When Preparing for Your Trip to Napa, Consider Staying at One of These Top Napa Valley Hotels & Resorts

California's Napa Valley has wine-tasting, glorious sunsets, lavish resorts, hot air balloon rides, and even more wine-tasting. With over 400 wineries, the fertile soils of Napa Valley attract tourists from all over the world. From the wine to the local olive oils, tomatoes, and cheeses, taste buds will be pleased during your stay in Napa Valley. With hundreds of accommodations to choose from, we have gathered a list of the 8 best Napa Valley hotels to stay in during your next trip. From luxury resorts to boutique-style hotels, each of these 8 accommodations are uniquely wonderful. Survey them all to find the perfect fit for you.

Though Napa is known for its vines and wines, travelers who do not drink alcohol can also find much to do during their trip that does not involve drinking. Some of those things to do include hiking, exploring the vibrant arts scene, visiting an array of spas, going on a hot air balloon ride, and eating at top-rated restaurants around the Valley. Also, who can neglect the stunning sunset views? Whatever the purpose of your trip to Napa, you won't find better places to stay than these hotels and resorts.

1. Bardessono

napa valley hotels - Bardessono

Credit: Bardessono

Is traveling in an ethically-conscious manner important to you? Travelers conscious about sustainability and the environment must stay at Bardessono during their trip to Napa. This Napa Valley hotel has chosen to act on its environmental values by making Bardessono as green as possible. From the construction and design of the hotel to incorporating the most advanced environmental technologies into the building, Bardessono is very conscious of its carbon footprint. Bardessono is the only luxury LEED Platinum-certified hotel in the U.S. Travelers can rest easy at Bardessono knowing that their money is being spent in a way that helps the environment.

The hotel itself is hip, sleek and modern. Rooms are spacious and chic and will provide comfortable rest after a day exploring Napa. Another reason why guests love Bardessono is the food. The on-site restaurant, Lucy, serves farm fresh food and has a menu that changes with the season. Talk about even greater sustainability. Guests can also enjoy an afternoon at the spa while staying at Bardessono. Bardessono is one of the few Napa Valley hotels to embody an ethically-conscious design. When in Napa, those environmentalist travelers out there must stay inside this green hotel.

2. Meadowood Napa Valley

napa valley hotels - Meadowood Napa Valley

Credit: Meadowood Napa Valley

Meadowood Napa Valley is a restful oasis. The hotel is located on a private estate in the heart of the Valley. Meadowood is known for its beautiful scenery, traditional architecture, and genuine hospitality. This luxurious resort feels like home immediately upon arrival. With cozy cottages, a spa, hiking trails, a nine-hole golf course, seven tennis courts, two swimming pools, and Michelin Three-Star dining, guests are bound to enjoy their stay at this Napa Valley resort.

Every room at Meadowood has a deck and terrace which overlooks the serene forest around the estate. Each guest room also has a fireplace and complimentary internet access. On the property itself, there is much to taste and explore. All in addition to tasting and exploring the wineries which surround Meadowood.

3. Solage, an Auberge Resort

napa valley hotels - Solage, an Auberge Resort

Credit: Solage Resort

Casual meets sophisticated at Solage, an Auberge Resort. The accommodations at Solage are spacious and studio-style. With detailed décor and a warm, inviting design, Solage is one of the best Napa Valley hotels. Situated on the northern edge of the Valley, travelers will be lodging in a prime location.

At Solage, guests will have access to a range of spa services. There are also complimentary bikes to travel around in and a Michelin-starred restaurant to dine in. The property is beautiful in both architecture and location. This is the perfect hotel for travelers to unwind, recharge, and have a fun, memorable time. At Solage, your relaxation and enjoyment is a top priority. Because of this, guests will find Solage staff to be incredibly helpful and friendly.

4. Carneros Resort and Spa

napa valley hotels - Carneros Resort and Spa

Credit: Carneros Resort and Spa

As one of the best Napa Valley hotels and resorts, Carneros Resort and Spa allows for guests to easily settle in and find a home within Carneros Resort and Spa. Guests can even choose to literally find a home on the property. At Carneros Resort and Spa, guests are given the options of staying in a secluded cottage, a spacious suite, or private home.

The cottages are each styled with modern décor. The cottages are the most “basic” accommodations at this Napa Valley resort. Here is what “basic” means at Carneros Resort and Spa… Large windows and French doors welcoming guests onto their private, outdoor patio, a front porch with a rocking chair, a large walk-in shower, and more. As you can see, even the most “basic” accommodation is extravagant.

Travelers who want more space can opt for a Carneros suite. Suites come with one or two bedrooms. They are elegantly, yet naturally decorated. The utmost space is found within a private Carneros home. With your choice of two or three bedrooms, guests will have no problems unwinding within this 2,400-square foot home. Whether you decide to stay in a cottage, suite, or home of your own, travelers will create splendid memories at Carneros. When in Napa, there is no stay like a stay at Carneros Resort and Spa.

5. Auberge du Soleil

Auberge du Soleil serves up culinary wonders, vineyard views, generous service, and comfortable accommodations. There is a yoga pavilion on the property, as well as a fitness center for guests to enjoy. A lavish, award-winning spa invites guests to un-tense and de-stress. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and sculpted gardens await your arrival as well. Auberge du Soleil also provides complimentary wireless internet, a fireplace, and a terrace attached to every guest room. The hotel also provides in-room iPads and complimentary use of luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We are not kidding. Guests can drive around the Wine Country in Mercedes-Benz style. The in-room amenities and minibar are also complimentary.

We love the way Auberge du Soleil doesn't nickel and dime you for everything. There is free wifi, free range of the in-room minibar, a complimentary drive in a Mercedes-Benz, access to the sauna, and more. Thank you, Auberge du Soleil. If you are thankful like we are, then consider a stay at this Napa Valley resort.

6. Milliken Creek Inn & Spa

napa valley hotels - Milliken Creek Inn & Spa

Credit: Milliken Creek Inn

Unlike other Napa Valley hotels, Milliken Creek Inn & Spa offers 12 different suites, each unique in décor and ambiance. From the fresh orchids on your bedside table to the gourmet breakfast options, guests will quickly fall in love with this Napa Valley hotel. Since breakfast is delivered to wherever you want, travelers can choose to eat in the comfort of your room, the outside terrace, or anywhere else on the property. In the evening, enjoy complimentary wine and cheese as you get to know other guests at the Magic Hour.

Couples will appreciate the intimate and romantic vibes of Milliken Creek & Inn too. The grounds are so beautiful that guests can simply sit on Adirondack chairs and spend quiet time enjoying the view for hours. The Milliken Creek Spa also offers refreshing spa treatments for guests to enjoy.

7. Calistoga Ranch, an Auberge Resort

Calistoga Ranch is one of the best Napa Valley hotels and resorts because of its rustic beauty. Located among pine trees and stretching mountains, there are breathtaking views to witness around every corner of the property. Because of Calistoga Ranch's scenic beauty and cozy accommodations, we highly recommend staying here when in Napa. Some of the accommodations at Calistoga Ranch include in-room fireplaces, complimentary minibars, high-speed internet, and more. There is a spa on the property, a yoga deck, and a fitness center for guests to use as well. At Calistoga Ranch, travelers will also find acres of scenic hiking trails.

The pool at Calistoga Ranch is one of the resort's highlights because of the poolside sunset views. As the sun sinks beneath the mountains, travelers will be left in awe of the beauty surrounding them. The food is another highlight of the resort. In the private lakehouse restaurant, culinary delights are prepared and served fresh for guests.

Unlike other Napa Valley hotels, Calistoga Ranch is a dog-friendly resort. How much more “homey” can things get than bringing your dog on vacation with you? The 50 free-standing guest lodges at Calistoga Ranch Resort provide private accommodations within pristine surroundings. A stay at this Nava Valley resort will not be forgotten. Those who stay at Calistoga Ranch leave eager to return. Therefore, you must consider staying at this resort when in Napa.

8. Andaz Napa

napa valley hotels - Andaz Napa

Credit: Andaz Napa

Andaz Napa is placed in the ideal location of downtown Napa Valley. Travelers staying at this hotel will find it very conveniently located. Since the hotel is walking distance from boutique shops, world-class tasting rooms, and fine-dining restaurants, guests will always be able to find something to do. Andaz Napa offers 141 guestrooms and suites for travelers to stay in. Each room provides a comfortable and chic atmosphere for guests to relax in.

This hip and trendy hotel is certainly among the best luxury boutique hotels in the Napa Valley area. Upon entrance into Andaz Napa, guests will be met with all smiles from staff members. The staff at Andaz Napa are all friendly and helpful. Whether you are in Napa for vacation or business, a stay within Andaz Napa is a great idea for its centralized location and brilliant accommodations.

As you can see, each of these hotels has their own ambiance and perks. When in Napa, which of these Napa Valley hotels would you stay in/have you stayed in? Share in the comments below!

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