossbody strap as small as they’d like. Secondly, when not fully packed, the Timbuk2 Command doesn’t sit fully upright. It slouches over on itself and may fall over. This is by no means a deal breaker, but a small thing to note. Lastly, make sure to check the size of the bag you want before purchasing. It comes in sizes from small to large. A few people were disappointed with the small size, well, being small. So, depending on your needs, you may need to size up if you plan on carrying a lot around. All in all, this is a spectacular messenger bag for just about anyone.

Alternative Laptop Bags You May Like

Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag

Laptop Messenger Bag

If you like everything to have its exact place in a messenger bag, the Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger may be for you. Coming in at a much lower price point, this bag gives the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag a run for its money. The Mobile Edge ECO is made from eco-friendly cotton canvas for a durable design. It has a dedicated protective computer sleeve, removable ID holder, and removable padded crossbody carrying strap. The main flap stays closed with adjustable, plastic buckles to protect everything inside. Under the main flap is an extensive pocketed organization section to give your pens, wallet, phone, and anything else its own space. Lastly, it has a comfort padding on the backside for keeping you cool and comfortable on long walks with this messenger bag. So, for a lower priced alternative to the Timbuk2 Command, the Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag is a solid option. 

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack​

Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack​

If the messenger bag style isn’t quite what you’re looking for, perhaps the SwissGear Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack will do the trick. Made of durable, weather-resistant ballistic polyester, this bag is just as durable as the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag. It contains a ScanSmart lay-flat technology that allows you to quickly go through airport security with up to a seventeen-inch laptop. In addition, there is a tablet sleeve in the center of the backpack to keep all your electronics safe.

The front pocket keeps pens, notebooks, keys, and your wallet safe and organized, while the large main pocket holds everything else. For your water bottle or a wet umbrella, you can slide them in the side mesh pockets too. On top of all this, the contoured shoulder straps and back panel will keep you airy and comfortable all day long. This is truly a great, durable, and attractive bag for your laptop carrying and travel needs.

Peak Design 20L Everyday Backpack

Peak Design 20L Everyday Backpack

If you want a backpack that has truly been designed to the T, check out the Peak Design 20 Liter Everyday Backpack. Great for travelers, photographers, students, and adventurers alike, it is made to perform. It can hold a full frame DSLR camera with three to four lenses, or a laptop, a tablet, and a few books. The three flexible horizontal dividers can go up and down depending on what you need to protect, and when. The water-resistant fabric keeps your cameras, drones, laptops, and lenses safe from the weather while complimenting the modern design. The Maglatch system will keep the main flap secure in any windy situation as well.

Lastly, the axial strap attachment allows you to slide this backpack in front of you and enter through the side. We just went through a few of the great qualities of this bag, but check out the product page to get a full description of the phenomenal design here.

The Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag is a beautiful piece of practical art that will have you, your laptop, and other essentials safe, comfortable, and protected for years to come. 

If you’re on the hunt for an exceptional messenger bag, you’ve landed in the right spot. We love the variety of colors the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag comes in, as well as the ample pockets and thoughtful design. Whether this will be an everyday commuter bag or a personal item on an upcoming weekend getaway, it’s up for the challenge. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this hand-sewn bag has been made with abounding love and care to be the perfect product for all our adventurers and travelers. So, if you’re ready to fall in love with a messenger bag for a lifetime, look no further than the Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag. 

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