Experience the raw beauty of an African safari at Segera.

Segera Retreat is a gem of Africa’s safari experience. This one of a kind retreat is in the heart of Laikipia, crowned with tropical gardens and savannah plains. This African escape combines the thrill of the safari with the tranquility of a desert oasis. Here you can find true peace and holistic charm within their borders. Some of Africa’s rarest wildlife resides at Segera Retreat, which you can observe within their natural habitat.

Segera’s variety of accommodation options is sure to leave you awestruck.

When staying at Segera Retreat, the rooms themselves are an adventure. The exotic array of villas provides lodging for the perfect getaway. However, perhaps the most unique feature of Segera is their NAY PALAD Bird Nest. This is a popular option among glampers, due to its distinctive style.

Credit: Segera

If you have ever wanted to live life from a bird’s eye view, now you truly can have one. Sleep in a birds nest, for humans. In the evening, the Birds Nest is simply tranquil. Glowing lanterns illuminate the open-air nest and its outdoor beds. Camp out on the roof of the nest beneath the light of the stars. In the morning the spectacular sunrise will awaken you, and you will have an amazing 360-degree view of the savannah in all its morning glory.

The NAY PALAD Bird Nest is designed to accommodate two guests, but there is room for additional guests if needed. You have the option of sleeping on the roof, in the open-air nest, or within the first-floor shelter.

Visit the enchanting Segera Retreat and stay in this one of a kind outdoor Bird Nest. You will leave with fond memories and delightful stories to tell.

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