Here, we tell you about different types of travel bags any wanderer would love.

Your journey is only as comfortable as the luggage you carry. Traveling in today’s day and age has never been simpler. Head to, type in the date you want to travel, destination, and boom. You’re done. You can book your ticket to anywhere in the world with the simple click of a button. But there is one thing that will always take some additional time and planning. That’s packing. Unless you’re Monica Gellar from Friends, this isn’t most people’s favorite activity. Whether you are gearing up for a weekend adventure or a long excursion, we have gathered a list of the best type of travel bags that any adventurer would love. 

Here Are Our Picks for the Best Types of Travel Bags

Picking the right types of travel bags is of utmost importance. Here, we give you a glimpse into which types of travel bags you should look for regarding design, quality, affordability, and more.

Wheeled Luggage (Duffels and Suitcases)

When it comes to choosing the right types of travel bags, suitcases and other rolling luggage pieces are usually the way to go. If you are going on a week-long trip or are able to check a bag when flying, these are handy. They range in size from small carry-on pieces to massive pieces of luggage made to pack all the gear an expat would need.

Nothing fits all of your gear in quite like a wheeled duffel bag does, right? While they might not always be the most convenient pieces of gear to lug around, you won’t have to leave any items behind. We recommend large wheeled duffels for very long extended trips and moves. It is also a good pick for sports junkies. You can safely fit all of your gear inside without worrying about it getting damaged. These types of bags are also good for family vacations and road trips. If you use packing cubes, the whole family can possibly fit their belongings into one bag.

Wheeled suitcases and backpacks are helpful too. Designed for traditional travelers, they can be compact in size and sturdy in construction. From the frame to the telescopic handle, they are built to handle the various bumps and jostles of travel. If you are the type of person who likes to have things organized, this is the way to go. Invest in some packing cubes and you will be good to go.

Travel Packs

Travel-friendly backpacks come in handy where wheeled luggage simply cannot. If you are backpacking through Sweden, walking down cobblestone streets at night to find your hostel in the dead of winter, the last thing you want is to be dragging a suitcase behind you. If this sounds oddly specific, there's a story behind it. 

Instead of making a rookie mistake, invest in an internal frame backpack that can not only hold your items well but support your back and shoulders as well. These types of bags transfer the weight of your pack to your hips, where it doesn't make you as tired carrying it around. Plus, you'll look like much less of a tourist. It's a win-win situation, really. 

Standard Duffel Bags

Let's take a look at traditional duffels. These types of travel bags do not come with wheels and handles, making them lighter than their rolling counterpart. More often than not, it is often more friendly to your wallet too. Some offer huge carrying capacities. For example several models sold at REI offer over 130 liters of space (8,000 cubic inches). Zip your pack inside one and check your bag for the airplane.