Explore the U.S. by heading to the most romantic restaurants across the country.

The U.S. contains a huge array of restaurants that remain ideal for a romantic night out. If you’re interested in taking a cross-country trip, why not head to the most romantic restaurants in the country? You and your partner can enjoy a delicious meal and a lovely ambiance while visiting these top dining spots. Anyone searching for places to eat for a date night should check out our article below. We’ve curated a list of the best restaurants for couples to visit across the U.S.

1. Alabama – Highlands Bar & Grill

romantic restaurants - Alabama – Highlands Bar & Grill

Credit: Highlands Bar & Grill / Facebook

In Birmingham, Alabama, travelers can find this elegant dining spot. As one of the most romantic restaurants in the country, Highlands Bar & Grill remains sophisticated and charming. Order plates of delicious cuisine crafted using French techniques to share with your loved one while here.

2. Alaska – Simon & Seafort’s

Found in Anchorage, Simon & Seafort’s offers panoramic views of Cook Inlet and Mount Susitna. While you dine on fresh plates of seafood, you can also enjoy the gorgeous sights below.

3. Arizona – Cress on Oak Creek

This fine-dining spot remains one of the most romantic restaurants in the U.S. At Cress on Oak Creek, travelers may treat themselves to French dishes that maintain a New-American twist. The outdoors seating, situated on Oak Creek, makes for a stunning, natural atmosphere.

4. Arkansas – OneEleven

romantic restaurants - Arkansas – OneEleven

Credit: OneEleven / Facebook


Nosh on bites of chicken liver mousse, tuna tartare, and other gourmet dishes while at OneEleven. This dining spot remains on our list of romantic restaurants, thanks to its elegant, sophisticated environment and decadent meals.

5. California – The Little Door

The Little Door remains a bright and charming getaway amid the excitement of Los Angeles. Travelers may share cheese plates and gourmet Mediterranean dishes with their loved ones, as well as sip on fine wines. You’ll want to head to this spot, one of the top romantic restaurants, if you’re visiting California.

6. Colorado – Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro

Cozy up next to your partner while taking in the snowy sights at Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro. Though this example of America’s most romantic restaurants isn’t open during the summer, head here in winter. Travelers will love the bistro’s fine-dining food options and cabin setting, reminiscent of Swiss ski lodges.

7. Connecticut – Cavey’s Restaurant

romantic restaurants - Connecticut – Cavey’s Restaurant

Credit: Cavey's / Facebook


This gourmet Italian restaurant has been serving couples romantic meals for over 80 years. At Cavey’s Restaurant, diners may order dishes like pappardelle Bolognese and drink glasses of red wine.

8. Delaware – The Green Room

Found in an Italian Renaissance Hotel, built in 1913, The Green Room remains a top choice for a date night. Here, travelers can appreciate the opulent décor and historical setting of the dining room in the Hotel Du Pont. The Green Room has even been awarded the AAA Four-Diamond Award, a high honor for restaurants.

9. Florida – Little Torch Key at Little Palm Island Resort

Looking for a casual, yet sophisticated place to enjoy a meal with your loved one? Little Torch Key at Little Palm Island Resort offers guests an ocean view and dishes of fresh seafood.

10. Georgia – Canoe

romantic restaurants - Georgia – Canoe

Credit: Canoe / Facebook

Couples who enjoy views of the natural landscape will love Canoe in Atlanta, Georgia. This restaurant serves plates of New American cuisine as diners sit and enjoy views of the Chattahoochee River.

11. Hawaii – The Beach House

Located on the island of Kauai, Beach House Restaurant provides couples with a tropical getaway dining experience. Pacific Rim cuisine encompasses the dishes of choice here, while oceanfront views remain stunning for diners.

12. Idaho – Chandlers

romantic restaurants - Idaho – Chandlers

Credit: Chandlers

Steak-loving travelers may particularly enjoy Chandlers in Boise, Idaho. This dining location serves top-notch steaks and seafood to customers amid a dark and ritzy atmosphere. Couples can also enjoy listening to jazz music as it plays inside this example of America’s top romantic restaurants.

13. Illinois – Everest

romantic restaurants - Illinois – Everest

Credit: Everest / Facebook

Situated on the Chicago Stock Exchange’s 40th floor, this swanky spot offers gourmet cuisine and an extensive wine selection. Travelers can appreciate breathtaking views of Chicago as they share plates of French food.

14. Indiana – The Eagle’s Nest

This rooftop eatery, located at the Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis, remains a trendy choice for traveling couples. Diners can enjoy farm-to-table cuisine while admiring 360-degree views of the city below. The dining spot even revolves, letting you truly get a great perspective of Indianapolis.

15. Iowa – Centro

One of the most romantic restaurants in Des Moines, Centro provides modern Italian dishes to couples and other diners. The high ceilings and bright décor make this a great place to enjoy a meal with your loved one.

16. Kansas – Harry’s

romantic restaurants - Kansas – Harry’s

Credit: Harry's / Facebook

More casual couples will love Harry’s Bar & Tables, a popular dining location found in Kansas City, Missouri, a few blocks from the Kansas state line. This spot, one of the most romantic restaurants in the country, feels warm, vibrant, and welcoming. Enjoy traditional cocktails and bites of comforting dishes, like fettucine with shrimp and andouille sausage.

17. Kentucky – Lilly’s Bistro

Travelers interested in Southern cuisine may want to head to Lilly’s Bistro, a Louisville favorite. Here, couples can feel romantic and elegant as they eat farm-to-table meals and sip on bourbon.

18. Louisiana – Arnaud’s

Couples can bond over authentic New Orleans cuisine while stopping by Arnaud’s in Louisiana. Found in the French Quarter, Arnaud’s remains one of the most romantic restaurants in the U.S. The dining spot features an upscale setting, as well as Dixieland Jazz and various fine dining rooms.

19. Maine – White Barn Inn

romantic restaurants - Maine – White Barn Inn

Credit: White Barn Inn / Facebook

If you and your partner decide to visit Maine, head to White Barn Inn. This romantic restaurant heralds gourmet dishes and a cozy setting, complete with wood features and large glass windows.

20. Maryland – Charleston

Gourmet meals abound at Charleston in Baltimore, Maryland. Here, couples can savor plates of seafood and glasses of the finest wines. The fine-dining setting provides a quiet, elegant location for travelers to share time with loved ones.

21. Massachusetts – Island Creek Oyster Bar

Seafood remains the top menu item at Island Creek Oyster Bar, situated in Boston. Dishes like lobster roe noodles and rye harbor bluefin tuna remain top choices for travelers who enjoy delicious food. Travelers may especially love the clean and sleek setting of the restaurant.

22. Michigan – Iridescence

romantic restaurants - Michigan – Iridescence

Credit: Iridescence / Facebook

Situated in Motorcity Casino Hotel, Iridescence remains a glamorous location to enjoy a meal with your partner. As one of the most romantic restaurants in the U.S., Iridescence offers exceptional gourmet dishes and a breathtaking city view.

23. Minnesota – Meritage

This French Bistro in downtown Minneapolis remains one of the most romantic restaurants in America. At Meritage, couples may share plates of steak frites and foi gras while seated out on the sidewalk or indoors.

24. Mississippi – Char

Char Restaurant represents a must-visit for couples who love top-notch food. Plates of steak, catfish, and crab crakes include just some of the tasty dishes served here. Wood features and crimson provide warm accents to this elegant, romantic setting.

25. Missouri – Sidney Street Café

romantic restaurants - Missouri – Sidney Street Café

Credit: Sidney Street Cafe / Facebook

Found in an historic building in St. Louis, Missouri, Sidney Street Café feels casual, yet sophisticated. Soft lighting and brick walls on the interior provide a romantic atmosphere for couples on a date night. Entrees like roasted scallops and smoked duck remain examples of the kinds of rich food served here.

26. Montana – Whitefish Lake Restaurant

At Whitefish Lake Golf Club, travelers may discover Whitefish Lake Restaurant, a warm and cozy dining spot in Montana. A fireplace and dining alcoves will make couples want to snuggle up while enjoying plates of gourmet food.

27. Nebraska – The Grey Plume

The Grey Plume emphasizes appreciation of food and locally-sourced ingredients, making for truly fresh and delicious plates. Couples may especially enjoy the elegant, rustic designs of the restaurant’s interior.

28. Nevada – Eiffel Tower Restaurant

romantic restaurants - Nevada – Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Credit: Eiffel Tower Restaurant / Facebook

Couples looking to be swept away by romance should head to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. This unique dining spot offers amazing views of the city while serving French-inspired cuisine. You won’t want to miss out on visiting this location, one of the most romantic restaurants in the U.S.

29. New Hampshire – Ristorante Massimo

Ristorante Massimo provides an elegant, yet comfortable setting for couples looking to enjoy a quiet night out. The New Hampshire restaurant serves Italian food with a New England twist. Brick walls and European-inspired décor feel romantic and cozy, making it ideal for a date.

30. New Jersey – Ninety Acres

This gorgeous restaurant remains a top choice for travelers looking for romantic spots in New Jersey. At Ninety Acres, couples may appreciate fine food and wine while getting views of a gorgeous country landscape.

31. New Mexico – The Anasazi Restaurant

romantic restaurants - New Mexico – The Anasazi Restaurant

Credit: Anasazi / Facebook

Located in the Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi, Anasazi remains one of the most romantic restaurants in the U.S. Rustic and elegant décor provide a lovely setting for sharing a meal with your loved one. Enjoy plates of gourmet Southwestern dishes during your visit to this ideal date spot.

32. New York – One if By Land, Two if by sea

While New York contains some amazing dining spots, One if By Land, Two if By Sea represents a top-notch choice. Couples hoping to have a romantic night out will not be disappointed by this favorite dining spot amongst New Yorkers. Features like gorgeous chandeliers, brick fireplaces, and a grand piano make this restaurant ideal for couples on dates.

33. North Carolina – The Biltmore

The Dining Room at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina represents one of the most romantic restaurants in the U.S. Travelers will be treated to a fine-dining experience as they appreciate unparalleled views of the massive estate.

34. North Dakota – Pirogue Grill

romantic restaurants - North Dakota – Pirogue Grill

Credit: Pirogue Grill / Facebook

Brick walls and warm lighting make Pirogue Grill a top choice for couples searching for romantic restaurants. At this North Dakota dining location, travelers can try plates of seasonal fare as well as local meats, like bison.

35. Ohio – Lola

Lola remains situated in the bustling city of Cleveland, Ohio. Travelers hoping to find a vibrant setting to enjoy a meal may love this exciting restaurant. The New American bistro serves modern dishes amid a hip, bustling atmosphere.

36. Oklahoma – Paseo Grill

This top pick on our list of romantic restaurants offers gourmet American food and various fine wines. Travelers can sit out on the patio along the Oklahoma City street and enjoy each other’s company and the views.

37. Oregon – Castagna

romantic restaurants - Oregon – Castagna

Credit: Castagna / Facebook

The sleek, minimalist décor in Castagna matches the refined and sophisticated dishes served at this Portland dining spot. Couples can order a spectacular seven-course meal here, complete with gourmet bites and delicious drinks.

38. Pennsylvania – Vetri

The intimate, historic setting of Vetri makes this spot one of the most romantic restaurants in the U.S. At Vetri, Philadelphia visitors can enjoy Italian dishes and a quiet, quaint atmosphere.

39. Rhode Island – The Dining Room at Castle Hill Inn

This New England dining location provides couples with a fine-dining experience they won’t find anywhere else. While in the Dining Room at Castle Hill Inn, travelers may enjoy dishes utilizing local ingredients and countless wines. Views of the Atlantic Ocean also make for a stunning backdrop to the meal.

40. South Carolina – Circa 1886

romantic restaurants - South Carolina – Circa 1886

Credit: Circa 1886 / Facebook

If you and your loved one travel to South Carolina, consider heading to Circa 1886. This spot, one of the most romantic restaurants in the country, maintains an historic and charming atmosphere. Brick features and pinewood floors offer a feeling of warmth, while Lowcountry cuisine tastes equally comforting.

41. South Dakota – Enigma Restaurant

Found in Rapid City’s Rushmore Hotel, Enigma Restaurant provides couples with a unique dining experience. This romantic restaurant serves all types of cuisine, so you don’t have to choose just one type. Couples will enjoy trying out the various dishes and appreciate the European-inspired atmosphere.

42. Tennessee – The Barn at Blackberry Farm

The Barn at Blackberry Farm provides a quaint and charming setting for couples planning a romantic night out. Inside the wood-beamed barn at Blackberry Farm, diners can enjoy farm-to-table dishes and appreciate the rustic atmosphere.

43. Texas – Chateau at La Table

romantic restaurants -Texas – Chateau at La Table

Credit: La Table / Facebook

This spot, one of the top romantic restaurants in the U.S., feels luxurious without being snobby. Light and airy décor provide a lovely atmosphere, while French-inspired cuisine tastes refined.

44. Utah – Log Haven

Found in a storied log mansion, this Salt Lake City restaurant provides a cozy place to enjoy a meal. Here, couples can escape to the mountains and feel connected to nature as they dine on gourmet dishes.

45. Vermont – Simon Pearce Restaurant

This New England location offers unique views, as it overlooks a waterfall. Travelers can taste elegantly crafted American food while sitting inside this restored 19th century mill in Quechee, Vermont.

46. Virginia – Inn at Little Washington

romantic restaurants - Virginia – Inn at Little Washington

Opulent decorations and a small, intimate space make the Inn at Little Washington an ideal dining spot for couples. The restaurant at this inn serves gourmet courses and a huge selection of fine wines to its customers. As of 2018, the restaurant celebrated their 40th anniversary, as well as the first year Chef and Proprietor Patrick O’Connell earned the top rating of three stars by the Michelin Guide.

47. Washington – Canlis

Since the 1950’s, Canlis has been serving couples gourmet meals in an elegant setting. This Seattle destination, one of the top romantic restaurants in the country, offers Northwestern dishes inside a modern home.

48. West Virginia – The Bavarian Inn

At the Dining Room inside the Bavarian Inn, couples can cozy up amid the dark and elegant space. Dark wood, stone fireplaces, and opulent décor produce a truly sophisticated and romantic setting to enjoy a meal.

49. Wisconsin – Ristorante Bartolotta

romantic restaurants - Wisconsin – Ristorante Bartolotta

Credit: Ristorante Bartolotta / Facebook

Inside an historic brewery in Wauwatosa, travelers can find the charming Ristorante Bartolotta. This restaurant serves seasonal Italian dishes and various types of wines. White tablecloths and large glass windows produce a lovely setting for couples on a date.

50. Wyoming – Café Genevieve

The log cabin setting of Café Genevieve makes this dining location a unique spot among our list of romantic restaurants. Found in Jackson, Wyoming, this restaurant serves classic American dishes and drinks. Couples can even bring their furry friends along, as the deck remains pet-friendly.

Stop by the most romantic restaurants in every state.

Food brings everyone together, making romantic restaurants a top choice to visit for couples on a night out. Throughout the U.S., you can find a massive variety of dining spots to explore while on a date. Couples will discover the ideal place to share a meal and a few drinks together. From luxurious spots to more casual dives, you can locate an amazing restaurant to visit. We hope our article has helped inspired you to plan an awesome cross-country trip to find the top romantic restaurants.

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