Millennials now have their own age category when purchasing train tickets.

The Millennial generation often faces a bit of opposition in a variety of matters. It can be a challenge to be a twenty something these days. But sometimes there is the occasional perk to falling into this age bracket. Thanks to this travel deal, Millennials can begin appreciating their age and status in life. Great Britain has teamed up with their railway systems to make travel even more assessable for their younger generation.

It pays to be a twenty something in Britain.

Public transportation is an important part of European life. Train travel rises to the top as a favored travel method, due to its accessibility and affordability. Travelers and locals alike appreciate the convenience of riding the rails to their destination. Now, British Milllennials can save even more on their travel expenses with this deal.

Railcard travel

The United Kingdom recently announced plans to launch a “Millennial” railcard. Every person between 26 and 30 is qualified to receive one-third off of train ticket prices. This constitutes impressive savings over the course of 12 months. The railcard is priced at £30 for an entire year, making it a sale you won’t want to miss. The catch? Only the first 10,000 applicants will be given a discounted railcard.

According to The Independent, up to five million British residents qualify for this deal, so you will need to act fast. That makes only one out of every 500 people who will actually receive a card.

If you are between the ages of 26 and 30 and living in Great Britain, this is the deal for you. You can apply beginning this Tuesday for your chance to be one of the first to receive one-third off of your regular travel expenses.

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