Stuck with a long layover? Have no fear; an outdoor swimming pool is here.

No really—specifically for you luxury travelers who plan on visiting the Dominican Republic in the near future. According to Travel + Leisure, the Punta Cana International Airport is adding an outdoor swimming pool to the mix. Designed by Antonio Segundo Imbert, a Dominican architect, it's part of their newest VIP lounge that'll open in December 2018.

Say goodbye to those never-ending, life-sucking delays spent passing the time with Sudoku puzzles (though that can be surprisingly effective). So when you're trapped in a lengthy layover at this airport, just relax the hours away in its opulent outdoor pool. That being said, you may have to pay a pretty price to enjoy it.

@PUJAirport continues to expand! Bring your img alt=img alt= for your last minutes in paradise img alt=. December 2018, new #VIPLounge. #PuntaCana #Airport

— Puntacana Resort (@PUNTACANARESORT) August 9, 2018

The Punta Cana International Airport already has two other VIP lounges, and they're not open to just anyone. Unless you purchase a Priority Pass membership, a day pass, or happen to be a frequent flier on the right airline, these lounges are off-limits for you. The airport hasn't disclosed who'll be able to access their newest lounge and its price. But seeing as it'll be more extravagant than the existing two, we bet it'll come with the similar requirements.

Don't get us wrong—the option of some refreshing pool time during a layover is a dream at any airport. But there are already some other airports flaunting this luxe amenity for their travelers. One noteworthy outdoor pool is the one at the Singapore Changi Airport. It sits atop their unique airport transit hotel, featuring a Jacuzzi and poolside bar. Another one is at Florida's Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport that boasts a spacious deck perfect for sunbathing.

It looks like layovers and flight delays are beginning to seem less dreadful and more enjoyable. Will you cough up some extra dough just to enjoy these outdoor pools?

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