Visiting the French capital is always a good idea.

Paris is truly a timeless travel destination. People come from all around the world to walk the elegant streets and drink in France’s iconic architecture. The city of lights is maintaining its alluring reputation again this year. Forbes released their Ultimate Travel Bucket List for 2018 and Wandering the Streets of Paris ranks #6.

Of course when strolling through the Parisian streets, travelers need an inviting place to stay. Among the endless offering of luxury and boutique hotels, Airbnb serves as a favored travel option for Europe visitors. The smaller scale booking platform offers guests a personalized experience, as well as a taste of the local culture. However, that all might change for Paris bookings in the near future. If Airbnb is your go-to accommodation option, then keep this in mind.

Airbnb Paris

This change may affect your travel accommodation plans.

Earlier this week, Condé Nast Traveler reported that the city of Paris is taking Airbnb to court. The travel booking platform’s website allegedly includes up to 43,000 listings not registered with the government. Current legal regulations limit residents from renting out their homes for more than 120 days out of the year.

Airbnb’s lack of compliance with various orders to remove listings resulted in legal escalation. The city of Paris is now suing the travel company. This does not look good for Airbnb. Currently, Paris is asking for 1,000 to 5,000 euros each day per unregistered advertisement. With up to 43,000 such listings, the fines may add up fast if the case is not handled quickly. However, Airbnb is confidant that they can dispel the situation and will reach a compromise with Paris in order to improve future travel regulations.

Paris presently ranks as the number one city in the world with its amount of accommodation listings. At over 65,000, travelers truly have every option at their fingertips.

Don’t let these travel legalities bring your spirits down. Keep Paris on your 2018 bucket list and come experience the magic of this timeless city for yourself.

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