Gear up and get outside to explore with the Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch. 

Whether you’re trying to figure your way around in an unfamiliar big city or exploring out in the wilderness, the Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch is here to guide you on all your adventures. Topographical maps, an accurate GPS, and GLONASS navigation system all come together to create a unique product. Plan out your route before you even leave your house. Simply plug your route into the GPS system and you’re good to go. It’s time to take off. 

Did you know that you can control it all from your wrist? As if that were not enough, the Movescount app allows you to do it from your smartphone too. Both the GPS and GLONASS systems are extremely accurate. Navigate your travels with confidence.

A Little Bit About Suunto

Have you heard of the brand Suunto before? This Finnish company manufactures top-notch sports watches, dive computers, smart watches, and precision instruments. Their headquarters are based in Vantaa, Finland and their product line retails in over 100 different countries.

Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch Features & Benefits

FusedAlti Technology

Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch - FusedAlti Technology

Credit: Amazon

When you are traveling in the backcountry, you always want to know where you are. Thanks to the FusedAlti Technology, you will never got lost on off the grid again. This tech tracks the distance you have gone, your altitude, and your vertical speed. But that’s not nearly all. The Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch is also equipped with a digital compass, altimeter, barometer, storm alarms, a step and calorie counter, and more.

Can you believe it? Talk about smart technology. When a rainstorm is coming and it’s time to seek shelter, your watch will notify you. You will also be notified for sunrise and sunset times, so you can catch the most beautiful sights of the day (and snag some epic photos). If you sync the Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch with your iPhone, you will get subtle vibration notifications of incoming text messages and calls. Another thing you can appreciate is the battery life. Explore for up to 100 hours without worrying about a depleted battery.

Best Use

So what is the best practical application for the Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch? Take it anywhere. We love using it on hiking and camping trips in the great outdoors. With the GPS feature, you can not only track your path using the GPS but also get weather alerts. If a storm is coming your way, it’s good to know how much time you will have to find shelter or get your tent all set up. Furthermore, the watch will also track your speed, altitude, and distance.

With this said, you can explore uncharted places with an ease of mind. After all, traveling is about enjoying yourself, right? The Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch will help you out during numerous activities. Whether you are trail running, hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, or racing, it is made to keep up with your adventures.

Basic Features

The Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch has many amazing features. We’re going to quickly list off the basic features, so we move on to describe the more advanced ones in greater detail. When it comes to the basic features, this watch is equipped with an altimeter, compass, GPS system, and barometer. Exploring has never been so simple. If you are looking to plan your route, turn to the Suunto Movescount app and its topographic map system. Save any location with the press of a button.

Great Accuracy

Every element of the Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch offers a great deal of accuracy. The altimeter is the first feature we will look at that’s on point. The FusedAlti function makes it easy to get spot on readings on a day to day basis. With this said, it is important to make sure you calibrate it often. This will help you keep track of where you are in regards to elevation.

Taking a look at the compass, you will find that it is tilt-compensated. This means you will always get an accurate depiction of where the true north lies. When compared to other watches on the market, the Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch shines in this feature. A nice touch is that the compass can be manually calibrated if need be.

Let’s move on to the step accuracy. We mentioned earlier that this watch can track your steps. Tried and true, the Suunto Traverse GPS Smartwatch also holds up when it comes to calorie counting and step watching. Keep in mind that every company uses a different algorithm for calculating your steps. Make sure you calibrate yours right.